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  1. 90 percent of the time its a blown #63 30 amp trailer fuse
  2. If it sound like a old power steering pump kind of whine it is the idler pully and will need a new belt. Right now the pulleys are back ordered.
  3. Oil pressure bypass is a different pressure is the key to the 63E.
  4. That is correct. You will find some dealers that will do it at a courtesy but most will not. They may give it to people at the window not to argue with a customer also but the tech will want to get paid one way or another. We just had 2 new trucks come in for Road Atlanta and had to install exhaust and CAI on both. The labor ops included in the packages are what we use to get paid through GM being they do not install the add on accessories at the factory even though you can order the truck with them. Never has made sense to me with which GM pays us to install stuff that a truck was ordered with and just toss the old parts we take off.
  5. That is wrong, GM only pays us as a dealer if we put the CAI system on that was ordered on a new car job card. Or if it was ordered from the factory with the kit. The labor op you are referring to is labeled as "Air Cleaner Kit Installation and Engine Control Module Reprogramming with SPS" with 1.0 hr of labor. The labor op is not for just programming if you put it on yourself.
  6. You got lucky, 99 percent of the dealers will charge for a flash unless the labor was paid for them to install it.
  7. The labor op that is included in the instructions for the dealer to charge gm for the kit and calibration is only if the truck was ordered from GM with the kit. Then the dealer installs it and charges GM for the price of the kit and labor which is included in the price of the ordered truck. As they do not install them at the plant. If you bought the kit from the dealer and paid them to put it on, the price of labor quoted in the accessory book is with then cover programming also. If you bought the kit from a wholesale place and had it shipped to you and you installed. You would then have to carry the supplied authorization supplied with the kit to a dealer to have it programmed. That supplied number is what the dealer will need to get the calibration from gm to program your truck. BUT you will have to pay the dealer for the cost of programming if you did the install your self.
  8. I have left mine plugged in for a week on vacation without cranking my truck at all and did not have a problem with it cranking. It was nice to have them flash as extra security to let people know or possibly think it might be armed and not try and steal it. We were riding atvs and from top of the mountain at night I could see my truck flash down where it was parked. Pretty neat.
  9. Yea mine does it too, it is the truck making sure the trailer is still connected.
  10. It is normal for the 5.3 and the 6.2. They all have the rough idle you feel at stops.
  11. Maybe if you park under one for hours it can mess with it but normal driving passing them, then no.
  12. Once the truck is built without the option, it is going to have to stay that way. At least with options from GM.
  13. Make sure they are snapped in right. Mine was rattling and they had popped loose. Took the back seat back off and snapped them back in and they have been fine since.
  14. It will be back after the shortage. For now its the same reason they are taking away HD radio for a while.
  15. How would you get over the air updates if you do?
  16. I did this rough country set up and wired it to a wireless module and used one of my home link buttons to turn them on so I didnt have to run wires to the cab. Works great. I would of liked to have brighter lights but with my ltz grill that was the only option I had. They do fill in at night but do not expect them to light the world up in front of you.
  17. I noticed in your pic you did that and I did that too and pushed on it with all my might and it would only go 3/4 of the way in. I will mess with it some more. How did you use a screw driver on it?
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