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  1. True, but I am not going to dwell on it and keep a positive outlook.
  2. Nope..it's an 8 speed w/5.3 and no DFM (chip shortage truck)
  3. Just can't figure it out! My new 2021 Sierra SLT has 1500 miles on it now, and despite everything I read around here, I can't find a thing wrong with it! Every function and feature works as it should. Must be some sort of strange anomaly!
  4. Weathertech actually makes two models for the Sierra Crew Cab. One with the back seat storage and one without it. The picture shows what I installed.
  5. I still would like to find out what the exact problem was/is. Be nice just to help understand the situation. I have one of the trucks without the fuel management systems. It was built in June 2021. I would like to know if/how the parts are different. According to one article I read my engine is exactly the same inside, but just has no method to turn on the fuel management systems. Why would they even put the solenoids etc on it if they don't function. Just curiosity getting to me. I only have 1k miles on it. Hopefully it keeps running without issues. Been great so far.
  6. I don't know who made yours, but my Weathertech mats fit like a glove front and back. The back set took a day or so to settle down on the edges and are fine now. No cutting or trimming was required. They do not go beneath the rear seat storage.
  7. I got this 2x8 in my 2021 but it was certainly a chore. The slot arrangement is NOT user friendly. It was much easier on my F150 before. Took me about 30 minutes to get it to work. I dread having to take it out for any reason. Be sure and don't cut it too short. I cut 1/16" at a time until it was installable. Even 1/8" too short can make it fit loose and noisy. I drilled the holes in it for straps etc to thread through and be able to pick it up etc.
  8. That and my fob has remote start on it already. It's a lot less trouble than pulling out my phone to do it.
  9. Bought my Sierra last month and did it with GM Finance to get the $500. But the rate was nearly 5%. No need to overpay on the interest rate. In the end I got the $500 deal reduction and promptly paid it off with my credit union loan for 1.9% less than a month later.
  10. Does that mean you have to buckle up a suitcase or package in the passenger seats?
  11. Yes but I am seeing how with or without the tow mode activated, manual mode can only go up to 6th gear. Right?
  12. It's similar to how my Ford worked. You just didn't have to change the shifter handle before using the buttons.
  13. I thought my chip shortage 2021 Sierra radio did not have the HD function. I have been listening to Sirius during my free time. I didn't know the HD radio button did not show up unless you were actually tuned to a station. I don't know exactly how the HD radio system works, but now at least I know I have it! Pleasantly surprised today. Another upgrade I won't have to do later.
  14. Those undercover swing cases are available from Undercover probably a lot cheaper than GMC. I had them on my 2018 F150. They come for either side of the truck bed. I had them on my F150 for a time. They were handy for hold straps and other misc items. I eventually took mine out because I like to install a piece of wood across the bed in the slots to keep coolers or gas cans from flying around the back on short trips. The swing cases are in the way for that piece of wood. The swing cases are easy to install and do lock in case you don't have a cover over your bed. Lock your tailgate and
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