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  1. I'm in Houston and that's one I'm actually considering.
  2. 2020 RST. Only thing missing are the sidesteps and bed cover. I love this truck.
  3. 2020 RST Crew Cab 4x4 Black 5.3L -All Star Edition -Convenience package II W/Bucket seats -Sun Roof -Trailer Package -Z71 Package MSRP 53800 45.5 +TTL. Not the best deal but after a few months of looking this was the best in my area due to the current inventory shortage. They also gave 2k more on Honda trade than the 3 other quotes I got. Overall there are some things I wish it had that I got accustomed to with the Honda like the Adaptive Cruise Control and 31 MPG but I absolutely love the truck.
  4. That's exactly what I'm looking for in TX. Is that a 4x4 crew cab? 6.2 or 5.3?
  5. My 15 LTZ did this and now my 17 Allterrain is doing it too. Its pretty damn annoying when slowing down it'll clunk and I can feel it. The other day when I was accelerating from a stop it reeved up for a split second before I heard/felt the clunk and it kinda "kicked" into gear and began moving. Not sure what that one was about but when my 15 was in the shop they couldn't replicate the issue so they replaced some rubber stops on the leaf springs. No real fix from what I've seen. Starting to regret ever getting into these trucks.
  6. Id definitely do it for 3 but not 6. Just ordered an extra piece to smooth, sand and primer myself. I’ll let them handle the paint. I’d give the paint a go myself but at 90 bucks a spray can I’m a little worried id order the wrong one.
  7. If you don’t mind me asking about how much did this run you? I got mine quoted at about 600+. Seemed a little steep.
  8. I honestly hadn’t thought of this but seeing how good it looks it’s gonna be added to the list now.
  9. Need a little bit more information. Does it rattle constantly, intermittently when hitting a bump, is it the console itself or from the lid? My 17 All Terrain had a rattle/squeak coming from the center console lid every time I placed my arm on it. Turned out to be the plastic handle. A little oil fixed that right up.
  10. My 17 All Terrain has done the exact same thing a few times. Only difference is that it stuck at about 3/4 (while still at the pump) for a while and only after I drove a good distance did it continue going up. I know it was full because the pump indicated 21.5 gallons from being on E. If it does it again I'll be taking the truck in for service. Starting to see some issues with it. Its a shame I've only had the truck a month.
  11. Yup! My 17 All Terrain is definitely different in sensitivity when compared to my 15 Silverado. Car ports, underpass', even an hour from sunsets will cause the lights to kick on. Its rather annoying since I have to keep toggling the cluster brightness every morning. Don't like being blinded at 3am when I hop in to go to work. The 15 Silverado definitely didn't have this issue.
  12. I just took delivery of my 17 All Terrain but I paid extra for warranty that covers paint chips, scratches, dings, dents, debris that gets stuck on, windshield cracks, headlights etc etc. Basically anything cosmetic for the next five years. Would something like these wraps benefit me any? Just looking for yalls opinions.
  13. Sounds like a good trade. I just traded in my 15 LTZ with 50k miles for 30 even. They had offered 27 but I said id walk for anything less than my asking. Considering the work it needed (new windshield, shocks, brakes, tires, grill, bent side step) I would consider mine a win. Left the dealer with a 17 All Terrain. Congrats on the trade.
  14. I was looking around my neighborhood for any missing curbs when one caught the nerf bar bracket and bent the hell out of it making my passenger rail crooked. Does anyone know where I can get a set of OEM brackets without ordering the bars? 2015 Crew Cab Silverado. My dealerships and after market shops keep saying they only come with the bars.
  15. Yeah that piece! I have a new one but I don't know how to remove it. Access from underneath is extremely tight
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