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  1. I had a 2010 with the 6.2/3.42 combo with 325/65/18 BFG All Terrains. Gas mileage dropped just like it did on yours, and I bought the efi live. First tune was just to correct tire size and it made a big difference in mileage, but since I had the ability to do so, changed shift patterns and some other minor things. It really woke the truck up and I was back in the 16-17 mpg range.
  2. I have had mine changed at two different dealers so far and both had cases of oil to put in my truck. I always stand where I can watch them work and will talk to the guy changing the oil. The first time he came back with 6qts and I sail you know it holds 8 now. He didn't believe me till he put it in and wasn't full. But there are quarts they should use instead of the bulk material. They do not have enough of the newer engines as of now to change oil in to justify adding a drum of the lower viscosity demos labeled oil. At least that is the case in my area.
  3. Is the video playback for ltz only? My lt2 does not have anything saying video on it.
  4. Those wouldn't be any wider, but a little taller. Here is a pic of how to read the P-metric system and some other info on tires. Also you can google tire size calculator and take a look at how changing the #s can affect size. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tire_code_-_en.svg
  5. I couldn't decide about the vp or roll-x either. Decided to go with the vp and am very happy with it. Make sure the drain tubes at the front of the bed get installed. Mine weren't in the box. One thing to think about is how it will work with snow and ice on top of it. I am in SC and had the I cover frozen to the truck one morning. Had to take my knife and go between the seal and the tailgate to even get the tailgate open and then when I picked up the cover it wouldn't fold. Not complaining just thought that might help your decision since you will deal with the cold much more than I do.
  6. Called gm customer service again yesterday and my case is still open at least. I really wanted to get them to say that they are hearing about this problem form other people than just me. I have talked to 3 specialist and they claim that mine is the first time they have heard about the vibration. They had talked to the sm at the dealer I am using and he has a plan to try and fix it on my 2nd trip after the road force balance. Talked to him yesterday and he wants to keep it for a full day to mount a different set of tires and wheels to try that out.
  7. I had the road force balance done as well. They said that they were as in balance as possible, but rebalanced anyway and when I got back on the road at around 65 it immediately started back. Maybe worse than when I took it in. I'm getting ready to drive from South Carolina to TX, FL, and Mass in jan and don't want this problem aggravating me all the way.
  8. Got my truck about 4 months and 9000 miles ago (double cab 4x4 5.3 w/3.42) and seem to notice that I only have the vibration when I have a trailer hooked up. I have tried multiple trailers and it's the same, so not in the trailer. Took it to the dealer with the trailer hooked up, they pit on the service ticket that it was possibly an overloaded trailer. 3000 lbs max, and I thought these trucks were supposed to have the highest towing capacity they ever had. They also had something to say about my leveling kit being on there. And then proceeded to tell me there was a difference in mine and the
  9. Nothing to the rear. Gonna have to wait until I wear this set of tires out before I do anything there. Probably go with some 285s when I do get some. Would love to set it up like my 2010 6.2 , but the road miles I put on now won't allow. This picture is the 2010 with about 4in front/ 1in rear and 325/60/18 BFG All Terrains. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
  10. Before and after Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
  11. These kits are fairly simple to install. Got mine from EBay. It was made by summit mfg. got this on because it was only $49-59. Very pleased with the quality being machined aluminum. Mine is the 2.5 but they also have a 3.5 in kit. 2.5 leveled mine out perfectly. There is only about 3/8" difference from the back now. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
  12. Had the leveling kit for about a week. Plenty of time to plan ahead since I ordered the week of July 4th. Would love to put some 35in BFG All Terrains on it but its a company lease and I stay on the road. 40-50,000 a year. Next is a spray in liner and BakFlip VP.
  13. South Carolina Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk - now Free
  14. This is my new double cab. Picked it up yesterday afternoon. Already installed 2.5 in leveling kit from Summit Motorsports and got the windows tinted.
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