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  1. Matt you're welcome, good luck keep us posted...
  2. There was a bulletin out about the shudder. There is a computer update to correct this. The shudder may be releated to the software and not the lift. If it is computer related will will happen when costing and slowing. It will happen around 13-15pm IIRC here is the link Shudder Condition When Coasting to a Stop – TechLink (gm-techlink.com)
  3. I saw that kit too. Pretty good idea. Surprised GM didn't have it by default with something slightly better. Gould have charged another $100 bucks for the option...
  4. Thanks @WeGone glad it just isn't me... I am hoping I don't destroy this tailgate and hit the top button with the towing ball installed. Can't believe they didn't have some sort of senor on this from the factory to prevent this.
  5. yeah about that amount of time, sat there and listed again, definitely sounds like a bunch of relays opening or closing and sounds like doors opening or closing in the heating/ac system. I haven't noticed the seat position but I have not set up the exit position as I already sit back being 6'3".
  6. I have the new mulit flex tailgate on my 21 1500 LTZ Crew Cab with button to open it from the cab or remote. It doesn't have the auto close feature though. When I close it feels stiff like I am fighting against motor? Is this normal? Am I just fighting again the soft open mechanism that keeps it from slamming down when opened? Thanks
  7. So the other day I'm sitting in my truck and turn it off as I'm taking care of call. Then I start hearing all this activity under the dash. It sounds like bunch of relays cycling and small motors running. It happens a few minute to several minutes after I turn the vehicle off. Anyone know what exactly is happening? I am sure it is normal, just curious
  8. I have heard the same thing on 19 and 21 Silverado. It is the fuel pump. Pressing the door button without the keyfob on you and the you will hear the fuel pump turn on.
  9. I have the same issue on my iPhone 12 Pro and 21 Silverado. Turning of the change with buttons didn't help. My wife's honda does the same thing to the phone. Volume damn near zero getting out of the vehicles. IMO it is clearly and apply car play issue. I don't care if it is a MFR problem or Apple issue, just find a solution together...
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