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  1. This sounds like the best fix. If they sand the area, prime and blend the paint than clear the hood you should be good to go.
  2. I'd say its the short commute, The longer the drive the better it should get.
  3. I also live in Ga I'm surprised the dealer installed it, unless they just wanted to add a dealer tag (not cool). Guess I was lucky mine came in the truck not installed.
  4. I have seen posts about GM updates while the Pulsar LT is installed (was posted should be removed) I agree if this is an update at a dealer. Just wanted to post I had an over the air update the other day it installed with no issues while the Pulsar LT was installed and active.
  5. Not as cold as some of you deal with. Mine sits several weeks outside under carport winter temps 40s days low 30s nite no issues.
  6. Mine finely stopped after 3000k miles and the spring thing. I used 2 sets one in front of the axle and one in the rear.
  7. Another MX4 here and love it. Installed one on mine and on my buddy's easy install just take your time do it right. Best thing about it is that even when full open I can still use my rear view camera as it does not block the third brake light. Very easy to remove fold it up two knobs at the front remove. All black anodized hardware.
  8. Window Tint Ceramic coating Bakflip MX4 DeeZee Bed Mat Pulsar LT Locker-down Console Safe
  9. Yes shift to L than use the arrow on the shift level and go to the next to highest gear.. 8 speed would be L7,, 10 speed L9.
  10. I agree but my comment was in regards to the statement at the top about removing or tampering with DFM ! I have never seen anything relating to or stating disabling/deactivating DFM was tampering with emissions, if it was the sellers of said disabling devices would have to disclose this to the buyer.
  11. For the record at 50k I would also have checked them. Warped or hot spots, have them turned or replaced.
  12. You can check the RPO codes, I also read its on the window sticker as a $50 credit. Check some of the older posts about it they list what to look for. Try this for starters.
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