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  1. Maybe put a dummy plug in the socket with small lights to mimic a trailer hooked up? . You could mod a re sever fill cap for the lights.
  2. $300-400 around here I'm not sure if its GM. but I only live about 30 miles from a large metro area.
  3. I would call around to check prices, I do know that if you have options like heads-up front camera and collision alert, the windshield costs more.
  4. It's called GREED just like the big oil company's today. Take your money and tell you go away!!!
  5. Engine was built in US truck was assembled in the Mexico plant, many if not most of the parts are shipped in.
  6. 2021 6.2 I was getting 18-20 around town and 23-24+ on the hiway, I added a Plusar LT to disable cylinder cancellation and only lost about 2 MPG I love having a V8 full time.
  7. I use Pulsar to disable, lost maybe 2mpg on the big road.
  8. Love my Bose, I don't need the bass to rattle the interior to hear it.
  9. Have not seen one that will work on trucks , the one I remember for cars was made by Top Down technology, Inc. I can roll mine down with key fob but not back up.
  10. If the lid is open you should be able to re-insert the paper clip and start over. According the instructions that came with mine this is how you change to a new combination. As to the tray listed above. 1. Be sure its to not deep and sit on top of the safe, may not matter. 2. I took a dermal and cut a hole that fits around the combination dial so when looking in you don't see it.
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