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  1. It's not a safety issue. The all-new Blazer has adjustable shoulder belts. It was purely a cost cutting measure. A poor decision at that. GM's done that on most of their models now, except the new Blazer.
  2. No. GM cheaped out on the custom seats as there is zero storage in them. The armrest doesn’t open up and there is no under seat storage beneath the bottom center seat. But even in the LT you have to get an interior package to get the under seat storage but at least the armrest opens up. I would definitely go LT with that package. The shape, foam etc is the same. Plus, if you are going to buy a 4x4, all GMs have the electronic 4x4.
  3. Have you checked out Fia seat covers. They appear to have a Protector series with a rear seat split seat with center armrest that fits the new body 2019s. You could always email them to make sure the pic is accurate and they have the center armrest. https://gofia.com/product-category/seat-covers/custom_fit_truck/seat_protector_custom_fit_truck/ I have Fia Protector series in my 2013 and they fit nice and tight and seem to wear decently.
  4. Remove the app from your phone, and then re-down load it from the app store. That often takes care of connection issues. Second, make sure all the cables you are using are data capable cables, just not charge cables. Charge cables only allow a charge to go to the phone and do not carry data back from the phone to the radio system. The original cord that was working may have crapped out and the other two may not be data capable. Just something to check. (Try using the original Samsung cable that came with the phone, those are always data cables). As mentioned, make sure to let your radio finish booting up before plugging the phone into it.
  5. With any metallic paint, the shimmer or shine (or dull spots) often depends on how the metallic flake lands when painted. That is why silver's are very noticeable when you repaint a panel compared to other panels beside it. If the flake 'stands up' a slight degree more, it is very noticeable as a dark spot. If it lays slightly more flat, it shows up as a light or dull spot. It all depends on the air pressure used when painting. You'd think a factory shouldn't have issues, but they do. See what the dealership says.
  6. GM autobook states 2020 RST's still have 5.3L 8-speeds. It says you have to get a TB to get the 5.3L 10-speed. Stupid. All LT and up with the DFM 5.3's should come with the 10-speed.
  7. Here in Saskatchewan, with the US dollar versus Canadian dollar so strong, we are getting really good money from US brokers for used trucks and it is almost making sense to get the most out of my 2013 as I can to put towards a new one. Plus I am a firm believer in having a vehicle under warranty since we can't really work on these ourselves anymore with all the computer/sensor technology. I still have one more year of warranty on my 2013, so I'm starting my research now, hoping to change up trucks in the next year or less, depending on the deal. I can still get $23,000 CAN for my 6 yr old Crew LT Z71. I agree that protection is the key and I would definitely put the 3M film all over the front and on the fender lips above the wheels. But we are seeing a lot down the side just from passing cars, and heaven help if anyone has to drive on a grid road. My 2013 has no more than 3 or 4 chips as I also avoid grid roads. If I have to take one, its at 10-15 mph max.
  8. I would be curious to know what the sides of the truck measure as we see a ton of stone chips down the sides.
  9. Appreciate the feedback. How were the Fords for chipping as that is what I am concerned about? Pock mark's, fish eyes, dust particles have more to do with the paint process and material prep. Glad to hear about the AT4 though. Enjoy.
  10. Amxguy, our GM body shop has been measuring paint thickness for years, and they tell me the industry average for paint and clear coat thickness is between 5-5.5 mils on todays cars with the water base paint. They have measured the 2014-2018 trucks as low as 3.5 mils and seem to average around 4 mils. For some reason, the cars and SUVs seem to be more in the 5 mils range, closer to the industry average. I’ve worked 21 yrs at a GM dealership (various sales department positions) and we have repainted more 2014-2018 trucks, or parts of trucks approved by GM warranty than any previous generation (warranty claims) due to the chipping. GM reps tell us it is because the water base paint they use is harder to resist scratching. Unfortunately hard paint is also brittle and chips very easily when thin. GM knows they have a problem as they quickly agreed to repaint trucks in 2014 and 2015, until they realized how wide claimed this was. After that they changed their parameters to qualify for a repaint. If you happen to even drive by a grid road while on the highway, they void paint chip warranty now. We are seeing many chips down the sides of vehicles that have never seen grid roads. I have many fleet companies who have complained about their GMs and Rams, but say their Fords are better. I know Ram is also having issues and the few Rams our shop has seen seem to have thinner paint like the GMs. Fords seem to be thicker, closer to the average. Now this is going by what our shop is saying. But they haven’t had to paint a new generation GM yet as we’ve really one had them a few months now.
  11. We all know the previous generation (14-18) had major paint issues with chipping and that the thickness of the GM truck paint was about half of what the industry standard is. Many complained about paint chips all over their trucks, many with next to no miles. I am currently pondering moving up from my 2013 Silverado Crew Z71 with only 31,000 kms (19,500 miles) to a new generation. I skipped the previous gen for a couple reasons: hit and miss vibration issues, paint quality/chipping issues, and wanting to get some usage on my 2013 for the money. Out here on the prairies of Canada we haven't had this generation out long enough to have much feedback from owners (we starting getting these about 4 mths after the US did). So my question is, has anyone had the paint chipping on the new truck like the previous generation?
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