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  1. Have it scanned to see if any codes are in the pcm or bcm, I had one in a few weeks ago that did that and it had a code about shifting to park or something like that I cant remember what it was. After the tech fixed the code the horn stopped.
  2. Just unplug it. It changes nothing in the PCM so it does not affect warranty
  3. After several weeks running mine, I still have not noticed any problems running the range.
  4. The main thing I noticed is the little bogg is gone if I am crusing 45-60 and start up a hill. I assum it was from DFM kicking off but it is going. I have the gm performance exhaust on my 6.2. I only hear the exhaust when I get down on it. The gm performance exhaust is pretty quite at crusing speeds.
  5. I have been testing it for the last 4 days. So far so good.
  6. By my nick name I love to be in the woods riding. Had a good time riding up from Tackett Creek Atv Parking & Camping up Pudge's over Carr Gap down to Tackett Creek Rd. Weather was not the best with rain, snow and ALOT of fog but we had a blast. Make sure to like and subscribe and most of all Get Ridin....
  7. Every morning coming to work my clusters says 14-15ish but when I check the app it says on the last trip was 18mpg. Those are on adverage numbers but I dont know which is right.
  8. I pull a 20 foot aluma trailer which is 1100 lbs and a polaris rzr which is 1600 lbs and it made my ltz with a 6.2 sag pretty good which is why I did the air bags. Did it affect my driving with it sagging.... no, but I couldnt stand the sag.
  9. Yea I saw those too, I was just wondering if I could get my phone to give me the notification where as now it stays silent and I dont know a text came through.
  10. I know it will do that through android auto when it is plugged in but this is just when the phone is connected through bluetooth. I am in and off out my truck and do not want to keep plugging it up and unplugging it.
  11. I have a samsung s10plus phone and when it is hooked to my ltz via bluetooth and I get a text message I do not know they come in cause my phone makes no notification sound on my phone. I am guessing being hooked to the truck via bluetooth it is not letting the notification sound come through. Anyone know of a way to make my notification sound come through when I get a text? Thanks for any info.
  12. I have the same pump and bags on my LTZ and love it.
  13. The only ones that will have problems will be the LTZ and High Country even though they are not listed on the will not fit list on the site.
  14. On my GM performance exhaust the hole was on front. There was only one way the muffler would attach with all the pipes they sent. It would not go on where the hole is facing rear.
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