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  1. Yeah, this is basically a system process. Occurs randomly.
  2. I got my front windows tinted, but I have no idea what %. Lol Looks nice and keeps the truck cooler, so it works for me.
  3. Yep, I've been doing this lately, too. It does improve it.
  4. Who knows. But the whole brake system is very improved for 2019, so I'm feeling pretty good about it.
  5. I'm all the more happy now that I did NOT buy a leftover new 2018 1500 back in March, but went with at 2019 T1 instead. What a huge recall, though. Wow.
  6. What is GM's angle here if they really DO delay the 6.2L option for the TB / RST until mid-summer 2020? Weird.
  7. Same. That’s one mod I would pay for instantly, if it was available.
  8. Thought I would start a thread to see what other 2019 owners are averaging on their trucks. My current miles per hours the truck has been running is 26.6, after 5000 miles. What are y’all’s numbers?
  9. Very good-looking ride there, sir! I have the same one in Satin Steel. You'll enjoy it a lot.
  10. The only K2-gen seats I've been in are Tahoes during rentals on biz trips. I think the T1 leather seats feel roomier to me. I felt that the K2-style seat wrapped around my sides a little too far. The T1 seems less aggressive there, that there's more space between my 5'10", 160# body and the sides of the seat. I'll say that the main beef with T1 seats is they do not feel "plush". That's accurate. They aren't. I disagree with those who call them "stiff", however. They are what a good seat should be... soft enough to feel comfortable, but firm enough to provide good support and long-term durability.
  11. That's about all I've done to mine, too. Stubby antenna, customized state plates, and window tint. Well, I did swap out all the incandescent bulbs with LEDs, too.
  12. Actually, I believe they've been moved to just under the passenger side mirror. I don't have a pic, but someone posted this in another thread. If you look under that mirror, you'll see a little cut-out and sensor in there. Mine on my RST is always about 5-10º high as well. Even after I get moving down the road.
  13. Some good footage of the G80 locker in action on this AT4 from TFL. Good thing about the G80 is that it's simple and WORKS. Bad thing is, it really would be nice to just lock in and not have to deal with the spin-up.
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