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  1. In the words of Lee Corso... not so fast! (and not surprising)
  2. 2019 RST Z71 with the GMPE. Built Feb 2019, bought March 2019. 16K on it.
  3. Vroom offered me $48,500 for my 2019 RST Z71 with 15K on it last week. I bought it for $43K. Lol I really do get the logic of selling your truck right now to put a little cash in your pocket... but like @Donstar says, it's hard to think of driving anything else... even just for a "short" period of time (like a year). Just make sure you add up all the transaction costs of flipping cars. Sales tax will take a hit out of the cash you put into your pocket, and pull back out when you transact in / out of your truck. (ETA: just checked with Carvana for giggles.
  4. This would be cool. Teslas do it, so why not? I'm sure it's a minimal tech upgrade on the hardware.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Great looking truck! I hope you enjoy it a lot!
  6. Bingo. That's really all it would take. Look at all the stuff Ford is rolling out with... power on board, the ability now to roughly weigh your payload in the truck... cool stuff! We just bought a 2021 Pacifica Hybrid Limited last week. I have to say... the interior of that thing is top notch. The new Uconnect 5 is incredible, and the pano sunroof with the sunroof over the 3rd row is awesome. HOWEVER... after getting back into my 2019 Silverado, I do have to say that my beef with GM and their smaller infotainment screen and "boring" interior subsided. As much as I love th
  7. Nice! And good thing it is in-transit to you... vs being on a lot when all that hail came thru the other night. I wonder how many dealers got dealt a blow with that storm? What a mess... having an already skeletal inventory, then having the few cars you can sell left getting walloped by tennis-ball hail.
  8. Because people saved a ton of money during the pandemic, and then Uncle Sam sent us all more. Now, everyone is in the mood to spend. And since the inventories are thinning daily, it adds that "buyer's rush" psychology into the equation... where you operate under the thinking that "man, if I don't lock this in, the line of people down the street are going to beat me to it." It's the same in the housing markets around the US right now. Short supply + eager buyers with a lot of saved up cash + competitive "play to win" buyer psychology = run-up on prices.
  9. Here's the thing... even waiting on pre-ordering a 2022 isn't really going to help you if you want a truck NOW and are willing to order a 2021. Most are saying this chip shortage is going to crimp production well INTO 2022. If you want something in the near future, you better hunt it down on a lot somewhere and lock it in at whatever price you can. We just bought a 2021 Pacifica Hybrid, and I found the last one within 700 miles of me in DFW. Thankfully, I still got good incentives on it. The FCA dealer I bought it from said they've started sending flatbed trucks north
  10. Vroom offered me $48K on my 2019 Z71 RST last week. 15K miles. Stickered at $54K and I bought it for $43K in March 2019. Then they emailed me three days later and increased it to $48,900. As enticing as it is, there's nothing I could turn around and buy that would make the deal worth it right now.
  11. Had 40 in the back of my CC SB today, with room for some more as you can see. She was riding pretty low, though...
  12. Great looking rides there! Nice job blacking out the Z71 on both.
  13. Wow. What a wild ride this past year has been.
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