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  1. Jumper cables, Armor All leather cleaning wipes, and some leather gloves. Really love these storage spaces!
  2. That Elevation looks good! I need some black 20s for my RST. Black and SS metallic go together SO well.
  3. Correct. Also, look for a Borla system online for very good discounts. Especially with Black Friday coming up. There was a guy in another thread who just got the Touring system on Amazon for around $1100. Pretty good deal. Easy to install yourself or a local shop would do it for $200 or less.
  4. Agreed. This is why I went with the Touring. I did a 12 hour round trip in my truck about 2 weeks after I had the exhaust installed. I was SO glad I did the tamer system.
  5. It's only currently available on the LT TB and the HC (5.3L and 10spd). Very strange, for sure.
  6. Yes, these sound tests are on a 5.3L. I wouldn't say the difference between Touring and S-type is "huge". The difference in Touring and the ATAK system is probably closer to "huge".
  7. Thanks for the feedback! I had wondered if they were still not available or not... even though it’s possible to build a truck online with them as an option.
  8. Anyone seen this out in the wild yet? I'm curious how this combo looks, especially on the TB. I've searched dealer's online ads for the 2021s, but they either all have 18" with the Duratracs, or they are the phony computer pics that make the trucks all look like they have a 2" level on them.
  9. As one who has had a leaky rear window for about a year now, I really do enjoy the benefits of opening the rear slider during these beautiful fall days we're having here in Texas. I'm glad to have the slider, even if it still drips sometimes when it rains.
  10. Yes, Touring is quieter than S-type. Touring is 100% what you’re looking for if you just want something a little more than stock. I have it on mine and love it. It’s my first exhaust system and I think it’s the perfect note / tone / growl for me.
  11. https://www.rangetechnology.com/products/afm-dfm_disabler/parts/RA003B
  12. The only significant difference in the 2021 SUVs vs the T1 trucks is the size/position of the touchscreen display. I do not foresee the 2022 trucks taking on the positioning of that display. I think GM will make the display larger while keeping the "stack" similar looking (e.g. no protruding display from the dash). Some of the recent interior spy shots seem to indicate this. I do think we'll see some fully digital dash displays on the higher end models, and the sunsetting of the column shifter as well, in the higher end models.
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