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  1. Ask Onstar to fix it for you. It's an easy fix.
  2. I believe your issue is with the front park assist (FPA). This is a screenshot of the owner's manual, page 281. For vibrating the seat, I belive there is an option in setting and under park assist that needs to be ON. You can ask the dealer to compare your truck with the ones in their lot. I haven't seen any issue with mine. By the way, I think the cameras are much more reliable than vibrating the seat when you are trying to park that much close to the wall 😜
  3. I'm not sure who you contacted with. I emailed my request last week and got the response in couple of hours with pdf file of RPO Codes, including detailed explanations.
  4. You should look at these 2 links: https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/245-2019-silverado-sierra-troubleshooting/?sortby=last_real_post&sortdirection=desc&page=2 You need to make sure that nothing is drawing voltage from the battery when the engine is off or causing any interference with the computer. My dealer told me that GM has already notified the dealers to tell the customers about issues with using aftermarket sigaret plugins.
  5. I hope this will help you: http://gmauthority.com/blog/gm-order-tracking/gm-order-event-codes-and-definitions/
  6. I think you should get it by the 3rd week of June or even earlier. Mine was built on 12/21/2018 and I got it on 1/21/2019 in CA. At that time it was some shipping issues due to Christmas and new year holidays, winter storm,....
  7. Tailgate letters

    I installed the letters from bdtrims.com They are very good quality. I ordered Domed style and in chrome. https://www.bdtrims.com/letter_inserts/Chevrolet_letter_Inserts/Tailgate-Plastic-Letters-Inserts-for-2019-Chevrolet-Silverado-Models
  8. Turn On the engine, go to setting, under system, scroll down, click on "About".
  9. A/C

    Do you have the dual zone system or manual? If it's dual zone then it may be some issues with one of the computer modules. Thay can check it with their computers at the dealer, of course, if there is no refrigerant leakage!
  10. Engine temp

    I sent an email to the address you shared and got my build sheet in couple of hours. Thank you very much for sharing. Surprisingly, my truck has VTI code too, but the QR code doesn't list it. 😳 Now I'm purely confused with the temp. The only thing I can see is different thermostats for the same engines, or some defects in my engine, since it runs in low temperatures at all times 🤯
  11. Engine temp

    My truck has 2 QR codes. The big one is the VIN only, and the small one includes VIN and RPO codes. I had to install a 3rd party free app on my Samsung phone to be able to read the codes.
  12. Engine temp

    You can also scan the QR code on the door (driver side). It will list the RPO codes along with the VIN.
  13. For me, from Mira Loma to LA (50 miles) took more than a week. That's depends on the trucks (carriers) availabilities. You should ask your tge dealer push them. They need to contact business center and ask them to expedite, if you don't get it in a week.
  14. USB Dust Covers

    I got them in a week. That was fast. They are a lot and surprisingly, in a very good quality and perfect fit. I think I can cover all neighbor cars too 😜 Here is the picture.
  15. Engine temp

    I checked mine. I don't have code VTI. Mine takes forever to reach 180. It sounds like VTI is for mainly 6.2L and some 5.3L Z71 packages. In southern California I prefer not to have it 😊

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