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  1. The dreaded "will they fit"? I have a 2022 2500 everything stock. I've heard guys running 35's so I'm assuming these fit, but is anyone running this size? Next question is it worth going to this size over stock? Only reason I'm debating is the deal I can get on this size over stock is better....just don't want to deal with rubbing issues. Thanks
  2. I'm going to throw a little more aggressive tire on my 2500. Stock wheels, stock suspension....is sticking with the stock 275/65/20 what most are running? I debated on throwing a 35 on but not sure if I want to go down that road. Just wondering if everyone stays pretty stock if they don't have a lift/level, or do you prefer a little wider, taller tire?
  3. Happy with them? Are they holding up ok? I read that some people have had issues with peeling...
  4. I need some advice. My truck has the factory chrome 6" rectangle running boards. I would like something that doesn't have the drop and sits up closer to the body of the truck, similar to the go rhino steps. I like the chevy "Offroad" steps but I'm not paying those kinda prices. If you have running boards that sit tight to the body of the truck could you post a pic and let me know what kind they are. Thanks! I'm looking for something similar to the pic
  5. I've always bought the Extang Solid Fold 2.0 - its different than the others because it sits on top of your bed, rather than installing rails and it being more of a flat mount. Doesn't look as nice, but I use the bed of my truck quite a bit and was always afraid if I took my cover off and had the rails I'd break something, so that was my reasoning. Leaks very little, but its def not 100% watertight. I will say its one of the first 1-2 things I buy when I buy a new truck. I love how easy it comes on and off. Again doesn't look as sharp as the flush mounts, but that's something I never really cared about. Install takes about 5 minutes.
  6. Phone mount and tonneau cover were my first purchases, gm floor mats are next then tint.....
  7. I've only had the truck one day, but am I crazy thinking that every radio needs a tuner dial. I was jumping through channels last night on Xm, and having the dial would have been nice to zip across to the channel I wanted, instead I'm pushing the tuner button 200 times.
  8. Dealer sells a ceramic coating, polysteel? Any idea how that fairs for a ceramic coating
  9. Can't wait to get home and add a couple accessories as soon as I buy a truck. Usually the first thing my trucks get are a phone mount, tonneau cover, and window tint. Just wondered what everyone else does....the last few vehicles I've added the window vents/visors and we'll see if they get put on the list this time. I've never really done wheels/tires/lift, so just wondered what everyone else accessorizes their trucks with
  10. My truck arrived at dealer yesterday, get to pick it up Wednesday. Ordered first of November through dealers allocation, built week of 12/20, delivered to dealer 1/10. Pretty excited to go pick it up tomorrow. Sounds like talking to dealer so many little things are holding up these builds, cab lights, bed liners, heated seats etc. Anyone looking to do a custom build, I'd go meet with a dealer and see what things they believe are holding up orders and you can decide if it's something you want to wait for. I'd hate to order a truck and the only thing between me getting my truck and it just sitting being something like cab lights. The only thing that I really cared about was the bed liner, dealer gave me a credit to local line-x and said that would be the fastest and easiest....
  11. Funny you mention this, I was just going through these post and thought the exact same thing. When it doesn't come on time, you've automatically said "it better be perfect taking this long". First problem that arises your negative thoughts get worse....I had no expectations when ordering, couldn't care less when it arrives, actually kind of nice knowing it's ordered and coming eventually, but will be more exciting when I get the call.
  12. I don't have a ton of "knowledge" on this, as this was my first time doing any of this, and I haven't read up a ton. My only question is, if dealers are getting allocated trucks, and you don't get your name on one of the "allocated" ones, you have no idea when you truck will arrive is what it sounds like. I was shopping for a 1500, wasn't happy with any I was looking at. Dealership owner is good friend, and mentioned if I had looked at a 2500. He said they had 1 open spot on allocations for the following month. We sat down, went through the ordering process, talked about what items may hold up the order and if they were necessary and placed the order. He told me mid January, this was right before Thanksgiving. Truck was built on 12/20, and he texted me this morning that truck should arrive around 1/19. Reading online, seems like if you aren't part of the trucks being allocated monthly to a dealership your truck gets pushed way down the list.....not sure how true this is, but seems like what I've experienced. My advice would be to find a dealer that knows what they are talking about....the question is how do you find that out lol
  13. Thank you! Thats what I was hoping to hear....I knew the closer I got to 0 or into the negative offsets I'd have an issue, but was hoping +18-20 offset would work! Thanks again!
  14. So I went to look at some wheels for my '22 2500 while I wait for it to arrive, figure if I can't have the truck yet, might as well buy the accessories while I wait lol. The local place told me to not order anything under a +25 offset, as the stock wheels are roughly +40ish offset and anything less than that will rub without a level or lift? I don't have a lift, and no plan for a lift or level....but they don't make too many wheels in +40 offset, so what is the answer here? Again, I see tons of pics with lifts and levels, and obviously understand that changes everything, but does anyone know what offsets work WITHOUT a level or lift?
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