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  1. My 2021 does the same type of problem. It does it especially when it is very cold outside. The truck starts off in first gear and then nose dives for a split second when it tries to shift into 2nd gear. It only does it the first shift of the morning and then it is fine. Warmer temperatures outside eliminate the problem. Mine is a 5.3 w/8 speed transmission. Right now it has 7500 miles. Did this all winter when the mornings were very cold. I met another fellow who has the exact same truck as me, and he described the same situation. Otherwise the truck has been flawless.
  2. Weathertech floor liners front and back and a console tray were the first two things I bought. Since I have added a Undercover Flex tonneau for the back. Then I bouhgt and cut a 2X8 piece of lumber correctly to use as a load blocker in the bed slots. My GMC is an SLT so it came with most everything else I usually buy. So far no problems.
  3. Dealt with SiriusXM for a few years. You can do everything you need to do on your account online EXCEPT cancel. I got tired of going through the hassle to be on the phone trying to communicate in broken english haggling every few months for a better deal. If they would just leave it alone I would have stayed with the subscription. I did find out if I asked, they would transfer me to someone stateside to speak with about my subscription. Finally... My advice is to NEVER give them your credit card. You will have a hard time when you decide to cancel. At least I did. I finally had to cancel my credit card and get another to stop the charges. You can do it by a mailed invoice if you pay $2 I think it is. But then they don't send you a new invoice until after your time has expired and it is for the higher rate. Just more trouble than it's worth. Just my opinions
  4. Every time my headlights turn on I must manually push the button to turn on the fog lights. Is there a setting somewhere to make them come on automatically with my headlights? I looked in the menus, but didn't find anything. My F150 had a setting where they would come on anytime the headlights were being used unless I turned them off. I have yet to find that setting on my new 2021 GMC. Am I missing something? BTW... Merry Christmas!
  5. UPDATE.... Couple of days ago I went into the menu and turned off and back on again the controls to make the seats heat up after autostart with the fob. This evening was the first cold temps outside to see if it works. The steering wheel is warrm to the touch as it has been. The seats aren't hot when you get in the truck, but neither were they cold as I would have expected. Maybe cycling the menu fixed it! I'll know more after the temps get a little colder in the coming days.
  6. WHen mine is in AUTO, only the air conditioner light is on otherwise. Switching any other setting turns the AUTO function off. The only thing I can change in AUTo is the temperature setting so far that I have noticed. Good Luck!
  7. Getting within 1000 miles of my first free service by GM that is supposed to be an oil change, tire rotation, and multi-point inspection. I already received the reminder from GM about it. I found this truck and purchased it out of my hometown. Do I have the option of my first free service from GM at my local dealership instead?
  8. YEP! MY 2021 Sierra 4k miles does it! It started with the colder weather. I normally back about 100 feet out of my driveway into the street. It's a downhill slope so no throttle needed. Then I shift to drive and pull away. The truck initially shifts to drive and will lurch a bit first. Then it is like it hits neutral for a split second and then engages again. All is good after that for the rest of the day. I did try to start the truck a little earlier before leaving to see if just warming it up would help. That didn't make any difference. Other than that one thing that just started, no problems at all with my new Sierra. Now that I read of others doing I may not worry as much. Seems to be common among these trucks.
  9. I admit to taking a little while to make it work including watching a youtube video. Mine works as long as I have the HD icon on the screen active. I looked up the local radio stations that have HD so I could test it. I tune to an HD station and wait a few seconds. Then an HD separate little icon will come up on the top left of the touchscreen. Touch that icon and then it will indicate how many alternative channels exist. Then you have to use the tuning arrows to go to the other choices. Simply turning the right hand knob will NOT work. Took me a little time to get used to it and not get run over at the same time. You should know that some HD channels will show alternates even though they are not being used. You can select them, but nothing may be broadcasting. Maybe this will help. I wondered if mine had HD radio as well being a chip shortage truck. It does have it if you have the HD icon in your menu and on the radio screen. Good luck!
  10. Mine did the same until I turned it on in settings. The radio screen icon now goes to active when it is in HD. It didn't do that before when I thought it should. That's why I started looking in the settings menu. Maybe yours is different.
  11. mine built in June is the chip shortage truck too. I also have the HD radio , but I found it in settings where I had to turn it on.
  12. Alright! Give me the skinny on this. My 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 manual says PF63E for an oil filter. I have looked online and see it some places while others cross it with just a PF63. Some opinions say it is the same even, while others say the oil pressure bypass is a different pressure. I am sure this has been beaten up before, but not as much as I would have expected. Some places online I see the crossover to PF63 is a shorter filter. Does the "E" stand for extended length or something? First GM truck I have had in years. What am I missing or need to know?
  13. Anyone using the oil sampling service from Blackstone Labs? Thinking of ordering a kit and sending an oil sample for examination. I would rather get a sample through my dipstick tube, but I have yet to find anything that will work for that. Any ideas? If so, send me a link.
  14. My '21 Sierra SLT does that if I turn off the truck and sit inside instead of getting out. The seat never moves like it does when I open the door, but I hear the clicking you describe in the dash. It's like it can't decide to lower the seat or not. I just happen to notice it last week. After that amount of time passes, the seat does not move like normal if I get out. All goes back to normal when I restart the truck and get out later. I noticed all this while the wife was shopping and deciding to stay in the vehicle while she was chasing bargains You know how the radio will stay on for a time if you don't open the door? That's the amount of time that expires before I hear the clicking. There may be other things happening, but I haven't worried too much about it.
  15. Occasionally I do a light cleaning on the engine compartment just to refresh it and get the dust away. I NEVER use a pressure washer. It's more like just wetting down the surface with some light soapy water and using a brush or sponge on the obvious areas. I never try to scrub it hard or get a lot of soapy water directly on the alternator for instance. PLaces like beneath the hood and the fender liners come clean pretty easily. Then just a light spray rinse with a water hose. I never had a problem afterwards. I usually start up the truck anyway to move it away from the wash area and let it run a minute to dry off. This is a bout a once a year routine for me. Good Luck!
  16. My 2021 SLT has the remote buttons on the overhead console where the rear window switch and Onstar is located. It is very handy. My garage door and my mother-in-laws garage door are both programmed for the same code, so it works at both houses. Might be something to consider for more than one door if needed. My old past truck didn't have the homelink feature. I just clipped the garage remote on the visor and didn't think about it again.
  17. This discussion makes me feel good about buying a 2021 Sierra SLT chip shortage truck. No DFM or at least it is deactivated. Some have mentioned the parts are still there, but that's ok. I still am happy with it so far. The truck was built in June at the Mexico plant according to the sticker. It's got a little over 2k miles on it since July with no complaints about anything. I hope it stays that way.
  18. Most auto loans with simple interest come with no prepayment penalty. I would not accept a loan otherwise. I swapped my own GM loan to my local credit union in about a month as soon as I got the first document with the GM loan account number. The lower credit union interest rate saved me $4k in interest if I was to carry it to the end of the term. I don't usually carry it that long, but no reason to pay higher interest for any reason. I won't apologize for finding a much cheaper rate and using it. Basic economics in action.
  19. True, but I am not going to dwell on it and keep a positive outlook.
  20. Nope..it's an 8 speed w/5.3 and no DFM (chip shortage truck)
  21. Just can't figure it out! My new 2021 Sierra SLT has 1500 miles on it now, and despite everything I read around here, I can't find a thing wrong with it! Every function and feature works as it should. Must be some sort of strange anomaly!
  22. Weathertech actually makes two models for the Sierra Crew Cab. One with the back seat storage and one without it. The picture shows what I installed.
  23. I still would like to find out what the exact problem was/is. Be nice just to help understand the situation. I have one of the trucks without the fuel management systems. It was built in June 2021. I would like to know if/how the parts are different. According to one article I read my engine is exactly the same inside, but just has no method to turn on the fuel management systems. Why would they even put the solenoids etc on it if they don't function. Just curiosity getting to me. I only have 1k miles on it. Hopefully it keeps running without issues. Been great so far.
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