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  1. That's a funny thought. Will the 2-5 year olds of today and the future be playing with cars going "hummmmMMMMMMM!"
  2. It seems to me that cars/trucks are now going the way of iPhones in the EV space. They cost way too much, and aren't going to be worth much a few years later. But the automakers just want us to get on an annual payment plan and forget about true ownership. Just like most people with iPhones don't ever own them. They just make interest-free payments to Apple for 2 years, then re-start the process. Apple cashes out by putting massive margins into their limited-updated tech devices just to keep feeding the "new" cycle for the consumer.
  3. See: Better Place That framework was quickly discarded. Tesla tried it in California, too, and basically no one really used it. GM is on the right track with Ultium. Adding 100 miles of range in 10min with a 350kw on-board charger is very impressive. The biggest issue, as you bring up, KARNUT, is the infrastructure. It's just not there yet AT ALL nationwide. We have a Pacifica Hybrid and it's almost useless to consider charging it outside of our home right now. There are so few options. By the time the Silverado EV hits the streets in 2024, I think DC charging stations will be more numerous, but I would not make a full EV truck my main method of transportation until later 2020's, IMO. It will easily take that long for the US to get build out a reliable network of fast-charging access points.
  4. I think they did a good job with the EV Silverado style. It was bold of them to really shift the design on this, whereas the Ford Lightning looks way too much like a normal F-150, IMO. I think people forking over $100K for an EV are more open to aggressive styling, so I think GM is ahead of Ford on this already. I don't like the 24" wheels they have on this production model, but I'm sure they'll give some other options for those by the time these hit the streets in 2024 (Lol). $105K is really the kicker here. But, then again, the TRX gets close to that... and the EV Silverado has just as much (if not more) performance and far better tech. I also think this Ultifi platform is a major game changer. If GM can really execute that... wow.
  5. GM still gives some physical buttons here, as well as dedicating a portion of the touch screen as a static, separate status bar. This is a big deal. My wife has UConnect 5 in her 2021 Pacifica Hybrid. The whole screen is connected. It's been buggy lately and we cannot even SEE what the temp is in the car, though we can adjust it with physical buttons. Thus, I think GM did a good job of putting in more screen space while maintaining a level of control apart from the computer.
  6. Wow. "COVID mule" is a great term! Yeah, I feel bad for anyone buying these "2022" Silverado LD's. They must really need a new one to do that.
  7. Exactly. The big difference between the ZR2 and the base level Raptor or TRX, as you mentioned, is that the ZR2 will come with more "fully loaded" features standard. I really like this. It's about time GM made a truck that when you buy it, you get all the options priced in. The other difference is that GM will (eventually) slap rebates on these, whereas the other two are unlikely to see much off sticker... even after things "return to normal" (whatever that is).
  8. Well, I was wrong. $66K. I had thought it would be closer to $60K. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2021/12/2022-silverado-zr2-price-finally-revealed/ Honestly, this really makes choosing the AT4X over the ZR2 almost silly.
  9. I bet this feature will be improved with the new Infotainment in the 2022s. My wife's UConnect 5 in our 2021 Pacifica is fantastic with CarPlay.
  10. One more thing I’ve realized… GM is now the only major brand whose most off-road worthy truck is still just a classic leaf spring suspension. That’s pretty odd. And dare I say… lame.
  11. IMO the real #1 competitor to the ZR2 is the new Tundra TRD Pro. I’m sure they will come out similar in pricing, if not a little less for the Tundra. As it stands, I would have a hard time choosing even though I love the ZR2 from what I see. The main selling point for the ZR2 is going to be those of us who still want a naturally aspirated real V8. But that crowd is dwindling. I guess we will need to see what pricing looks like.
  12. Yeah, I was a little surprised they didn’t do anything about the front approach angle on the AT4X. And they didn’t give it 33’s. Very odd. They just gave it lockers and DSSV shocks. Then did the rest on the interior. It really is true that for the price of the AT4X, you can get way more with a Gen 3 Raptor. And the interior is nearly just as nice and full of features. I thought they would make Supercruise available on the AT4X, too.
  13. Yeah, I’ve watched carefully on the ZR2 and AT4X/Ultimate reveals and the rear window and spoiler structure looks unchanged to the naked eye. Not very encouraging. But then again, I cannot possibly see how GM wouldn’t address it on the refresh with all of the issues people were having.
  14. So stupid that it’s a refreshed 2022 and we still don’t have pano sunroofs on the GM trucks. WTH. Even the new Tundra does!
  15. AT4 starts at $60K still, tho. They’re selling AT4X as a loaded AT4 with quite a few extra interior specs that are not going to be on the ZR2. It’s clear from tonight’s release that GMC wants to be THE luxury truck brand.
  16. I've been mostly ignoring my creaky leaf springs for a while now, but didn't realize I could buy such a simple fix. Just put in an order online for this kit. Nice!
  17. Bingo. What Toyota just released with the new Tundra shows there's a move away from displacement, and towards forced air torque/HP gains. I also feel that a lacking supercharged 6.2L Vortec almost shows GM has no R&D interest in investing in that powertrain any further. The future is electric and lower displacement, forced air powertrains with higher MPG averages. Whether we like it, or not. With that in mind, I'm eager to buy a ZR2 and nab a 6.2 while I still can. That's more than enough power for me, with the true V8 growl to go with it. I'll take less torque/HP for the sound of a V8 exhaust over an Ecoboost sound-modded Raptor any day. (The TRX is a whole 'nother story. I'm just excluding her... as it's an MPG dog that is not a realistic daily driver for me.)
  18. I think you're in the minority for wanting invisible exhaust. I like the T1 exhaust ports. At least they do not look silly with the round cutouts like RAM and the new F150 Tremor. And much better than having something hanging down from the sides behind the rear wheel. The donkey-end of the T1s is so large, that having those exhaust port breaks it all up a little, IMO.
  19. I see GM Authority caught a ZR2 testing in a silver color... and with a standard dual exhaust bumper. Looks so funny.
  20. Yeah this, to be, was the most odd decision on the ZR2. It really saves you little to nothing on ground clearance. What do the OEM squished exhaust ports really add to the departure angle right now? .5º? It's like 3/4" or something. Plus, a bad-A off road truck like this with NO noticeable rear exhaust?! So weird! If they wanted to take away the LOOK of dual exhaust, I hoped they would at least add the GMPE as a standard option for the catback growl.
  21. What's going to be the main differences from a fully loaded LT TB and the ZR2? That's what is left to be determined here. It's possible they will cut down the options on the LT TB to make space for the ZR2. Right now, it seems the main upgrades with the ZR2 are only: 1" more of ground clearance due to 33" tires vs 32" (probably negligible in price, for the most part) Electronic lockers DSSV shocks Ventilated seats, rear camera mirror, HUD So I guess I don't see how that would make the ZR2 $5K more in MSRP than the LT TB fully loaded. I think that's the point we're all making... the ZR2 is great, but it's not "next level" like a TRX or Raptor... so it won't be priced anywhere near that.
  22. The new cluster and infotainment is a nonstarter for changing the MSRP, because the LT has the same dash and center stack as a base HC (or ZR2) My point is TFL said the ZR2 comes with ONE trim option - multiflex tailgate. All other items (vented seats, HUD, etc) are standard. Can you load out an LTZ currently to price out a base HC? Yes. But with GM still selling an AT4 (and presumably an AT4X), they won’t crowd the pricing on the ZR2 to compete with the AT4. All said, I don’t think the ZR2 will MSRP for more than $60K. And most of the major media coverage is saying $55K starting.
  23. That's very improbable. It cannot cost more than a HC, and the HC isn't going to leap up that much in one year just with a new interior (that is also available on an LT trim).
  24. Totally agree. After the ZR2 launch, and seeing how fully-loaded it is (I believe TFL said the only option on it was the multiflex tailgate?!), I am now VERY curious what the AT4 and AT4X is going to offer. Because the ZR2 just jumped into the AT4's shoes (and then some).
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