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  1. Mine was dealer installed, but they left me the rubber tray, which was on top of the knob. I actually cut a nice knob hole and it now lies flat. The nice part is that it keeps items from sliding and rattling on to of the metal safe
  2. I had a Black 2015 and now a Black 2020 and have not had that problem on either.
  3. Definitely done wrong. I did my own and the directions diagrammed and told you which existing screws to remove and where to drill holes that were additional.
  4. I run 93 too to get the best performance -to me it would be like having someone give me a super model and saying we recommend real nice clothes, but you can get her stuff at Walmart if you want. Thanks for clearing it up though, I thought that it was required too!
  5. I was sitting in the garage and at this angle I realized just how much tire the Z06 has under it.
  6. May not help, but I had a 2015 Denali with the 6.2 and 8A. At about 1500 miles it was doing the slam 2-1 down shift when slowing down -felt and sounded like someone ran into it. They re-flashed it and that was gone. Later, I developed the slight tranny shudder that many had and they did the triple flush and that was gone. The transmission was fine, not perfect, from then until I traded it in with about 50k miles.
  7. I was looking at the same thing. For me, I drive on a 12 mile dirt road maybe 2 or 3 times a year. Basically the AT4 has the off road look and the Denali is more subdued with an "on road" look -I got mine with 22" rims and performance brakes etc. So IMO it really boils down to the use or the look that you want.
  8. It has been awhile, but I believe that they are a little lower.
  9. Here are mine -I typically go with factory and like these.
  10. It was medium blue -I know the name but it escapes me. He worked at a body shop, so it was a nice lacquer finish.
  11. I absolutely love those year Chevys. My high school buddy had one that was an SS with the HP 327 and a 4 speed. He put in a 350 LT 1 Corvette motor, 4.10 gears and headers that dropped into Zoomies . It didn't have much top end, but man did it get there quick and loud!
  12. Actually Sunday was nice, so I cleaned up the ZO6 and went for a nice back roads run with my wife.
  13. Well, they definitely feel stronger than my 2015 Denali, but I actually only have about 650miles on it so far with working from home. Yes they are the Brembo brakes, and actually look the same as the ones on my Z06. The only odd part is that the brake life monitor is maintained on the rear brakes, but not on the front.
  14. I had a 2015 Denali that I bought new. Last year at about 40k miles, my rotors looked worse than yours on the back sides, looked fine on the side you could see. Checked the back brakes and they were the same, which again is real weird. Obviously warranty didn't cover it. The weird part was the brakes felt great until I first noticed it -and the way they looked, it seemed like I should have felt something. Maybe they seemed OK, but the vehicle sat for some time before you bought it and they rusted more from non use? But like you said, they should have inspected them and would have seen the grooves -you know that they wouldn't have passed them for a state inspection. I had the Bridgestone tires on it and at about 20k miles I was washing it and noticed dry rot like yours -looked and all four wee the same. the tire warranty is what applies. I called Bridgestone and they had covered attire dry rot, but prorated, which was fine. They mounted and balance (4) new 22" tires for approximately $500.00. So, I'd call the tire manufacturer if the dealer won't do anything to make it right.
  15. So the way it works out is that when you remove this piece, it leaves it totally open where it was plugged by the plastic filler -it is not a diverter etc., it just blocks this space, making it look like an opening. When removed, air can enter that gap and get into the section just behind it with the slots in the bottom. The rear of this space has the second seal to the hood, so noting gets to the under hood area behind it. It looks like the slots in the bottom of this space, and some of the hole on the leading edge of the hood, are the normal path for the air flow -eventually finding the opening way up and over to the right DS. With this gap open, the air would be Rammed into this chamber and get to the filter inlet faster? And since the filter inlet is so far to the right DS, rain or snow wouldn't be entering. Not saying it would make a big difference, but it is interesting that it is designed this way. If you have a 2019 or 2010 GMC take a look and see if this makes sense.
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