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  1. Has anyone found a creative way to change the fender badges on the new sierra? I know they can't be removed. I've been searching for a custom replacement or overlay of some type. I really dont need to broadcast the 6.2 under the hood!
  2. Most cars manufacturers used superior materials 15 years ago. The materials were even better in the 90's, and even better in the 80's. We just had shit technology back then, so no one noticed. Today it's about how cheap they can make it, and quantity over quality. Take something as simple as a door panel. Take all 3 truck's plastic door panels off, try bending each one in half. That ram and ford will fold like paper. We've tried it at work. Or slam the drivers door on one, and watch the entire side of the truck flex. Its scary... If I were a betting man, in order of quality of materials, its GM, Ram, then Ford. We can continue to agree or disagree on engine, exterior styling etc., but I'm not backing off the quality lol
  3. I get it.. We are suppose to expect some problems with new model trucks. But when those issues start adding up like a slot machine, I'm think I'm all set. I'd much rather have an 8 inch touchscreen, regular sized sunroof, and peace of mind that everything is going to work as advertised than hoping that my flashy truck doesnt embarrass me at the most inopportune time lol
  4. Their corporate philosophy is probably the same as any other company. Make as much $$$ as possible. No one gives a damn about consumers anymore. But in my situation, they at least listened and worked with me. More than I can say about all the dealers I took it to, including where I bought the truck. I dont know if I agree with you when it comes to quality of gm trucks. As I said earlier, I work on all makes, 90% of them brand new everyday (gm, ram, ford, toyota, audi, honda, etc)...When it comes to the big 3 trucks, hands down gm uses the highest quality of materials. Are their interiors eye popping? Absolutely not. But it's functional and reliable. You should see how cheap some of the most important parts of ford and ram trucks are. Paper thin carpet and headliner. Super thin leather trim (this is part of the reason a lot new ram owners are complaining about the color wearing off). If I can scratch leather by grazing my finger across it, its shitty leather or vinyl. Ram definitely doesn't spray enough coats of paint on their trucks. Clear coat is very thin also. Ford and gm are pretty good about that. I wont even get into how thin and flexible the metal is on ram. The ford is mostly aluminum, so there's that. I could go on and on about the quality of materials used in pretty much any vehicle after being in the industry for 19 years.
  5. That sucks...I've heard about all the issues you listed. That would definitely piss me right the f*ck off.
  6. After 6 trips back and forth to 4 different dealers in a 2 year period, I decided to have Firestone replace all for 22 inch tires with the exact factory match, without road force balancing. I also had the driveshaft rebalanced. This bitch has been smooth as silk every since. Prior to having it finally fixed, I did go after GM. But we settled out of court. They are a descent company to work with in regards to repairs. It's the damn idiot service managers that are a huge part of the problem.
  7. Thanks for the insight. Your experience is just the kind of thing I'm trying to avoid. My 2017 Denali and I have a love/hate relationship. It was a shaker for almost 2 years, until I finally figured out on my own what the issues were. I had a few other small things that had to be fixed but I still love it. I'm pretty confident I'll end up in another Denali, just picking people's brains as to their experiences with both trucks. My heart is telling me the ram looks awesome and I should give it a try. My brain is telling me hell no, don't do it!
  8. That's good to know. I've read about and know people who have the ram. They all complain about the A/C, doors not lining up, tailgate not shutting right, truck sometimes not shifting out of gear, squeaky brakes. I'm just afraid if I get one, I'll have the same issues.
  9. Agreed they are both good trucks. The reliability and quality factor also has me questioning the ram. I've been a 12 volt tech for 19 years. So I'm pretty familiar with quality of material used in today's cars. Without question the ram interior is awesome, but the quality of the materials used without a doubt goes to gm. I just think ram's interior design dept. are on another level as compared to gm.
  10. I really didn't feel much of a difference in the seats of my 2017 compared to the ones in the 2019. At this point, I'm more concerned about overall quality and reliability. Yeah, that ram looks sexy as hell inside. But I'm afraid Ram is just putting lipstick on a pig. Not sure...
  11. Touche'.. Just looking for other gm owners opinions who are also peaking over at the ram
  12. The ram interior and smooth ride is what has me wanting to switch. I'm definitely not crazy about the exterior at all. I love the denali exterior and not a big fan of the interior, so there's that. The only thing that's making me want to stay with gm is the incentives for gm lessees.
  13. Currently driving a 2017 GMC sierra Denali. My lease is just about up and I'm completely undecided on my next truck. I've tested both the new denali and ram longhorn. Both have their pros and cons. Anyone have an opinion one way or the other? I also follow the 5th gen ram forum. There are so many people on there with problems with their rams. Not nearly as many problems with the gm it seems. I just dont want to make a decision I'm gonna regret.
  14. Good to hear they were able to align it. I dont know if I would want a bigger gas tank. I put 93 in mine, and it feels like a weekly bill.
  15. Really?? I had the same issue with my 17 Denali. Couldn't be bothered to take it back to the dealer at the time, so I realigned the bed myself. Thanks.. Just another thing to look for.... How's your experience with the truck otherwise?
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