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  1. The stealth looks good. The pics in the rain definitely adds character!
  2. Well... I went with the Brake light logic module, an easy 4 wire connection, I added a fuse to the ground. Turn signal left nor right has no affects on the camper shell third brake light. The camper shell brake light stays solid when blinking left or right. Count this a win! Logic box used.
  3. Did you find a solution? I notice my playlist does not work either. It see's the playlist title but after selecting it, it does not see the song list. All MP3's and M3U playlist are in single folder in the root of USB drive.
  4. Perhaps one could install the trailer harness extension kit under the truck and connect the 7 pin connector to it for a cleaner look and no stub sticking out back of the truck.
  5. Free gas cap. Was doing an oil change on another vehicle and thought the cap might fit the Silverado.. Bam! it is 99% perfect fit, the plastic will conform to the inlet,takes about half turn to tighten.
  6. That's great you don't have to take an unnecessary drive but daaang almost a year later for the retrofit..
  7. Not sure if it's related but I've had similar situation on 03 Trailblazer, If the vehicle is parked too close to the pump where the hose was not stretched out a bit, it would kick off frequently, if I pull the hose to let it stretch out some, it pumps fine. so I've made an effort to park not too close to the pump to let the hose stretch, it's been working out.
  8. There's a "Search" function in the forum. I use it to find answers or questions to what I'm curious about and ask or reply in those threads for advice.
  9. Refresh Silverado 2022, On cold temperature days so far discovered between 50's ~ 60's if the HVAC is off and upon starting the truck, the heated steering wheel and heated seats will automatically turn on for 5 minutes then turn itself off.
  10. Absolutely agree, it does the job well!
  11. To those that have installed camper shell, how and where are you wiring the third brake light on the camper shell? I tied into the driver tail light but camper brake light blinks with driver turn signal. I've read some are using a Brake light Logic module to overcome the blinking issue.
  12. Yes, I've been using it like this since trial period ended a few months back.
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