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  1. Carbon fiber kit p/n: 84469330. They do look nice, I got them.
  2. Replaced interior door trim $33.02 after GM reward points and another 15% discount, not too shabby. A few clips later and now a much better contrast
  3. What?? My wife is a hand sanitizer freak. She is wearing gloves in the truck from now on.
  4. Bingo... but I'm not an electrical profession that knows the in and out of the BCM to be poking around and shortening things out. Guess work is not my thing, any electrical experts out there don't mind if you chime in.
  5. Maybe these might work, clear lens but can't be for certain if the LED are amber from the picture. Contact them to verify at least it's a start. https://www.carid.com/2021-chevy-silverado-taillights/recon-fiber-optic-led-tail-lights-3937929075.html
  6. Under front passenger seat works well and also out of sight. That's where I mounted mine.
  7. Same here. The telescopic is near or fully extended exposing more of the shroud.
  8. That won't give the same function as the in cab Cargo Switch, gen5diy is basically tapping power source to switch then feed power to bed lights. The unknown is, does the BCM on the 2021 models have that ground in the BCM like the thread I referenced which seems the perfect way to add a switch else where that functions exactly like OEM Cargo Switch in the cab.
  9. I have 5.3 and it does the same. I had no clue what it was so took it to the dealer to ask, they confirmed the sound and said it was normal. They even showed me another Silverado with 40k miles and it was slightly louder.
  10. Looking to see if there is a mod to add a cargo switch in the bed that functions EXACTLY like the cargo switch in the cab. Meaning how it turns on all the lights and time limit designed by GM. I am aware of Boost Auto bed light module but that's not the function I want. Also aware of using a switch and tapping into the trailer 12v for power and using a relay to trigger bed light not what I want. I found a thread that does what I am looking for but it is for an older model Silverado, thread below. It basically uses a ground that triggers the BCM which pulses the Cargo Switch in the cab. If anyone has done this before would appreciate some help.
  11. Go with the WeatherTech in-channel, they look good and functions perfectly. I had the AVS in-channel, installed as instructed, it was a very tight fit when rolling up the windows and many times the window motor will reverse sensing something was in the way. I left the windows alone for 5 days. Tested the windows and it was catching the visors every time. Got the windows back up and left alone for another 2 days. After 7 days, checked the visors again and now they were starting to warp, guessing it was due to the horribly tight fit. Returned AVS and bought WeatherTech, they installed better and no pinching at all.
  12. Good to know bug spray will mess up the clear coat.
  13. Seems like a relay is a must when adding additional bed or perimeter lights. Good to know for future projects.
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