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  1. The letters look great.. I actually ordered the same chrome letters last night. Was wondering how they are holding up?
  2. I noticed also on my RST I can not dim or brighten my interior lighting when I press the + - on the light controls..
  3. Have them replace the transmission valve body and when doing that they can flush the transmission oil. The transmission expert in dealership is extremely confident that changing the valve body will completely fix the hard shifting and banging..
  4. Ok.. so I just picked up my truck from dealership.. I am told that the valve body needs to be replaced and while that is being done the transmission fluid will be flushed to the Mobile 1 which was talked about in the TSB.. The transmission specialist tells me that the jerking is not due to the truck not having the Mobile 1 but it is directly related to the valve body but the transmission fluid will be flushed as well.. anyway.. we will find out when the get the part in and the work is finished.. I will keep you posted..
  5. Does anyone have the updated TSB that shows that testing does NOT need to be done? There is only one posted dated June.. I believe there is one dated July 2019 staying testing does not need to be done..
  6. I find it hard to believe transmission fluid is the only culprit here.
  7. Is there anyone on here who has had the transmission problem completely fixed? And what was done? Was it only the transmission fluid?
  8. Sorry to be a pain in the ass but I can’t get a link for the TSB that affects the Silverado.. the link that you posted is for Colorado..
  9. Thank you!! They sent my build sheet. Build date is January 2019. What are the dates that are affected?
  10. Try it again.. I was able to have my email sent. Will have to see if I get a reply.
  11. I’m having same issue with hard shifting at low speed. Where can I find build date on my Silverado?
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