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  1. Maybe if you park under one for hours it can mess with it but normal driving passing them, then no.
  2. Once the truck is built without the option, it is going to have to stay that way. At least with options from GM.
  3. Make sure they are snapped in right. Mine was rattling and they had popped loose. Took the back seat back off and snapped them back in and they have been fine since.
  4. It will be back after the shortage. For now its the same reason they are taking away HD radio for a while.
  5. How would you get over the air updates if you do?
  6. I did this rough country set up and wired it to a wireless module and used one of my home link buttons to turn them on so I didnt have to run wires to the cab. Works great. I would of liked to have brighter lights but with my ltz grill that was the only option I had. They do fill in at night but do not expect them to light the world up in front of you.
  7. I noticed in your pic you did that and I did that too and pushed on it with all my might and it would only go 3/4 of the way in. I will mess with it some more. How did you use a screw driver on it?
  8. Well I got mine to work too. Mine is a 19 ltz and my black wires lined up like yours. So I followed your tips and went with the instructions you used to make it work and blew the fuse. LOL So I followed the website and got it working. I am all for support the small businesses but for the price of the harness as simple as it is you would think they would give you a power wire that is long enough and send the right wire tap instead a butt connector. I am going to have to file the hole out a little to get mine to fit in the hole. I cut the tabs off but it still just shy of popping in. G
  9. They are still working on it. They have a meeting yesterday again with both companies so hopefully will know something soon.
  10. I see the problem now, mine does not have a fat end. They sent me a butt connector style one. So much for installing tonight, I can not find one of those any where around my house. Are those style ones you can only get on the internet? I havent looked yet but there is only one red wire in the trailer plug to connect it to right?
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