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  1. Not sure if you ordered the tonneau cover yet, but it's finally available for the carbon pro. I ordered mine from tonneau covers.com. 3 weeks to build supposedly.
  2. As previously Stated, everyone will have their own opinion.
  3. Having been a prior owner or a freshly redesigned vehicle in the past, I would strongly discourage purchasing a first year redesign vehicle. If you can wait for the kinks to be worked out, then go for it and wait. Just keep in mind if you don't like it, it is highly unlikely you will be able to get a left over 2021 equipped the way you want it. Hopefully the window issue is corrected now production was moved back to the states rather than Mexico. Time will tell. I have a 7 year warranty. As for advantages of the 2021, the 6.2l moves, has an excellent drive, and is capable of just about anything you throw at it. I don't know why everyone Knocks the interior. Everything is placed in the right spot, interior room is great, and esthetically it is not too busy. Take a look at the tahoe or yukon for an idea of what the interior of the 2022 will look like. See if you like that better, as I will place money the sierra/ tahoe will look similar if not identical. If you haven't already, take a 2021 for a test drive and then make the decision. Good luck OP, it's all really a preference, and everyone will have an opinion.
  4. I'm sure there are a few, and if it starts leaking, it will need to fixed by the dealer. No problem
  5. I worked in a tranny shop in my previous life, dipsticks have been gone for a while. Prevents those who don't know how to properly check from overfilling and damaging the seals and clutches. What rear window leak, I have a 2021 and have no window leaks.
  6. Not really a leak, however self driving even while pulling a trailer will supposedly be available late 2022. Unsure of anything additional besides the fully digital dash.
  7. I agree. I have a 2021 Sierra 1500 AT4 carbon pro 6.2L. Got rid of my 2018 Denali 5.3. Smartest decision. If you want high tech, self driving, have to pay someone to fix after 5 years, wait for a 2022. Otherwise, get one now at a discount and you won't have to wait out the first year jitters of all redesigned models. And if something fails after 5 or 10 years, you'll still be able to work on it yourself.
  8. Here is the combo in a Sierra 1500 AT4 with carbon pro. Love the ride, excellent traction and low noise at highway speeds. Low speeds, very loud especially at speeds below 25 and it actually gets more quite when speed increases. Strange. At low speeds, sounds like a bad wheel bearing.
  9. I had a 5.3l 2018 sierra 1500 denali and just bought a 2021 Sierra 1500 AT4 with the 6.2L. After driving them both, I can say the 6.2 is a lot faster then the 5.3 in real life situations. The throttle response is incredible. Is it much faster off the line, no. But it has the power and response when you need it most.
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