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  1. Actually, it's for the new ones. If you scroll down, you'll see in the same page introducing 2019.
  2. You should push to get more discounts from the dealer instead of waiting for the factory's rebates. Usually GM puts a lot of restrictions on it. If you look at their website now, it shows $6500 rebate, but for specific models and under some conditions. The only easy rebate you can get, would be the loyalty. Of course, if you have another GM car at the time of contract.
  3. Good for you. Mine was built in mid December, but it's still sitting in their distribution center where is 70 miles from my dealer. Still no schedule for delivery. GM is horrible in their keeping promises ðŸ˜Ą
  4. Agree! But what about his time? I had a 2014 silverado until last month. It killed me in the first year until they could fix the bugs. I was at the dealer contineously. I'm waiting for my 2019 LTZ to be delivered this week (I hope). I'm ready to have fun & frustrations (F&F) in the first year again ðŸĪŠ
  5. Wow! Congratulations! It is gorgeous. I'm still waiting. It sounds like you made a mistake in picking the right rims. Just kidding. They will change them for you.
  6. That was exactly the same reason I did that: $1500 (GM) + $700 (costco) + $700 (on top of $4500 dealer's discount). Total saving:$7400 off of $56,815 (MSRP). It shouldn't be bad 😜
  7. I know the dealer for more than 15 years. I buy all my trucks and cars from them. There were also some incentives that would be gone after 1/2/19. I agree with you. They are some risks. But since nothing has been delivered, it shouldn't be major issues. I hope 😇
  8. I ordered my LTZ, Crew Cab, 2WD 5.3L, with Premium and technology packages, including retractable side steps. - Ordered to the dealer on 10/31/2018 -TPW 12/10/2018 - Produced 12/21/2018 at Fort Wayne - I paid and signed the contract 1/2/2019 - As of today 1/12/2019 STILL IN TRANSIT!!! - Hope to drive it in the week of 1/21/2019 (a month after production)! ðŸ˜Ē I'm in Southern California. When I was signing the contract on 1/2/2019, the dealer called GM through their own chanel. GM told them that the car needed to be re-inspected! By the way, my truck's color is summit white.
  9. Is there any trick involved to remove the tail light, or it's similar to previous models? Thanks again,
  10. Thanks a lot! I was puzzled if I could install back mine which has been with me in my 2011 and 2014 ones. Did you take the tail lights similar to previous models (two screws and pulling)?

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