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  1. Hunh, I have never had that in 30 years of truck ownership. My last Chevy was a ‘13. Glad to know it’s normal, if a little distracting.
  2. Hi guys, just got a ‘20 Silverado 1500 LTZ, love it! When I open the rear door after the truck has been off for a while, a motor activates that sounds like it might be from an electronic running board. The truck didn’t come with running boards (it was used, though). Is this noise normal? Any ideas of what it could be? I have to check and see if it does it when the engine is running, I guess.
  3. Hunh. The issue is that my 9yo dropped a book on tape behind there from the top, and I can't get it. It's from the library of course, so I have to figure it out soon, ha ha!
  4. New poster here, hey everyone. I have a '13 Silverado crew cab (four door) and I can't seem to get the rear backrest down to access behind the seats. Is there a trick to this? I see the plastic coated cables, but pulling on them doesn't seem to do anything. Anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance!
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