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  1. Awesome thank you! Ill take a glance at the truck when i get home.
  2. Hey, im fairly new to this forum and my RST...whats this mod? or where could I find it.? thank you in advance
  3. Hey, this is has probably already been answered,but I use gtech ceramic 5 or 7 year coating for mine. Ive used it in the past with great success. It is tedious but well worth it. Spray down, iron-x remove, rinse, wash, rinse, clay bar. Re-wash then panel wipe it and apply.
  4. New RST

    Finally a pic with the tint and the running boards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. New RST

    I went to Lindsey window Tint in Rochester. I did 15% up front and I’m going back tomorrow to put 35% on the rear so the back will be around 10% I’m only doing the rear because stock is tinted but not uv protected. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. New RST

    I love mine. I’ll try and grab some pics tonight after work with the running boards and tint. I’m very happy with how it is right now. It will stay pretty much like this until I need tires lol then I’ll get wheels. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. New RST

    Went at got the truck tinted did 15% up front. Going back weds to do the rears since factory doesn’t provide any UV protections for heat and sun. Debating on going 20% over the back or 35% which would create 5% and 15% respectively. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. New RST

    haha agreed.... also luckily I'm not very tall so my back seat is roomy for passengers.
  9. New RST

    haha, agreed. I mean I went with the crew cab with the idea of keeping this for some time and not trying to squeeze car seats in a double cab, Which was the biggest complaint people had when it came to the double. Soooo yeah the safety package would have been nice if I continued that thought haha. BUT the bose is nice...I didn't even know it came with it because the original truck I picked out didn't have it. Only things done so far were 5' nerf bars and LED reverse lights.
  10. New RST

    I love black cars/trucks. This one will be a pain just due to the size. Foam Cannon cleaning makes it a lot easier to handle. I'm partially thankful my truck didn't come with the safety package, other cars ive been in that have had those would annoy me over time but I cant speak on the new trucks. I went Tuesday to work a deal, they ended up dealer trading 2 black rst while we were both trying to close the deal. So the two we got were the last two on the lot we could find with the full center console we wanted. Overall I love the truck thus far. My fiancé drove it over the weekend and felt the same. It gets tinted today up at Lindsey Window.
  11. New RST

    Haha. Oh I am....my brother is as well with his black rst too. I haven't seen many around yet though. I picked mine up weds as well haha. small world.
  12. New RST

    Agreed on that as well....I was just talking to my father in law about that today, I’m like ya it’s a z71 but the damn thing drives like a caddy. I can’t bring myself to go and beat on it. I bought it to haul stuff when needed and for future family endeavors. Simple things like getting chlorine for the pool or propane Is so much easier with the truck bed when I’m out and about. (Granted as mentioned I did drive a Scion tC prior) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. New RST

    Yeah, the AT4 price and talk up I didn’t understand, but that’s partially because I didn’t look much more into it because I didn’t want the complex new tailgate. Looks neat and prolly has a purpose but not my cup of tea. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. New RST

    You might be able to with the leather package. Which is an option on the RST. My best friend works at a Chevy dealer and they’re swapping leather into some of the models now as added options. They have heated and cooled seats. Leather and moonroof are the only things mine didn’t have. Which neither I was dead set on. Leather with my dog is a no no and the moonroof I had in my car and I rarely would remember I had it [emoji23]. The high country only has a small amount of chrome on the bumper I did notice. Compared to an LT or such. It does upset me though that the customs don’t have the led light package as an option. I feel with a new body style and a revamp of the truck trims it’s something that is modern...vs the halogen which is very dated. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. New RST

    Yeah, I am surprised that this RST doesn’t have the option for all of that. But honesty I’m glad it doesn’t have the lane assist stuff, every car I’ve driven that has it has caused more annoyance to me. I will agree the chrome and such was too much for me. The high country and such are beautiful but not my style. I saw a white one today while I was driving and it looked stellar but ehh not me. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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