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  1. Mine does the same (RST) I havent heard of any fixes or such from my dealer. I would figure if anything theyd roll a software update out to clear it. It happens less and less once the last update was pushed through. I actually noticed it for the first time in while last night driving home. My brother has the same truck essentially and I asked him if he has seen any issues like it and he has not on his. He picks his up from the recall fix this coming week I'll see if he can inquire.
  2. I've owned my truck for just under 6 months, 7k miles so far and I love it. I read a few people talking about tundras on here...my co worker has one, and is a snob about his truck because he thinks its the best. Whelp that was until he got into mine and checked it out even he is a believer. The MPG isnt an issue because I routinely go from mixed city driving to highway travel. Regardless I still get around 400 miles to the tank. Issues wise at 7k- nothing major. I do have the dread axle whine, but with the strike and now the holidays/winter coming up I am going to wait until better weather to have it serviced. Ride quality is amazing, the rancho shocks took some bit to get used to but overall its good. It handles great, even compared to my previous car that was pretty well set up. People complain that the interiors arent up to snuff compared to dodge....but that didnt matter to me, I didnt want a tesla sized screen that is pron to get smashed or ruined by kiddos or things flying from the back seat haha.
  3. I dont have the black ones, but i have the 18s highly doubt youd be interested but I love those damn wheels!!!
  4. Yes! shoot I forgot about the grit guard. It's unreal what the want in the stores for those! Amazon was the best price out there I've found.
  5. I second that.... those packages are awesome. The bose system is very nice for being a stock stereo option. Coming from someone who had full aftermarket speakers and a nice quality sub set up in my previous vehicle I thought it was a very solid platform. I also wanted the center console as a must have option for me when purchasing. Rear outlet and full bedliner as well as interior 120 plug is a great addition as well, I've only used it half a dozen times but when I have I've been happy I had it.
  6. I use chemical guys wash, i switch between a few of the foam ones. All very similar...I dont really like their "black light" one I feel it makes the paint feel almost stripped down? About 50% of the time I use the power washer and foam cannon to clean it. Makes it super easy to clean and enjoyable. Wax- I ceramic coated my truck so I dont use any wax or polish on it. Second vehicle I've owned that I coated and IMO i feel its superior to waxing the vehicle every few months. (just apply the exo coating yearly) For detailing in between washes I'll use CAR products Shake'n'Shine or chemical guys quick detailer. Interior I use the CAR products equivalent to VLR. My local place I go to is a dealer for their stuff and so far I've enjoyed it. Windows I use invisible glass or a mixture I made up after getting the recipe from the tint shop I go to. For your issue with getting the residue off the black trim, I suggest "Back to Black" by chemical guys it works really well and I used it to take a lot of the polish residue off.
  7. Shoottttt you arent kidding brother. 1200 Sq foot house 4800k a year in taxes....
  8. Exactly what I went with. I think I actually ended up with a step up on that package and Im beyond glad I did. I really also enjoy the rear sliding window. I was shocked with how well that gets airflow going throughout the cab.
  9. A few features you can opt out of when purchasing. I know the custom doesnt have a lot of the higher end stuff the LT/RST/HC/TB have etc. A few of the things mentioned are CYA added features due to lawyers suing manufactures over dumb stuff, or in fact the moronic parents who leave their child behind. As mentioned before I dont doubt some if not all of the added features have helped save someones life somewhere, which saving even just one person is well worth it. I personally don't have the lane assist and cruise control features etc. But that was simply because I didnt get that package. I do enjoy the power tailgate feature and useful to me on more than a dozen occasions. Bottom line is, as mentioned by several others is that its a 2019/2020 truck and majority of the buyers want/enjoy the features and its a sign of the times. I would assume but not certain you probably could have gotten the work truck trim and not had many of these options that annoy you.
  10. I didnt get it on my 19 RST and I honestly dont mind it. As much as it would be nice for the cameras I don't like the possibility of maybe relying on it too much etc etc.
  11. For the price, I'd consider a RST with the trailboss lift kick installed. You can snag some added features for the same price or less and still rock the trailboss lift! I only say that because the LT Trailboss is a pretty penny and very similar features as the LT.
  12. Yeah, I can’t say it’s the end all be all but I’d like to think it’s helping some what! I go to Sunoco for my fuel without issues. I don’t mess with speedway much just because years past it made one of my cars randomly smoke for 10 mins out the tailpipe haha. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Oh i agree! I was more than happy. Now a disclaimer, I do switch between 87 and 93 every other tank. This tank happened to be 93 for the trip. I was super happy that I didnt need to fill up at all while on the trip....in my car in years past I would be certain to have to fill up mid way.
  14. We just replaced the stock halogen bulbs with LED's on my father in laws trailboss... Zero issues with blinding anyone, beam cut off is great and we've tested it driving in truck of him in my truck as well as my fiances car. We bought him the sealight H11 set up. After reviews on here it was said to be the best fit for stock to have everything fit. Also I feel a lot of the blinding issues come from people not making sure the LEDs are facing the sides and not up and down.
  15. Last weekend I hit 460 miles to the tank on our trip to the 1000islands. I made it up there from Rochester, plus all of our driving while up there for the day and back home on one tank. I would have gotten more out of her if I had cruise set lower than 78-80.
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