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  1. I hadn't heard it again after that one time. Still hadn't brought it to the dealership. Truck is 4 months old and only 2300 miles including a 1000 mile trip to buy it. I will update once I have the energy to bring it in.
  2. Mechanically, I can not see how it could cause a vehicle to run lean as there are no sensors after the muffler.
  3. How would it cause the vehicle to run lean if the pipe is after the sensors?
  4. Mine also looked similar, I bought it 1 month ago. The rail seals were also torn and the inside of the cover was scratched. I wound up returning and ordered a bak mx4 designed specifically for Carbon Pro bed. Had to be made and shipped direct from the manufacturer. I should be getting it on Friday. 1 month after ordering. I'll update with the quality.
  5. Finally had a Borla atak muffler installed today. FLAP REMOVED. It definitely is louder and sounds like a v8 and magically the annoying rattle is gone. One of the advantages of removing the flapper.
  6. Haven't brought it to the dealer yet. I'll keep you posted when I do
  7. If I switch to a Borla attak muffler only swap. Shoul the Flapper be removed or left in? AT4 6.2 2021
  8. You should hear the territory MT tires on the AT4 carbonpro. I wonder if I replace just the muffler with a borla attak and keep everything else on the exhaust stock, will I hear it over the tires?
  9. Thanks for the update. Was it a rattle noise or a loud howling? I have an AT4 6.2 with 1500 miles on it and for the first time over the weekend heard this very loud howling noise that came and went when I was driving about 75 mph in strong crosswind. So loud my wife and I went WTF.
  10. Not sure if you ordered the tonneau cover yet, but it's finally available for the carbon pro. I ordered mine from tonneau covers.com. 3 weeks to build supposedly.
  11. As previously Stated, everyone will have their own opinion.
  12. Having been a prior owner or a freshly redesigned vehicle in the past, I would strongly discourage purchasing a first year redesign vehicle. If you can wait for the kinks to be worked out, then go for it and wait. Just keep in mind if you don't like it, it is highly unlikely you will be able to get a left over 2021 equipped the way you want it. Hopefully the window issue is corrected now production was moved back to the states rather than Mexico. Time will tell. I have a 7 year warranty. As for advantages of the 2021, the 6.2l moves, has an excellent drive, and is capable o
  13. I'm sure there are a few, and if it starts leaking, it will need to fixed by the dealer. No problem
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