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  1. The 2022 will be far from a "first year redesign". It's simply going to be a refresh. All the test mules we're starting to see more and more have minimal exhaustive differences to them. Any redesign is simply going to be on interior improvements. GM has already basically said that they rushed the interior of the 2019-2021s in order to get out with the new RAM in 2019. So what we're likely to see in the 2022 refreshed interiors has been under development for a long time. Not to mention, it's all going to be existing tech that we're seeing in the new Escalade SUV in 2021. So this is not going to be all that new. There's not much to feel "at risk" about with a bigger LED dash or infotainment screen, honestly. And I do not think the SUV interiors will be reflective of what the truck interiors will look like. We're already confident in expecting an all-digital gauge cluster, like the Escalade's. The GMC/Chevy SUVs do not have that. It will probably be a 2023 update for them. And I don't expect the screen placement on the trucks to be the same, either. $0.02.
  2. Yeah, I don't know of many garage doors that would accommodate you there. Some of the new builds here in DFW have bigger garage door openings, but I'm not sure they are THAT big. What's the stock height of a new F250 or GM HD? Like 80-82"?
  3. @OnTheReel is correct. The Z71 Ranchos are all twin-tube. And speaking as one who has a Z71 with these shocks... they are terrible. OP, you're right to realize that you're being a little unrealistic in hoping a lifted truck rides as smoothly as the SUVs and sedans you've driven. My 2019 RST rides LIGHT YEARS better than my 2007 Silverado did. The first week I drove the 2019, I was shocked at how much better the truck rides/handles. However, my wife's Honda Odyssey still rides better than my truck overall. But her van cannot pull 9500#, go off road, nor tower over the other cars on the road.
  4. I wouldn't discard this issue so quickly. Go read the 280+ pages of the rear window leak thread to see how "the dealer will fix it" works out. Not badgering you, just trying to help you make a realistic decision about getting a 2021 or waiting until 2022. I'm in a similar position... I have a 2019 RST with 15K on it. It's been completely problem-free, minus the rear window leaking, but I am living with that. I want an AT4 CarbonPro 3.0L. The discounts right now are really appealing. But... as @OnTheReel said, I think I would have buyer's regret once the 2022 refresh is released. So I think I am going to wait it out. I've already been 2 years into regretting not getting the AT4 vs. my RST, so I'm not circling that mountain again.
  5. I finally saw one in town last week. Honestly, I felt bad for the dude driving it. I know he doesn't feel bad for himself, but mashing on the pedal and getting your jollies really wears off, as many of us know. When you have to keep hitting the gas pump after 200 miles, it gets old quickly. At least the Raptor has somewhat-justifiable MPG.
  6. Also, OP, I would check on your Ranchos. My RST Z71 was very bouncy when I first got it. I lowered my air pressure a little, and that helped some, but it was still concerning to me. After looking at the GM Performance Exhaust the dealer put on my truck about 1.5 yrs after owning it, I saw one of my twin-tube Ranchos was leaking oil. The dealer replaced it, and the ride got noticeably better. Not as good as a Bilstein upgrade, I'm sure, but better.
  7. Also, I'm not as hopeful for a beefier 6.2L. I don't think that bulge has anything to do with a supercharger on the 6.2L. Are we sure that was not just the flimsy wrap blowing in the wind? Maybe my cynical self does not believe GM would actually be sensible enough to put out a motor to compete with the TRX. ? Either way, I like that improved, beefier skid plate that we see in the pics. And the bigger tires. Here's to hoping that it's SOMETHING better!
  8. If they put an OEM blower on the 6.2L, let's just hope it can compete with the Hellcat a WEE better than it does here:
  9. I replaced my OEM wipers after a year. They had started getting pretty spotty there at the end. Got some Rain-X high end ones. They suck. I'm going back to Bosch now that rainy season is upon us here in TX.
  10. I got the GMPE vs. the Borla. I could have saved about $300 by getting the Borla and using the OEM bumper dual exhaust tips, but I wanted the GMPE so that it was added to my VIN as dealer/factory installed. I figured that might help me later with resale, but who knows. I love the system, BTW. It's really made my truck a lot more enjoyable to own.
  11. When I put my Z71 badge on my RST, it definitely felt like it was a “one way” application... it wasn’t going to come off without breaking.
  12. If you’re not liking your Borla exhaust just from the DFM sounds it’s creating, there really are few other exhausts that would be any different. The engine going down to as many as 2 cylinders will affect ANY exhaust note. But, as others have said... the easiest solution is to order the Range device, plug it in, and go. I have the GMPE, too, and I don’t really notice the sound when the DFM is running. It’s there, but I don’t think it sounds all that terrible. And it usually lasts only a short time. But that is just my $0.02.
  13. Nice truck, and great call on the new 20” wheels and Wrangler Mud Terrain tires. First TB I’ve seen posted here with that option.
  14. Yep. ? I will NOT own my 2019 out of warranty with the rear window still leaking. No thanks.
  15. I finally got to see a set of these tires in real life on an AT4 today. They look so much better than the Trailrunner / Duelers, IMO. They do look a little skinny, but that might be because they shoulder is more aggressive looking and "squared". I like them.
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