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  1. I bought both the both the performance CAI and exhaust about a month ago on GM accessories. There is up to a 20% discount and, free shipping to the dealer, they installed both for about $180.00 -including the required CAI factory flash -I was all in for about $2,200.00. The combination adds about 15 HP. IMO the exhaust sound much better, unless you like it real loud. The CAI cleans up under the hood nice! The bonus is that it can't impact the warranty and the dealer adds it to the listed "dealer installed" options for your VIN number -so you'd get some option credit on resale.
  2. I had the factory GM performance CAI and exhaust installed a couple weeks ago. My GMC has the through the bumper exhaust, so just like the standard exhaust, there are no tips, they just line up with the trim bezels. It is larger diameter, fits like original, but no flaps or rear resonators -it sounds great. When I get into it, it sounds almost as loud as my Z06 with the flaps open. It has a nice rumble at start up and idle, but not too obnoxious when doing steady 70mph. We went on our first road trip to camp last weekend and my wife, more than once, said that it sounds great! As others have said, GM deigned/ engineered it with Borla and has them build it for them, but you can't get it from Borla -only GM.
  3. Had the dealer do mine last week -ordered from GM accessories for 20% off and shipped to the dealer and chose the install option. The Total price for both was $2,200.00 and it looks like it came with the truck, and everything is straight and solid using the same mounting points. The dealer paperwork indicated that it is added to the warranty and also to the build for my VIN as a dealer installed option -so it may get added to book value.
  4. Got the truck back and I'm very happy with it! The CAI cleans things up under the hood and looks like OEM -included the re-flash. Really like the exhaust. Great sound when starting or accelerating, but nothing really different at 65-70mph. The fit and finish is great, with both tips lining up just like they should. I didn't do before and after recordings, since Zane Merva has the complete set available on his Truck and Product review of the one that they put on the Silverado. They are exactly what you get! I love that they are now factory warranted and the paper work indicates to add both the the vehicle build for my VIN.
  5. Finally have an appointment for this Thursday for the dealer install.
  6. Actually waiting for the parts to get in -just called and they didn't get them yet, but said that they will be getting an order in on Monday. Said it is hard for them to check status when the parts are ordered direct? I'll post something when I get them.
  7. Listened to the factory exhaust on here and it sounds good to me. I saw the 20% off, so I went on line to GM and ordered the CAI, the exhaust and dealer installation -total with tax was $2,200.00. Just waiting for my appointment with the dealer.
  8. The GM factory duel exhaust exits through the bumper like the original -there are no tips on either with this bumper.
  9. If you want to look at one option, go to the Truck and Product Review tab and they review the GM performance exhaust option, which also has sound comparisons vs stock. I ordered mine (GMC and Chevrolet the same PN): Chevrolet Performance Exhaust PN 84527234 MSRP: $1,645 Fits: 2019+ Silverado/Sierra with 5.3L or 6.2L V8 Engines What does it do?: Larger diameter pipes, 40% reduced backflow, 13+ horsepower / 7 lb-ft or torque increase (6.2L) Install Time: 1.5 – 2 hours Right now GM has a 20% discount for spending that much, so it cost $1,316.00, including free shipping to the dealer and for $125.00 it is installed. I also went with the GM CAI, so the total installed price for everything, including the factory reprogram for the CAI is $2,200.10
  10. I just ordered the Performance exhaust and CAI through GMC accessories for my 2020 6.2 -though it did say that there is a 7-10 day back order. I was looking at GM sellers that gave discounts and what the shipping would be. Also knowing that putting the CAI on myself would mean taking it to the dealer for the computer update. When I was on the GMC accessories site, it showed a discount based on how much you spend -which ends June 30th. Long story short, I bought them both with a 20% discount and no shipping cost, plus I'm having them shipped to the dealer to install -TOTAL INSTALLED cost for everything is $2,200.00, which IMO is pretty good.
  11. Mine was dealer installed, but they left me the rubber tray, which was on top of the knob. I actually cut a nice knob hole and it now lies flat. The nice part is that it keeps items from sliding and rattling on to of the metal safe
  12. I had a Black 2015 and now a Black 2020 and have not had that problem on either.
  13. Definitely done wrong. I did my own and the directions diagrammed and told you which existing screws to remove and where to drill holes that were additional.
  14. I run 93 too to get the best performance -to me it would be like having someone give me a super model and saying we recommend real nice clothes, but you can get her stuff at Walmart if you want. Thanks for clearing it up though, I thought that it was required too!
  15. I was sitting in the garage and at this angle I realized just how much tire the Z06 has under it.
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