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  1. Totally agree. Glad I have a 2019 RST with all 4.
  2. Might be that just Chevy lost the rear lock buttons, then.
  3. I'm at the same brake pad level after the same mileage with my 2019. My plan is to have the dealer fix this when I go in for an oil change and rotation in about a month. However, I have to say that it's been crossing my mind to go in earlier to get it fixed. It's really annoying. But I'm probably extra annoyed by the fact that the truck is so NEW, and it's making those noises.
  4. I had a 2007 new-gen GMT 900 for 12 years. I don't think I even put $1000 into that thing, and that was all just oil and fluid changes. My 2019 RST has been completely issue-free after 10 months and 6600 miles. I realize there's a stigma to a new model year, and some people do have issues with theirs - especially the earliest production models (e.g. the leaking rear windows or oil line failures). However, I think the majority of first model year owners never have problems outside of the normal vehicle issues. My experience with 2 new-model-year trucks bears this out. YMMV, of course.
  5. Another small thing I’ve noticed is that Chevy is selling the Texas Edition badge on the RSTs now. Not a fan, personally. My 2007 was a TX Edition, but the badge placement on the T1s looks terrible, IMO.
  6. The DIC display is slightly different on the 2020s, but it’s marginal. One change that I think is a negative is removing the lock buttons on the rear doors. The 2019s have them on all 4 doors. The 2020 only on the front doors.
  7. Happening to my 2019 with 6600 miles on it, too. Just started a couple weeks ago in the right rear.
  8. But you had 4G WiFi with the High a Country, right? Plus the heated and cooled seats?
  9. You have an AT4, so you have a G80 locker. It will lock up in 2H, 4H, etc. Yes, you just need to get the rear spinning a little more and you’ll feel (and even hear) it lock in.
  10. Yep. Do this ☝☝☝ You’ll have the full sheet via PDF quickly.
  11. And it came with a trophy deer? Or did you run that over unknowingly on the way home with the new beast ride?
  12. Yeah, stuff like this is why I never turned passive lock on. That, and if I don't want my truck locked, I like being able to walk away and leave it unlocked. With the lock buttons on all 4 doors (2019s FTW!), I never forget to lock the truck. It's so convenient to just pop that little chrome button on any door handle when I close the door.
  13. 2.5" makes a big difference. If you disagree, go fly somewhere on a modern US airline, where they've taken those 2.5" away, then let us know what you think. You seem to "hear" a lot of things about T1s, or read about them on forums. Most of these things you hear are unfounded or exaggerated.
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