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  1. My Ranchos don't make any of these noises, but I will quickly agree that they are terrible. The boatiness of these shocks is appalling.
  2. I have a treated 2x6 that I can easily remove in the front of the bed with fork locks. Fits like a glove. I put the front wheel next to the rear on the outer sides and can lock the wheels/frame to the truck tie-downs with a cable lock. Trek Fuel EX-5 29er with an upgraded 1x NX drivetrain for me, and a Specialized Rockhopper Comp 1X 29er hardtail for the Mrs. Too much rain lately, so all the trails in DFW are closed. Ugh. Bad timing for a "lock down" order.
  3. I second this. I think the dual exhaust look of the T1s is killer. Any time I see a T1 without the dual exhaust bumper set up, it just looks bad to me. YMMV.
  4. Here’s a link to TFL’s 0-60 tests of the various engines available right now.
  5. Just got back into the country from being out for a couple of weeks. My RST was parked on my slightly inclined (nose up) driveway while I was gone. I know it rained a good bit in DFW while I was out. I had put a new towel between the rear window and the seat back to make sure to catch any drips. Towel was dry and the headliner stain did not grow. I guess it's not leaking anymore? I'm now wondering if my headliner stain -- which did not seem to appear until I had the rear window re-sealed in late December (after noticing the leak in earlier November) -- just appeared slowly from the original leak, not from the re-seal job. So hard to figure this thing out.
  6. I really doubt you would notice much of a difference covering one or two and not the others. IMO, the biggest improvement on this comes from the flapper being pinned open. The resonator screens probably do affect the tone some, but I think the naked ear would have a hard time picking it up.
  7. I bought my 5.3L RST one year ago when the 6.2L wasn’t available. If it had been available when I bought it, it would have been a really tough choice. I had a final sales price in mind for any truck I bought, so I might have opted to keep the 5.3L and get $2500 higher in trim. (Eg the LTZ with tech package). I will say that my 5.3L / 8 speed feels very fast. I know the 6.2Ls are quicker, but I’ve never yet been disappointed standing on the gas with my 5.3L. Lastly, I would not have been able to do the $20 exhaust hack if I bought the 6.2L. I really enjoy the extra little bit of noise that simple hack has given my 5.3L, and it makes it feel more sporty to drive.
  8. Yeah, I think the 20" TB wheels are the ugliest ones GM offers on the new Chevy/GMC trucks.
  9. I put my iPhone there every day. I used to put it down in the center console area under the accessory switches/buttons, but I like it here more. Easier to grab at a stoplight, and out of my way. It fits in there perfectly, and the arm rest is so big that it never gets in the way of my elbow.
  10. All the curmudgeons here can say what they want, but the interior lighting on the T1 trucks really is subpar.
  11. I think the 20” GMC wheel on the AT4 is one of the best they’ve made in a long while. Get it.
  12. I’m doing that, basically. But not because I’m waiting GM out for a better solution. Mainly because my schedule isn’t that flexible, and I’m not in a hurry to keep going in this circus process GM puts us in with local dealers. I noticed mine leaking early November. Took it in and got it resealed late December. Leaking again early January, and then the headliner stain showed up for the first time. My carpet isn’t wet, the headliner is not staining any worse, and I have a towel against the window to keep the moisture from collecting. All that said, I’m not anxious trying to get this fixed. I figure the more time that goes by, the more the dealers will have an understanding of how to ACTUALLY fix this. This thread alone is proof of what I just mentioned. In early Nov when I posted my leak, I think there were 40-50 pages here after almost a YEAR of the thread being on here. In just 3 months, the thread has about tripled. Why? Because all us T1 owners are finally starting to see the leaks. So... a couple more weeks ain’t going to kill me to wait.
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