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  1. 2021 sierra evolution 5.3 10sp. Ever since replacing the lifters I get a shuddering feeling at low rpms while maintaining speed from 40 kph or higher. I do not notice the vibration while accelerating from a stop. A bit more throttle or dropping gears smooths it out. It's not quite as bad as driving on rumble strips but it's definitely annoying with only 18,000kms on it. It's almost due for its next oil change so when it goes in they'll have a look at it.
  2. I pulled my fill plug on the rear diff and noticed there is no magnet on it. Is there a magnet inside the cover or did gm get rid of it in favor of cost savings?
  3. I know this thread as a little over a year old but... What is different between the Sierra and Silverado to make is not compatible? I don't know anyone with a new Silverado to compare it with. Thanks
  4. Thanks to your post I found out mine does too!
  5. 2021 sierra evolution 13xxx kilometres on it. 2 days ago the display was replaced due to freezing and screen going blank. Today I brought it back due to misfiring, service esc and park brake. Just got the call that it needs the lifters on the right bank. What else is common??? Thanks
  6. Either a broken centre bolt or who ever installed the rear lifting blocks misaligned the hole.
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