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  1. You must have good luck. Had a 2002 trailblazer, nothing but issues. A 2018 Sierra 1500 Denali and loved it with exception of the occasional transmission bang (leased). Figured GM had finally fixed its brand issues. Bought a 2021 GMC Sierra 1500 6.2L at4. Left me on the side on the interstate with my child and wife while on vacation. Was going to write it off as a fluke. All lifters replaced at 4600 miles. Continued to have engine problems, after the 4th time in less than 2 months, got a lawyer, settled with GM and dumped the vehicle.
  2. Sorry, no solution. After the lifters failed and vehicle left me on the side of the road on vacation, I had the vehicle back to the dealer for engine issues they couldn't fix on 4 occasions. I got a lawyer, settled with GM and dumped the vehicle.
  3. I had the atak muffler with the flaps removed and did not like the sound at all. In addition, drone was horrible between 50 and 75. Went with a full cat back Corsa sport and loved it until I got rid of the vehicle. Don't be pennywise, pound foolish as was I.
  4. Back from a new dealer, after the last damaged my car and repaired it without my knowledge, I refused to take it back to them. New dealer found a misfire code on the same cylinder as the failed lifter, and replaced the spark plug. After the lifter failure, plugs never replaced nor were they replaced on subsequent visits. This is visit #4 for engine failure since August and just a little over 1k miles since original failure at 4700 miles. Misfire at idle is essentially gone, however shake/misfire still prevalent on light acceleration. I notice it all the time when warm. After a hard acceleration to pass or accelerate to get on the highway, then relax and maintain a speed while just applying just a little gas or coasting. I'll drive it around for a bit to get all monitors back up and hopefully another code will pop up to lead to the problem
  5. Picked up the vehicle after it spent a week at the dealership. They replaced a valve cover gasket for the leak. second time they replaced a valve cover gasket. and said as far as the shake is concerned, it's a normal characteristic of the 6.2 and mine is better than most. Blowing smoke up my a$$. I'm going to have an outside shop diagnose the issue and pursue lemon law. I'm done with this POS. 70k dollar pos. It's a shame.
  6. Nope. I Spoke to the dealer last week and they gave me a song and dance about being down techs. Yada Yada Yada. And to bring it in October when there is a full crew. Also said he would set me up with a loaner, called yesterday and no loaner available until November. I'm just going to drop it off and we will make due with one car. Spoke to a lemon law attorney and have one more attempt or 14 more days out of service. I think that's the route I'm going to have to go. It's a shame as I used to really like my truck.
  7. Thanks for the heads up. I took it on another medium distance drive and started feeling it again. I also started smelling burning oil again , looked under the car and it's still leaking. I'm so disgusted at this point. 5300 miles. 8 months old.
  8. I understand I have something else going on, more than likely a valve is not seated properly or camshaft lobe was scored ever so slightly after the lifter collapsed causing my symptoms. Especially given the fact that the vehicle is not driving the way it did before all 16 lifters and the bent pushrod were replaced. Some others are also experiencing what I am and are not getting satisfactory answers from GM. They will not address the issue because there is no CEL. I'm going to be shopping for a ford or dodge this weekend and see if I can get out without taking a hit. If not I will become the squeaky wheel at the dealership until it's fixed properly or hire an attorney and pursue lemon law. It's a shame as I used to really like the truck.
  9. I wish this was true, however the vehicle will more than likely idle rough and hesitate slightly on acceleration as does mine . GM will not acknowledge it and want you to drive it until it breaks. This is my case at least
  10. Still have a slight vibration but better than before and idles much more smoothly although not like it did before the repair. I will drive it around and see what happens. I'm thinking it damaged the camshaft ever so slight but no codes so dealer won't address.
  11. So I received a call from the dealer, intake manifold was cracked, valve cover gasket rolled (oil leak) and ecm was reprogrammed. Funny thing is , when I got the truck back the first time, I said to myself, it feels like a vacuum leak. I'll let you know if it's fixed when I pick it up. If so, I would have the dealer check for vacuum leak at the intake. They are doing so many of these, I wouldn't be surprised if the technicians aren't torqueing the bolts to spec to save time and just torqueing them RFT (lol)
  12. Vehicle has been at GMC for the last week. Had the lifters and a bent pushrod replaced 500 miles ago and now getting the same vibration as light acceleration or coasting. My case is very slight. Dealer is saying they are not finding a problem. The most obvious issue I've felt is a very rough idle. The truck has always been smooth as glass at idle,but after the repair, it shakes like an old 454 progressively worse when warm. One week without a truck or loaner is getting really old
  13. Back in the shop, after all lifters and a bent pushrod were replaced I picked it up and started shaking badly at about 40 mph and on light acceleration or when coasting. Was able to get it home, called my local dealer who said no appointments until 9/20 or drop it off and they will get to it when they do. Continued driving it as it wasn't horrible and no check engine light until I started smelling burning oil. Look under the hood and see oil pooling on the the intake manifold dripping down onto the exhaust manifold. Didn't have a choice but to drop it off at the point. Now waiting 5 days as it's a holiday weekend to be looked at without a loaner. Take as long as you want to repair it, once it reaches a total of 30 days I will get and attorney and proceed with lemon law. GM is useless and their " senior rep" never picks up her phone. Horrible customer service.
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