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  1. I would highly recommend getting or doing yourself the ceramic coating on the paint itself. This will greatly cut down the PM needed on the paint. Most coatings if done properly last 5+ years with a yearly exo coating. This leads me into washing, when washing I personally use chemical guys soaps...I've had great success with them and no issues. If you don't want to use x amount of microfiber mitts you can purchase a grit guard. You place it in the bottom of your 5 gallon and it sorts MOST of the grit out of your mitt. Heck if you're interested I would also say you can get a foam cannon for your pressure washer or garden hose as well. I would at all costs avoid any sort of car washes.
  2. Agreed. I would also suggest looking into added discounts for first responder/educator etc etc....they have various other added discounts that can be had. Also if you know any GM Employees you can try and snag a code from them to drop it down even more. My RST was sticker price 53,275 and got it for 40,500. RST CREW w/ everything but leather/sunroof.
  3. Agreed on that jump...I went from driving my fathers 2003 z71 to my 2019 RST.....feels like a spaceship...things feel amazing, well put together and sorted easy. Controls are easy to reach and function well. Granted I am left handed haha. To put it in perspective, my mother owns a newer audi and this truck if equipped well I feels rivals that.
  4. AGREED.....i ceramic coated mine it stays clean so so much better. I can wash it once a week or two weeks depending and it stays shining. Rain beads off and dries up as I drive...unreal.
  5. Ya, i have to second that...downsizing is the way of the future sadly. Now I dont think every truck will rock a 4cyl with a snail....But I think youll see more and more v6 with turbos, smaller liter displacement with forced air. Perfect example are the eco diesels and the 3.0 models. They have unreal power for their size and will suffice perfectly fine for the average joe towing or what not.
  6. Wow!! That is absolutely nuts! I had no idea you had such issues. I vaguely remember talk of it on the forum but didn’t put your handle and the discussions together in my head. I’m sorry to hear that. Also, it really seems to be something that dealers should work better with the customer on when it comes to issues. That seems to be a trend.... my brother bought an rst same day I bought mine, had very minor issues with the trim and such and they ordered new pieces and replaced accordingly without issue. Same with my bumper/hitch being dinged up. Again, my place is a monopoly on the region for Chevy sales. Granted these also weren’t serious engine issues like you’ve had. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. My one concern with the 2.7T in a full size truck towing, or not would be longevity of the motor....more so the turbo. As with all turbo motors, even the diesels they can wear down quickly depending on its use, driver, etc. To each their own on choice of motors, I think it has its benefits within daily commutes and for a neat nitch. Now past that I don't know I haven't driven it. I think you'll definitely see a growth within the modified truck scene with this motor, at least i'd hope. Heck I'd hope to see some shops start cranking out 500+ HP builds!
  8. I would, if you're somewhat good with normal car care and waxes to research a bit more on how to do it yourself if you have the time. The product itself (gtech ceramic coating/exo coating) run roughly 65$ a bottle each....you'd need that plus 2 micro pads along with a dozen-2 mirofiber towels. Clay bar to prep the surface but all in all it takes 6-8 hours depending on your speed and knowledge but it can be easily done. Ive been doing my own vehicles for a few years now and just recently did my truck....doing my father in laws in the next month after they quoted him roughly 2k!!
  9. oh merrrr gawd...what an amazing beast to have went and bought an aftermarket exhaust and taken the time to post and shame those doing this mod. How do your balls rest in the rest being so big???
  10. I dont blame you, I'd love that for the fact to just have it haha. But in the RST it was a no go sadly until this coming year Either way it boogies enough for me coming from a 4cyl NA car haha.
  11. Oh i dont think its the best thing to have to do, but it possible. Way easier on modified cars that have specific tunes too. Which neither are the case for the 6.2 at least until a tuner can crack the ecu to develop it.
  12. You make valid points, but its not a make or break. In boosted cars/trucks you can run a low grade fuel when youre daily driving. Then when you want to swap tunes or run at peak power/performance you dump your corn in and youre off. But to each their own on that thought.
  13. https://sdparts.com/i-24134630-genuine-gm-parts-84602302-center-console-upgrade-for-2019-silverado-work-truck-models.html I still had it saved on my safari Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. I can find the link I sent my father in law for his truck that I found. I’ll grab it in the morning! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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