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  1. @ShamrockShooter's 2020 was built recently, too, and it was a leaker. At this point, there's NO assurance that any build date is safe. We used to think it was those built before February 2019, as GM said they changed window suppliers then. However, a bunch of us with build dates well after that have leakers. This is an issue that is going to continue on for any new truck purchased. I've said it before, but it's a matter of WHEN, not IF. Just keep watching after it rains and catch it early... before you get water and mold or stain your headliner.
  2. I'm showing the driver who thinks my brights are on that they, indeed, are not. That's the point. Not to blind them.
  3. And just because someone is driving some low-riding sedan doesn’t mean it’s right to object to an OEM setting. But it happens. The bottom line here is the T1 LEDs are bright. So are most all the new cars. Sometimes I see the halogen lights of older cars and wonder how we even tolerated such crappy FOV with those headlights for so long. As others said, you flash me and I’ll return the favor to show you how blindingly bright my hi beams on the T1 really are.
  4. Finally got on the tailgate letter bandwagon. They look better in person than I expected. BD Trims matte black inserts. Got them on Amazon for $39.
  5. Matte black from BD Trims on Amazon. Looks great in person, IMO! I like it better than I thought I would.
  6. thanks for all the feedback and help here, @ShamrockShooter. You’ve been so helpful to many of us. All the best to you and your family.
  7. I have a 2019 5.3L / A8 that’s been pretty smooth through 8000 miles. It really broke in around 4K. However, I had a 2020 5.3L / A8 loaner with 1000 miles on it last month, and that thing was noticeably smoother than mine. Just a data point.
  8. This is why I left Western MN 17 years ago and moved to TX.
  9. OR... there's some of us who like to keep our levels of online identity private. E.g. you know me as Econometrics, and I live in Texas. But, what if I shared a pic with my truck and license plate? Now you can go back and connect my face with my postings online, along with other comments I have made if you ever see my truck driving around town, or run into me somewhere. Some of us just have a higher desire for privacy. We're not worried about you stealing our trucks or shovels.
  10. I know. Believe me, I'm a positive person. But spend some time on this thread, and you'll see this is a very real, growing issue: Just watch for it after these Texas downpours we've been having. You'll be happy to catch it sooner vs. later, as I did. My headliner was never stained, etc. so the damage has been minimal... because I was watching for it and caught it when it started.
  11. TFL just did a Flowmaster 50 on their new 2020 7.3L Super Duty. I was really surprised at how little the exhaust changed the decibel levels in the cab.
  12. And on that note, I have a friend who owns a 2018 RAM. I parked my 2019 RST outside his office the other day, and one of the first things he asked me was how I liked my Silverado. He said he just loves the styling on it, and couldn't take his eyes of it. Lol! Another friend of mine feels the same way about my truck, but bought a Tundra because the GM dealer couldn't get him what he wanted on a lease on a Silverado, even though he thinks it's the best looking truck he's seen in many years. There's much more to sales than just "oh that new design is ugly" or "I love that design!".
  13. They were down 2.5%, it's not that big. Plus, GM noted that Q4 deliveries were off by 17% due to the strike. That's a big number. Also, GMC sales were up almost 6%. I think we've seen quite a few Chevy guys move over to the GMC... especially to the AT4, which was clearly a major home run model for GM in 2019. There's no doubt RAM has eaten up the sales margins, though. I think that's less from Ford and GM buyers moving to RAM (though that is happening, of course), and more of the other trucks (Tundra, Titan, etc.) moving into the RAM. Also, we all know RAM's 2019 sales #s were greatly influenced by them selling crazily-discounted old body style trucks as the 2019 "LD". This was smart of them, honestly, and they are still doing it. Time will tell if the RAM discount-your-way-to-the-top-of-sales approach works for actual profitability. Kudos to them for a nice new truck and a big year.
  14. $40 is $40. If I don't like them, I can send them back to Amazon and get that $ back to put towards my upcoming Rancho replacement, once Bilstein gets their act together and finally releases the 5100.
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