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  1. I noticed in your pic you did that and I did that too and pushed on it with all my might and it would only go 3/4 of the way in. I will mess with it some more. How did you use a screw driver on it?
  2. Well I got mine to work too. Mine is a 19 ltz and my black wires lined up like yours. So I followed your tips and went with the instructions you used to make it work and blew the fuse. LOL So I followed the website and got it working. I am all for support the small businesses but for the price of the harness as simple as it is you would think they would give you a power wire that is long enough and send the right wire tap instead a butt connector. I am going to have to file the hole out a little to get mine to fit in the hole. I cut the tabs off but it still just shy of popping in. G
  3. They are still working on it. They have a meeting yesterday again with both companies so hopefully will know something soon.
  4. I see the problem now, mine does not have a fat end. They sent me a butt connector style one. So much for installing tonight, I can not find one of those any where around my house. Are those style ones you can only get on the internet? I havent looked yet but there is only one red wire in the trailer plug to connect it to right?
  5. Does anyone know how to install the yellow wire tap they included? I have never seen one like that....
  6. Well its march 10th and I still do not have a update or a part......
  7. I just talked to them just now being I haven't gotten mine yet from the 13th and he said they were building them up and will get them out next week. He did say they were fixing them to work with the new body styles.
  8. They are married to your truck so you can not sell them on ebay.
  9. I run them, The for sure help but its not going to be a normal light bar bright. It just feels in what is missing with the head lights. My problem when we went on back roads in the mountains I couldnt see around curves then up hills out of the curve and it fills that in nice. With my LTZ grill with shutters it was the only option I had.
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