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  1. Snow missed us but we got the cold. I have to go to VA for treatment twice a week and thats why the trail boss custom is so welcome.......having water connection and new pressure tank and T fitting again is welcome too....LOL
  2. Reality wins usually, its a long game.......hang in there diyer2!
  3. Latest stats show red states in US have more deaths than blue since beginning of Covid. Thats not politics its adherence to common sense. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/people-in-republican-counties-have-higher-death-rates-than-those-in-democratic-counties/ Sadly but surely its Darwin thinning the less desirable of the herd so maybe soon we have more thoughtful, engaged by grey matter, USA citizens remaining.
  4. Spoke to multiple people yesterday with Covid Positive tests and sick. The ones that are fully vaxxed and boosted have minor symptoms. One restaurant in Walsenburg CO had only the owner there all employees sick with flu, covid, or kids with RSV. Brave step back into the past and future for the world.
  5. Was stationed at Fort Bragg and FayetteNam. Fully agree 🫡
  6. Absolutely true, MIL codes are designed to control tailpipe and vapor emissions.....NOT OPTIMIZED engine operation.
  7. If you live in Texas you might want to read this and get a lawyer if you don't kill the "dickhead" and he sees your tag........ https://roadbikehub.com/do-bicycles-have-to-obey-traffic-laws/
  8. You guys convinced me to order these : Clearance, looks, durability and SIMPLICITY.
  9. Consumed (NO LEAKS) ~3/4 qt of Amsoil ASL 5w30 Signature Series in 5271 miles ( not excessive by GM standards) but I am testing to see if sulfated ash (SA )content of an oil MAY contribute to consumption in the L3B. Dipstick always checked with at least 4 hours engine off.......... on level floor inside temp controlled garage. Hypothesis: the ring and cylinder design of this engine may NEED lower ash content to limit very light ash deposits that MIGHT impact ring seal. High boost ( capable of 33 PSI ) and sulfated ash ( a way to measure ashy organo-metallic deposits from additive package). 1% or less Sulfated Ash = Dexos1 Gen 2 0.9% or less Sulfated Ash - Dexos1 Gen3 so GM knows something is going on to the premise. Oil sample at oil drain yesterday will help guide the testing for SA potential causals.
  10. 11/26/22 2022 LTD Custom Trail Boss 4X4 2.7L Turbo 21380 total miles on truck 5,617 miles on oil OLM at 25% Oil AMSOIL Signature Series 5w30 ASL out Havoline Pro-RS 5w30 Dexos1 Gen2 in ( low cost way to test estolides @ 25% of formulation and low 0.9% sulfated ash content ) PF66 filter out and PF66 filter on Sample off to Nicks ISO Certified Oil Analysis lab : Nick Mikitka Independent AMSOIL Dealer Synthetic Advantage LLC email: [email protected] Phone: 910-290-2371 Added ~3/4 qt of RLI 5w20 HD low ash ( 1%) for the interval. Trying to determine if ash content of lubricant is contributing to oil consumption on L3B when there are no leaks. E15 86 min octane Maverik for most of this oil change. E85 and 91 octane premium mixed frequently to get to 87 min octane.
  11. Over-serviced K&N out of the plastic factory bag can cause oil wetting of MAF and contribute to fuels dilution after said oil cooks to heated MAF. That would not put 20+% fuel in oil. Windshield wipers sure will ruin an engine......LOL You have an internal fuel leak and if we are SURE the fuel pump and associated plumbing isn't leaking then injector/s are suspect. Let us know what corrects the issue.
  12. I got married at 18 to a Nun ( she shoulda been a Nun) ......divorced at 49. Yeah I am not a quitter.....LOL
  13. In military you have additional duties so I was always POL ( petroleum oil and lubricants) started oil analysis training at age 18 for H2 helicopter while an aircrewman/swimmer. Army was POL officer and hazardous waste officer.
  14. I flew in military and major airlines. I worked 24/7 almost until I fell apart. Finished college while Army warrant helo and fixed wing pilot. I grew up on a farm so bailing hay since I could reach pedals and levers.
  15. 45 years of materials science focused on IC engines. Using FTIR, Raman, Gas Chromatography, engine test cell emissions and combustion dynamic testing. Bklabs flash testing is not accurate for modern oil and fuels chemistries fuel dilution testing so I can see the totality of their data and estimate fairly accurately what gasoline or diesel fuels they miss. It’s an educated guess but I’m usually more accurate than their method is. Don’t guess and spend your money to guess is my advice.
  16. You're fuels dilution is at least 1.5% but the reason for lifter and valve train issues is metallurgy issues. Some oil can delay failing but not stop. I recommend you procure a better quality oil analysis from Nick Black02Silverado to know instead of cheap out and guess.
  17. $3.06 E15 thanks Maverik Alamosa, great thanksgiving price for this region. Cheaper than going to Colorado Springs or Pueblo. Burns clean.
  18. In addition to stoking coal stove in only heated room in house was required to dump honey pots. Yep I get it.
  19. That brings back memories......of dark, cold.
  20. Most folks ignore the inevitable and prefer circumstance or others decide for them. Human nature for most I have observed. You are the exception Donstar.
  21. We are going to start having some 02 from wally world on hand for flatlander guests. Staying hydrated a big deal too. Enjoy that 2500!
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