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  1. First oil change

    I just did my free oil change after 4 months and 3000 miles. I felt it was a good compromise between some who claim 1000 for the first change and those who do 5000. This is is my first new vehicle, so I just split the difference and went in at 3K.
  2. That's what I was thinking. Very cool, OP! For me, I don't think it would be worth the time or $ just to get the top 4 digital. Plus, I think the Silverado dash looks better than the Sierra dash.
  3. Yeah! Welcome to the Satin Steel RST club!
  4. Question for the thread... What's this little white arrow in the upper right corner of the DIC when the truck ignition is off? I push on the steering wheel DIC buttons, but nothing happens. Anyone know?
  5. $20 Exhaust Fix 2019 5.3 z71

    My truck seems a lot faster after the mod. Oh... wait... that's because I'm mashing the gas pedal a lot more to hear the improved sound.
  6. Disappointed with 2019

    Lots of good pricing here: https://www.everettbgmc.com/VehicleSearchResults?search=new&model=Sierra 1500&trim=Crew Cab Short Box 4-Wheel Drive Denali
  7. Used mine to save $50 on an OEM Silverado sunshade (which works fantastically in the TX heat) and to buy 6 months of Remote Fob via the MyChevrolet app with points, so I can know if it’s a feature I actually want to pay for monthly.
  8. Or you can just leave the fob in the truck, I guess.
  9. $20 Exhaust Fix 2019 5.3 z71

    After almost 2 weeks of driving with this mod, the only time I hear a concerning noise is when the truck auto-stops at a stop light, then re-starts. It sounds a little choked whenever that happens. Otherwise, loving the mod still.
  10. 5.3L Borla ATAK

    Looks (to me) like Borla makes an ATAK for the 5.3L. Go to 1:18 in this video and see (and hear) for yourself:
  11. OP must have a lower trim truck, as my loaded RST has the 3 Homelink buttons right by the Onstar buttons. As for sunglasses, just put them in the center console tray, right under the charging ports (if you have buckets) or in the storage space on top of the radio in the dash.
  12. Pretty sure the truck turns off after 10 min if the fob is not in the truck. I read this somewhere. I do this a lot, actually... just leave the truck running and keep the fob in my pocket. The real question is... if the truck is in DRIVE and going down the road without the fob in it after 10 min of running, does it just shut down while going 55mph down the highway? Who wants to YouTube test this for us? Lol
  13. Talk me out of a Ram.

    Not sure where you read the 2020 RST will have ventilated seats, because I have not seen that info anywhere. I wouldn't count on it.
  14. This isn't really a cool "feature" per se, but I have noticed lately just how excellent the doors are on the T1. I have to park on a slight incline on my driveway, but my driver's door opens with such ease, even on the incline!
  15. 5.3L Exhaust thread

    Man, that's a great price. I get your POV now.

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