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  1. Man... bring back the excuse they gave you for their ******-up!
  2. What roof rack or mounting hardware did you get? Got a picture of it installed?
  3. I think it's pretty stupid or greedy of GM/GMC removing the tray. The 2022 refresh has the tray, Not sure what trim level are getting the tray on the 2023's as I've seen 2023 High Country having the tray on the center console and also the Sierra Denali having the tray. If it's based on the higher end trim then it is pure greed to force one to these models if it is a must have feature.
  4. Silverado 2022 refresh, turning the Fog lights on during the daytime also turns on the running lights.
  5. I've had a diode jumped from parking/running lights to the fog lights no issue, basically fogs auto on when at night and stays on when high beam is activated. This will eliminate having to jump highs to fog, I think it's a better solution for those wanting fogs on with low beams and high beams.
  6. Interested on the HD radio module. What was involved to install, can you give details how you installed it and how you got it to work? Any picture of the install?
  7. Looks good! After adding the tips did it change the exhaust sound any?
  8. RedLT

    Joke Thread

    Ever hate waking up with wrinkles.... STOP sleeping in you clothes!
  9. LOL . I don't speak for all Texans but that might hold some truth..... but then again you have not driven in Texas!! Or have you???
  10. Haha, you and I both. Speeding scares the out of me.
  11. Sure. As I've stated, I have used it on rainy condition wet roads not pretty sunny days. I guess that's what you mean by "ideal condition". I drive 2Hi (2WD) 99.5% of the time.
  12. .... when it comes to speeding, braking the law is no concern but rather does one care about killing themself, others or their own family. Speeding as a maniac regardless of situation is a death trap to all, speeding up to pass a vehicle is a different driving/safety point. No one can say they've never sped up to pass a vehicle EVER regardless. In OP case it is a long stretch of "Texas" road.
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