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  1. For most of us, the 0-60 time difference between the 5.3L and the 6.2L isn’t as big of a deal as 40-80mph. I’ve not been at all disappointed with my 5.3L from take off. It’s snappy. But the 40-80 range getting on the highway for a fast merge leaves a little to be desired with the 5.3L, IMO.
  2. Sorry you've had this crappy experience, like the rest of us have. I've just learned to live with my leaking rear. I took it in the first time, had the sealant applied, and it seemed to slow the occurrence of the leaks. After reading stories just like yours - where owners keep bringing their trucks in over and over for more "fixes", I just decided to put a towel between my rear window and my seat, forget about leak and move on. I can honestly say I barely think about it anymore, and I enjoy the truck again. The best part has been staying away from days/weeks messing with this at my dealer - with no end in sight. Probably not the best, but I've moved into the "acceptance" stage of grief.
  3. Just saw this: https://www.gm-trucks.com/spy-shots-2022-chevy-silverado-and-gmc-sierra-convoy-caught/ Looks, to me, like GM is moving back to projector style bulbs in the headlamp assemblies. Also changing up the DRL look to look more like the DRL on the outgoing SUVs. To me, those would both be steps backwards. The 19-21 LED DRLs and headlamps are EXCELLENT. Way better than the 16-18 projector style headlamps.
  4. My question is... are there any actual mechanical changes to the 2.7L and 3.0L to get the certification for higher tow ratings? Or does this basically back-award the same tow ratings for 2020 and 2019 trucks with the same engines?
  5. How does a dealer “make” money when I bring my truck in for warranty repairs, and I pay $0? They charge labor to GM. Just like the CAI instructions CLEARLY state. This isn’t rocket surgery, people. But I’m glad you all care so deeply for the $145 my local dealer captured for 15 min of work on my truck. It’s touching.
  6. What’s funny is that I could have gotten the CAI straight from Chevy Accessories website for $525 with a 15% off coupon. I called the dealer, actually, to order this through them. But they wouldn’t give me the 15% off. Thus, I ordered it from the discount supplier and saved even more.
  7. I bought my part from a Chevy dealer who sells them discounted nationwide. Anyone under the sun can order parts from any GM dealer and ask them to be installed by a different GM dealer without expecting to be charged some “recoup” fee. You’re making no sense. Go read the instructions yourself on Chevy’s website. Actually, I’ll save you the time: You’re reading a lot into what is not clearly stated here if you think it matters from WHERE you buy the OEM part, or how much you pay for it.
  8. I finally got to see the beauty of DFM today from Hot Springs to DFW. Slight NE tail wind and I averaged 25mpg on the trip doing 70-75mph with my 5.3L / 8spd. Crazy. Best 25 mile MPG avg was 29 and best 50 was 28. I used to think you guys who posted 22mpg + on the hwy were telling some tall tales. I’m a believer now.
  9. ?! In the kit instructions, there’s a code for the dealer to charge labor to. Why do you think GM includes that? I bought my GMPE online and pre-paid the installation. What did my dealer get for that? I paid everything myself. In this case, the flash is clearly included in the price of the PART, not installation.
  10. Thanks. Yeah, I love the whole system and sound overall. And I’ve already noticed the hum/drone/whatever has started to lessen. It seems that it’s not as prevalent when the truck is cooler, too. But I’ve read that some of the faint droning does go away on these, if you have it.
  11. From a TFL Truck video the other day, they had said you could build them online "this week" - according to GM. I guess that means starting at 5pm tomorrow.
  12. I had my GMPE installed a little over a week ago. I love the sound. It's really perfect for me. However, this is my first exhaust system on a truck, and I cannot tell if what I am hearing is drone or just the exhaust itself? Around 1500-1800 RPM cruising between 65-80mph, it really has this steady hum to it when you're driving on relatively flat roads, but with slight inclines. You can hear it here around 40 seconds - but listen to the first 40 seconds to get a perspective for the cabin sound before the "drone-ish" sound comes in. Any feedback on this?
  13. Yeah, the new CarPlay in iOS 14 solves some of these black issues. It at least gives you some options.
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