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  1. It's all personal preference..as others have mentioned some are into performance others into lifts. Lowered sport truck is a niche once very popular, if it looks good in your eyes than that's all that matters!
  2. With that said, does your truck audio cut in/out to the point where there's completely no audio for minutes on?
  3. Just keep in mind the door sill pin will be at a different location for your 2020. The 2022 refresh and up are on the Global B architect.
  4. Looks good! The picture is definitely showing a distortion of the light reflection making it look larger. The YT video does it much better justice. When I had the same grille on previous truck, I placed mine in the "channel" right below where you installed yours. Almost completely stealth during the daytime.
  5. Are the light bars worth the cost and labor? How about a shot of the light bar on only from inside the cab at night.
  6. Thanks for the feedback! Glad it's working for you.
  7. Had mine since 2021, moved it from previous truck to current truck. Going on 2 plus years now.
  8. Good install. I've also got the Putco blade installed, they do look good.
  9. LOL, you compressed them one handed because your arms are the size of my calves, I've seen your YT shock install.
  10. Is the audio issue resolved? If so, were you able to trace the connector's location?
  11. Thanks for bringing it back! Bonus points for the details.
  12. Was it the tailgate switch that was bad? Did you fix it or are you using the other 2 methods to drop the tailgate?
  13. I discovered the same thing, drove me nuts thinking that it was on all the time. I did some observation to see if it would turn off, well it does turn off somewhere between 30 minutes to an hour. I lost track of the exact time but that's where my testing ended.
  14. If it's drifting more than desired maybe get the alignment checked out. I turn off Lane Assist in the city, it's annoying to fight with it when making a sudden reaction to avoid objects or potholes on the road.
  15. Good looking setup. Amber DRL's very unique and set's it apart. Can you share the parts used/links and a write up on making this. Wouldn't mind taking a stab at this.
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