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  1. RST front turn signal bulbs?

    Yeah, let us know. Iā€™m skeptical they will work for you, after reading this in the item description. This is basically what mine said, too. Iā€™m wondering if the lights with many more diodes on them keep it from hyper flashing, as they use more juice?
  2. Having some issues

    Man, wow. Weird noise. Never heard that. Your truck really has some funky stuff going on. Glad you got it escalated.

    I can see how you get 10mpg in your AT4. Take a Xanax.
  4. I don't get the IIHS' claim that the new GMs have bad headlights. That's just weird. My LEDs on the RST are incredibly bright and clear. Best headlights I've ever had in a vehicle. Better than my wife's Acura or Honda HIDs, for sure.
  5. Blinding Chrome Dash Trim

    Doesn't help for me. I have tint as deep as you can go here in TX, and some good Oakley polarized lenses. Still very bright off the chrome trim.
  6. Yeah, my 4L65E in my 2007 LTCC RWD was an amazing transmission. Never once had any issues with around 125K on it (before I traded it late March 2019 for a T1).
  7. Totally agree. I know this drum is beat a lot around here, but rightfully so. Let's all think back 10 years to any Ram or FCA product we sat in. Remember those old analog clocks they had in the Chryslers? LOL. This is who GM (and Ford, too!) is being outpaced by. Ouch.
  8. Maybe. But I can say that my 2019 8 speed has improved significantly as I've owned the truck over the first 2000 miles.
  9. There have been other reports on here of this very thing. Take it into the dealer, and they should be able to fix you up quickly.
  10. That's a good one. It's a bit smaller than the KEYO1E one that I have. FYI, looks like KEYO1E updated the product. This one (should fit Silverado/Sierra) is available: https://www.amazon.com/KEYO1E-Compatible-GMC-Sierra-2007-2019/dp/B07KVTYYLF/ref=pd_day0_hl_263_3/130-4647101-5158900?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07KVTYYLF&pd_rd_r=5772a101-7b24-11e9-88a6-43a657414496&pd_rd_w=gcquW&pd_rd_wg=1p2td&pf_rd_p=ad07871c-e646-4161-82c7-5ed0d4c85b07&pf_rd_r=AEV1PXSSXN28E8QM8CNY&psc=1&refRID=AEV1PXSSXN28E8QM8CNY
  11. RST front turn signal bulbs?

    Andy, any update on your LED bulbs? The ones you link to here on Amazon are out of stock. I bought these, but they hyperflash on me: ANTLINE Extremely Bright 7443... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07P9T7D1W?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share
  12. Blinding Chrome Dash Trim

    I use very good ones, and they only help minimally.
  13. KEYO1E 4.8'' AM/FM Radio Stubby Antenna Short Compatible Chevy Silverado 2007 2008 https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MJB9BY7/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_e2S4CbMMEPRV2 looks much better and no loss in radio functionality.
  14. LT Trail Boss Turn Signal to LED

    Well, scratch that. Got the hyper flash on these this morning when I drove to work. šŸ¤¦šŸ»ā€ā™‚ļø
  15. Nice AT4! First mod: get rid of that ugly whip antenna! šŸ˜–šŸ™ˆšŸ˜‚

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