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  1. What do you mean "HUD's retracting"? I've never heard about that!
  2. My Cruze has the same step at the end as well. I don't see any relation between this and immediate downshift. I don't feel that much difference when the pedal goes to that stage.
  3. My truck came with navigation. It's the most useless part of the truck. Waze on Android Auto is the best. Don't worry. You didn't lose anything.
  4. My 2014 was horrible in paint. It was the famous deep ruby color. Its clear coat chipped out all over the car. GM didn't accept the issue. I had to sell it cheaper last year because of the issue. I bought my 2019 in white not to take any risk . I haven't found anything issue yet after 8000 miles in 5 months.
  5. The gauges are personal preference. I don't see anything wrong with them. They are simple and practical. Are you looking for Boeing 747 cluster on this truck?!
  6. Take it to the dealer and tell them that the noise is from both sides A pillars. Mine was mainly from driver side. They remove the plastic cover and install some insulation around the seatbelt parts.
  7. If your dealer isn't a big Chevy or GMC dealer, then change your dealer if GM won't pick up your order by next week. You can ask the dealer to give you the event code. You can also chat with GM to get more accurate information. By having your event code, you can find the stats of your order. If everything goes smoothly, it takes almost 2 to 2.5 months to get your truck from the time putting your order.
  8. In my opinion, not necessarily. Due to less hp and torque, the transmission has to put more efforts to adjust needed power. Remember, fuel economy with higher gear sets comes in place during higher speed cruising conditions. That will make the engine to operate in lower rpm when not much demand exists. For stop-and-go driving conditions or towing, that won't do any magic. Usually, the gear ratios of the first 4 to 6 gears are very similar between 8 and 10 speed. If you look at the mpg for both current 5.3L-A8 and 6.2L-A10, you'll notice my reason for City and combined mpg. Besides that, if you use regular octane fuel instead of recommended 91 or higher in 6.2L, mpg will go down dramatically. As I mentioned before, I see this just as GM's business game
  9. Unless you want to pay at least $10K more. Now you have a lot of incentives. For sure you won't have them for 2020 until Christmas or even March 2020, plus more expensive transmission / configuration!
  10. You should enjoy your new beast instead of being worried of selling her later By the way, I'm curious about having 10-speed on 5.3L, specially with lower axel ratios. I'm not sure about necessity of having 10 forward gear sets on 5.3L. I can see the benefit on 6.2L or even Ford's 6 calendar turbo with higher hp and torque, but not on 5.3L and smaller naturally aspirated engines. I believe GM is just trying to have one transmission for all trucks in near future just from business standpoint, not technical aspects. Of course, they sell it more expensive with less hassle of different varieties.
  11. https://fox6now.com/2019/06/12/ford-recalls-1-3m-vehicles-for-suspension-transmission-woes/
  12. I believe you're not supposed to go over 55 mph in California while towing (more than 2 axel total).
  13. Guys! This is a TRUCK! I don't get why everyone is so picky on this clunking thing! GM is the same manufacturer which makes Cadillac and smaller Chevy and GMC cars over 100 years, without clunking, the same as Ford. Now both GM and Ford are using the same transmissions. They both know how to make cars and their transmissions. They are not stupid to make durable trucks breaking fast. This clunking thing has been with these trucks in almost all past generations with automatic transmissions, when changed to 6-speed. It's very simple. These trucks have naturally aspirated 8 cylinder engines which oxygen intake depends solely on atmospheric pressure and does not rely on forced induction through a turbocharger or a supercharger. Therefore, they drop the rpm very fast when they come to stop. Also, the flywheel in these engines is very light compare to 4 or 6 cylinder engines. They have the flywheel just to engage the starter. Therefore, there is less inertia being saved in them when the car comes to stop in low speed in very low rpm. On the other side, all truck's inertia is transferring to the transmission from the rear end. During synchronization between the transmission and the engine in very low speeds, specially coming to stop, sometimes such clunking condition happens. It's getting better after couple of thousands miles when the computer learns your driving style, but it will never go away completely. This is my 4th Silverado. None of my past silverados (past 3 generations) had ever had any transmission issue because of clunking. By the way, this thread is for backup camera not for transmission clunking. They are other related threads that people are talking about it more in details.
  14. I think something is definitely wrong. You may show it to different dealer and push for right answer. You should also ask them to compare yours with the ones in their lots.
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