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  1. I use Griots, Maguires and a lot of great products that are out there, but the best I found was CR Spotless Water system. Basically filters water to 0 ppm -so I can wash my black vehicles in direct sunlight and let them dry with no spots. The system isn't cheap and you have to get resin refills, but it makes it so much easier... I have 3 black vehicles.
  2. My 2015 came with Bridgestone Dueller A/T RH-S P285 45 R 22 -A/T, but IMO they are smooth and quiet. I travel on the NYS Thruway going 70- 75mph and have no problems.
  3. The ones that I got have a heavier corrosion coating and specifically say that they are more corrosion resistant -we'll see net winter!
  4. Since the fronts were so bad, I am doing the rear brakes and pads today -they have the same rusty look on the edges. When I felt the back of the rotors they felt like they are getting a pretty good ridge too. I'll be looking at the E brake system to make sure that I don't have anything rusted stuck. Like I said, it just seems crazy that in only 3 winters and 42,000 miles they could be this bad.
  5. I put the picture of my truck on to show that it doesn't look too bad -that is what it looks like 365 days a year inside and out. When I do a winter trip that is on the NYS Thruway, when it is snowy and salted, I stop at a touchless car wash on the way home. I regularly go to the hand car wash and rise the wheel wells and underside. And when the temperature is 38f or better, I wash the truck by hand -don't know how much more I could clean things up. That's what seems crazy, I have always had only GM vehicles and the ones that I drive in the winter have always had the same care and I have never had the original brakes deteriorate so quickly and so severely. All I can think is that NYS started using a wet mix of salt brine instead of rock salt and maybe that gets to everything more, but I thought that GM painted part of the rotors to help reduce corrosion -it must not be enough. funny part is that the brakes still worked excellent and just the recent light growl was the only clue to look at the brakes.
  6. So, I bought my 2015 Denali new in August 2015 and after an early fluid flush, the 8M has been pretty good and no other real problems. I have approximately 42k miles on it now and do live in Upstate NY -OK, we have snow and salt. The front brakes started a little growl about 2 weeks ago and I thought it was a little early, but figured I'd better take a wheel off and get a look. Holy crap, they were total trash on both front brakes - I mean there was almost nothing left on the inside pads and the rotors had were grooved like the grand canyon! I work from home, and travel to see customers about once a week and was surprised that they could be this destroyed and this was the first time that they gave me any indication. How have others been doing in Upstate NY or other snow/ salt states?
  7. Sharp, I had a 2014 CTS Coupe that I loved, but I didn't get AWD and RWD in Upstate NY is no so good -that's why I decided to go for a truck
  8. Another lover/ hater of painted bumpers. I contacted Ricks Rims in the Syracuse area to price powder coating -which I think would hold up better? I called him in the fall and decided to wait until this Spring. But, if I take it off and drop it off (1 week turn around) he quoted me: $175.00 that’s blasted primed and painted.
  9. I have them on my all stock Denali if that helps at all.
  10. I have a 2015 Denali CC short box with the factory soft tri-fold. I live in Syracuse, so we get snow, ice and salt. So far it still looks and functions great. Obviously it is not a secured space, since someone could cut through it. It is pretty tight and I don't have any problems with it getting wet in the bed. The only thing that gets in at the rear is fine dust, when we travel on the 12mile dirt road to camp -but that looks to be actually getting in at the tailgate, not under the cover. I do love how easy it is to open and take off when needed.
  11. I have a 2015 with the 6.2. When it had about 2k miles I had the shudder and they did the triple flush. I now have 40k miles and have had no additional problems. I do feel good that it has the 5year 100k drivetrain warranty, so next year I'll trade.
  12. I have and love the painted bumpers on my Sierra, but like others have said, they chip. But, I live in central NY, with tons of snow and salt -the bumper on my black 2015 is the only part significantly chipped and may get powder coated this summer.
  13. I agree that these GM remotes are pretty darn good. I work from home and my office is on the back side of the basement . My other vehicles are in the garage, so my Sierra 1500 is in the driveway about halfway down to the road. I can start my truck sitting at my desk -with absolutely no line of site or windows. Nice on warm summer days with the AC coming on, but more awesome to have the heat come on when it's 9f and snowing like crazy.
  14. Thanks! If that's the case, it would be nice if they told me that on the Onstar diagnostics, instead of telling me lower on the screen to call and make a service appointment. But since I received this message, which has the current mileage of my truck, isn't Onstar working? I have to admit that I really don't like Onstar, especially the cost. I have it on 3 newer GM vehicles and only pay for more on my wife's.
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