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  1. thanks as well. as far as the more expensive maintenance goes- what are the common items between more quarts on the oil change? in terms of overall maintenance? Similar fluid changes as 1500 but on different scale? i.e diff,transfer, trans etc? anything on the 2500 vary from 1500 general maintenance? apologize if these are intro to 2500 '101' questions...
  2. likely switching from the 6.2l 1/2 ton to a 3/4 shortly. main reason is towing comfort with travel trailer. Were within the capabilities of the 1/2 ton but it still feels a bit uneasy or unsafe at times, both braking and being blown around on highway. Mileage is poor, but a lesser concern. In my research of the newer diesels, there is lots of talk about emissions related problems... and how expensive all repairs are on these LSP. But really how much really goes wrong on these motors within the first 1-200,000 miles? In summary- the question is what are the most common things that will go bad within the first 150k of ownership on a 6.6 LSP Duramax? and are the costs of these repairs really astronomical? Been years since ive run a diesel and really out of touch with their maintenance. thank you
  3. theres gotta be some sensor issues. have some weird things happen with mine. sometimes doesn't close, then does a close, open motion when reopening door, etc. may be sensor related.
  4. not ideal, but what about auxiliary tank in bed wired to 12v switch, dumping into filler hose? seems we could put another 30 gals in bed tank and power up vent, to fill tank, without stopping truck
  5. if it just happened youll be ok. Just hope they change all 16. The damage would come from longterm use and metal pieces hypothetically getting pushed through motor. I had a motor with four wiped cam lobes ran for a few thousand miles, rebuilt and ran fine. No oil pressure issues, etc.
  6. very weird the other day, the monitor on my programmer had tranny running about 50 degrees higher than the dash showed...almost 200 while at idle. Going to do some digging and see which was right
  7. Still happy with it. Would be cool if they had the ability to custom tune it, so we can send out to diablew, but till then the usually options are helpful. Dfm and auto start disable, tune, tire size change, read and clear dtcs….
  8. Have had a rear lift and level on 2019 Denali no problems… people report issues with uca after level, but if you’re concerned buy a kit with new uca. I did not change uca, just lower spacer, and no issues
  9. Diablo tuner works. Just gotta send computer out to unlock
  10. no rubbing on the bottom plastic fender? may be the spacer helping
  11. Has anyone found actual shop manuals for these trucks? I know available online thru ac delco etc but super expensive for monthly subcriptions. anyone know of anything yet? things like trans flush etc seem more complicated than ever, and don’t want to wing the next few jobs on this truck
  12. 2019 has been solid. No issues besides rear window.
  13. Yes I was curious if this was an option on the newer 6.2 with 10 speed? also curious if there is any long term feedback on let’s say a 170 t stat on the motor?
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