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  1. That happened to me 2 times and fixed by itself, overnight.
  2. I believe you can use this option while you are wire connected to Android or Apple Auto. It just comes as pop up on the screen.
  3. You should chat with them at the morning. Their afternoon people are absolutely clueless. No credit to their morning staff. But they're a little bit better. You can ask your dealer to find your event number also.
  4. Do you have your order number for GM? If not, then your dealer screwed up everything and you should change them. If you have the order number, then you can't do anything until GM give you the update. Ask the GM about your current "event number". Then you can check it in this list: https://www.google.com/amp/gmauthority.com/blog/gm-order-tracking/gm-order-event-codes-and-definitions/amp/
  5. The fun part hasn't started yet. You'll get more crazy when you find out that your truck is build a and has been shipped but you don't know where it is and when you'll get it. My truck was in that stage for more than a month 🤯
  6. First, you should get your order number. That easily takes one to 2 weeks. With your order number, you can easily chat with Chevy and get updates.
  7. When I stop behind smaller cars, I turn off my lights and turn on the fog lights. It helps a lot.
  8. Now I understand what my truck takes so long to warm up and all times is working under low temperatures, compare to my previous 14 with the same 5.3L.
  9. If I were you I would add retractable side steps too (around $1600, I believe). I have them and I love them. I'm not sure how bad you are going off road. You should think about it. I'm not sure if you can add Premium package. I added to my LTZ. It is phenomenal. Also, if you don't tow heavily, you should go with 3.23 axel ratio. By the way, I wouldn't waste my money with bowtie and splash guards. Instead, you should order under rear seat storage box which comes with lid. It is really cool.
  10. I've noticed the same thing. My passenger side is more accurate. The driver side is not reliable at all.
  11. Guys, I think TESLA has already answered your concerns. It will be your choice to have a strong truck or fancy electric call which will use its range by half when it's getting cold:🤪 https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1121501_dogs-are-cool-especially-in-teslas-with-new-dog-mode
  12. I found another solution also. I asked my sales person to use his employee code and purchase the tray for $49 instead of $62 MSRP for the OEM part. Then I used 10,000 reward points from 20,000 point that I received because of purchasing the truck. 10,000 points is equal $50. At the end I paid $4.20 as a result of adding sales tax. I believe it still doesn't worth more than $10. Believe me, when you see the tray in the real world, you'll laugh how it should be cheap!
  13. This is a real downshift issue: https://www.autoblog.com/2019/02/13/ford-f-150-pickups-transmission-recall/
  14. QC in general?

    In my opinion, electronic and mechanical parts are not good friends, specially when they are built in different ranges of tollerances and based on different standards and regulations. Now add building parts in different countries with different cultures! I don't see any solution for it, except the current trial and error mechanism and fixing the bugs.

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