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  1. I second, third, fourth this 100%....the GM ones are amazing....the rear is great. I know from experience when my puppy had the shits all over the floor haha. They saved my floor. Super easy to clean. Only downside is getting the rear in and out. I have to remove my storage box then take them out. But you can cut the shorter and not have this issue.
  2. @Slizzo Yeah, very good point. I was more responding to the previous statements. But I also am a bit sad that they didnt put a larger tank in the trucks, considering when you look under there's a good amount of room. Either way when I road trip, 410+ miles to a tank with a few points of city driving Im happy with. Also, thats roughly 5 hours of driving, after that I'm ready to stretch my legs for a moment and fill up.
  3. Things that annoy me...that I didn't know about before buying... 1) Have to turn seat heaters on each time I start truck. If it knows to do it w remote start by outside temp, why can't it do upon starting??? 2) Have to turn heated steering wheel on each time I start truck. See above I feel these are both more of a safety feature built in. Because having it remember or stay "on" when the truck starts back up could create a high chance of a glitch and then it malfunctions, stays on and could possibly cause a fire when the truck is off. Also, the power draw from it being kept on from previous start up/shut off and maybe the added wear n tear on it. I can understand if previous vehicles had the ability it can be annoying not. In all honesty its pretty easy to do such once you get in and start it. I wouldnt let it ruin your impressions of the truck they're beautiful. The 24 gal tank, that blows my mind as well....my fathers 03' has 26 gal...so why downsize to the 24 in my 19 is mind blowing. For millage sake, highway road trips in the 5.3 i was able to squeeze out 415 miles to the tank with a few hours of town/slow driving mixed in. The rest being 80mph highway. For covers, I'm not sure if GMC offers an oem one...chevy does and the only reason I even considered a cover was the fact I got it for $100...but the quality was good and over did the job. Just an option. Auto start/stop...yes can be super annoying in traffic, but also its growing on me when Im sitting at long lights...I can see the benefit, just not sure yet on the long term wear n tear on the components.
  4. Haha fair enough! durrtymax jack (youtube) did one of the hard metal roll up covers than I really liked and seemed very practical but also was hard and lockable. I was sour towards the tri fold covers because my buddy always calls me because he cant use the full size of his bed. haha.
  5. I went with the GM soft top cover. I got a deal on it I couldn't pass up. The only other ones I entertained were the retract type for the easy of storage while open. I did see, which I assume you did as well that a good amount of the covers would press weight on to the tailgate stopping it from opening with the drop down feature. Either way I've found the cover to be almost 100% water proof. With two big dogs in the crew cab, and straps, first aid, etc inside my under seat storage having the cover is great when I want to toss things in quickly.
  6. Huge dramatization on that being to soul issue. I've driven behind many of trucks like that and have had zero issues. Either you have truly the worlds worst luck or there are more factors to this. Having a lifted truck, with wider wheels is a style that is popular now. Before people sit here and saying you're ruining your truck. Or you're going to wear the suspension components out quicker. The vast majority of quality lift kits now as days are engineered to adjust the angles of your drive train to relieve the stress it puts on your truck. I personally don't hate that set up on the OP. The red wheels i'm indifferent on because thats a personal style choice, but the stance and such I like. its squatted out well enough. Also, this is coming from someone who has a pretty much stock 2019 RST....until after our wedding, then we shall see haha.
  7. That’s sickening if that’s the case...good lord. ::facepalm:: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Yes my good sir I do! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Heck ya...I agree I cant justify new wheels right now so i may go this route come spring. Thanks for the input.
  10. Maybe the 2020's but the 19's that my co worker has as well as every one that I saw on the lot was bare bones.
  11. I have a 19 RST, my father in law has a 19 TB...I wouldnt personally switch. I like the RST for the random added features, the tow/sport mode is nice. I also am about 5'5'' haha so the TB is huge step up into. I also feel like you get more for your money when you go with the RST vs TB... simply due to the fact you either need to get a custom or an LT...both of which are easily 2-3k over a base custom/lt because the TB package which gets you the 2'' lift. I think if youre going to be out in the woods or off road more the TB is definitely the smart choice. He takes his everywhere and clears majority of areas with ease. Me on the other hand, I do more road tripping and city driving.
  12. Thats a pretty good indication. But I wouldn't necessarily put the elevation at the RST trim. My father in law has the custom trailboss and my co worker has the elevation...after seeing both I'd put the trims almost equal (custom/elevation)...GMC will always come better equipped base. The RST seems to just be in its own nitch in the market. A highly equipped LT w/ color matching if anything. I have a 19 RST
  13. YUP! its all based on that automatic average MPG....mine popped up as i was coming back into town after a road trip....said low for about 5-10 miles. I stopped and filled up and still had roughly 2+ gal left in the tank.
  14. How was the fit on those wheel skins? I have those same wheels on my 2019 RST and was debating on doing this.
  15. People have said the same about almost every single GM truck drop over the years. It's hated for a few months/year then they see more of them or more that are modified and people start to love them. I was the same way I pushed for a 2018 silverado because I couldn't stand 2019 then they grew on me. The new z71 tahoe I am not a fan of right now, but the rest I do like... we shall see the wife will be in the market for a new vehicle in the next 2-3 years. I'd like to get her into one if she likes it.
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