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  1. And also to add after I unplugged the test unit I ran it for a few days to see what my fuel did and it and when it went back to normal I plugged the auto stop disabler I got first back in and my fuel milage went from 20-21 down to a solid 18mpg. I ran it for a few days and with out a few days and it stayed the same going to 18 when it was plugged in. I dont know what it would change to effect the fuel milage with just the auto stop unit? They could not explain it either.
  2. Mine seemed fine at first but I finally had to take it off. (They also sent me a few of them so see if different ones made a difference.) My fuel milage went way down, trans shifted weird like it was getting confused coming to a stop and taking off. Trans started shifting hard. Trans flared into 7th through 10th gear and at times would take alittle for it to shift into 10th and hang up. Unplug the range and everything goes right back to normal.
  3. With my 6.2 I went from 20-21 driving to work same path every day to 14-16 same path. Since I was told they had to do more R&R on the 6.2 with the problems we was having I just took it out. Now I am back to a solid 20-21 everyday
  4. Yea its not what I am feeling either. As of this week they are telling me the 10 speed is the only issue they have had and they are going to release it without the listing for the 6.2 with the 10 speed and will continue to investigate it and work on it for the 6.2.
  5. Just an update, went on a nearly 700 mile trip towing and on the way up through the mountains my 10 speed was still shifting weird like it has been and I did notice the surge alot more around 35-40 mph in the mountain roads. On the way back the surge was so bad I pulled over and turned the truck off and took the range out. On the way home the trans shifted great and the surge of course was gone. On the way up I got 11-12 mph and on the way back with out the range I was getting 14-15mpg.
  6. True only time will tell really. The anwser was going to DFM and dropping different cyl at different times and down to 1 at times. Over all to me it is the same thing it what it will do over time but just might take alittle longer. But time will really tell. I just like the smoothness of the 10 speed transmission so I hope it is something that will get sorted out to not affect the trans shifting.
  7. I really cant tell a difference driving performance wise either. I have been driving 100 miles with and 100 miles with out and I can hear without a drone noise when it kicks in but that is it. My fuel milage does go from 16-17mpg with it in to 20-21mpg without driving to work the same path every day. My main concern is the trans shifting on my 10 speed. They sent me another one and it appears to act in the same way. The best way to describe it is my 10 speed on normal take offs shifts the same way every time. Very smooth and I can tell you when it is about to shift just from the pattern it has always shifted. With the range it is not the same shift pattern. Some times it is but most of the time it is not and not the same everytime. It also flairs into 10th gear which without the range it never does. Also if I am running 40-45mph and kick on it hard my 6.2 will get up to 80-85 very fast. Without the range as soon and I let off at 80 to maintain that speed my trans starts shifting back to 10th right away. With the range when I let off it hangs out at what ever get it goes down to for 10 seconds or so then starts shifting back. Its weird.
  8. Has any of the testers noticed the trans shifting different on the 10 speed trans with the range hooked up?
  9. Have it scanned to see if any codes are in the pcm or bcm, I had one in a few weeks ago that did that and it had a code about shifting to park or something like that I cant remember what it was. After the tech fixed the code the horn stopped.
  10. Just unplug it. It changes nothing in the PCM so it does not affect warranty
  11. After several weeks running mine, I still have not noticed any problems running the range.
  12. The main thing I noticed is the little bogg is gone if I am crusing 45-60 and start up a hill. I assum it was from DFM kicking off but it is going. I have the gm performance exhaust on my 6.2. I only hear the exhaust when I get down on it. The gm performance exhaust is pretty quite at crusing speeds.
  13. I have been testing it for the last 4 days. So far so good.
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