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  1. Oil pumps variable. The magic number I thought i heard for low pressure which could damage the afm dfm lifter is 27 or something. mine often does go down to 30 and seems normal. if you’re losing oil that’s another story. Check the dipstick
  2. after driving for a while, the tcm unlock will be real nice. There is alot of downshifting and some hard shifts that dont feel right, i think attributed to the disabling of dfm. Not sure if they do plan on unlocking tcm or not, but hope they do.
  3. I know it’s been a while, but I have the Diablo tuner and it does not modify the trans. I think the trans is still locked. Programmer is just motor related
  4. You doing straight muffler delete ? I know a lot of guys say it’s fine( Pre 2019 is actually). But it sounds like ******. Drones horrible for some reason on newer trucks. I have 6.2 but 5.3 will be similar.
  5. Added 50 rpms to park idle and drive idle and it’s running real smooth…
  6. My point in writing was that the motor is running perfect if fuel trim is near zero. not sure what may be causing idle to seem rough but I don’t think there’s any problems or any fuel related system to be cleaned.
  7. I had the same question on my 6.2. Was about to run a “cleaner” through but checked fuel trims to see if injectors were dirty, after 40k miles, they’re nearly perfect…. So unless there’s some other fuel related issue, they probably just idle a little rough. fwiw, my afm is disabled
  8. There may be, I just never drive it that hard, the bigger tires dont help either
  9. Selling a range auto start eliminator. Don’t think it does the afm/Dfm but not sure. asking $110. Shipping included
  10. rather go all the way, and eventually maybe custom tune, when I trade up to the Intune, trinity. the tuner isn’t much more expensive, ignoring shipping costs. So why not?
  11. Running Diablo tune 91-93. Not sure I can say there’s a big power difference but happy to have the tire size adjustment, code read/clear, afm and auto start off. driving in v8 is way different, sound, downshift etc
  12. Have everything in writing. E-mail to service advisor etc. Never know if you’ll need in future…..
  13. How do you figure out the l87 thing?
  14. I’ll prob just pop off the manifold around 50k and look inside. Think 50k is spark plug time anyways?
  15. Awesome that’s the reply I was looking for, actual long term perspective. Thanks for reply
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