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  1. I have a 2020 Black TB Midnight Edition on the way. This will be my 6th black truck in a row. All my trucks have been completely blacked out for the last 15 years+. I wouldn't know what to do with myself otherwise. lol. Checked with Chevy.com today. Sounds like it's on a boat somewhere, could be here within the next two weeks according to my sales guy. I'll be sure to post picks on this thread when it lands. OP good luck with your search...
  2. I can’t argue that... thanks for the heads up on the BSM system. In the truck I’m coming from it works very well.
  3. Congrats! Very Nice! I like the blue as well... My buddy tried talking me into getting the tow mirrors too but I opted against them. They don't look bad at all though and I'm sure I'll wish I had them when I tow the camper. Good luck with it!
  4. Awesome!!! Good luck!!!! Be sure to look it over good. My father always told me never take ownership of a truck at night or in the rain. I've had some sales guys look at me like I was crazy for that.
  5. I was just talking to the sales guy... He said there was a delay in the Salio, Mexico plant a few weeks / months back. There was some type of delay getting them on the boat but he believes that has been resolved now. I did a bunch of research on the trucks coming from Mexico vs Fort Wayne, Indiana ( the two places they make 1500's) seems like it's luck of the draw on the quality. I hope it comes through the way he expects it to.... Also hope you get word on yours soon as well! I have a TrailBoss 6.2 Midnight Edition in black coming. Really excited! It will be my first GM in almost 15 years. I've owned Fords, Chevy's and a GMC in my early years, but have been in the Toyota Tacoma lease rotation since 08. Absolutely love the Tacoma for so many reasons. Very excited to be back in a full size V8 though. Haven't had much to do in the way of mods on the Tacos. Looking forward to getting back into customizing. Until I need to park in the city... Then I guess I'll use the wife's car lol.
  6. This is absolutely terrifying.... Are they accommodating you with a rental of some sort in the meantime?
  7. I've been reading all types of different experiences over the last month or so of various lead times from the Silverado / Sierra 1500 plants in Mexico and Indiana. I just received notification that my truck has been built and I received the VIN. Considering it starts with a 3 it tells me it's coming from Mexico. The dealer said expect delivery around 8/14 which seems very ambitious. What type of lead times are people seeing right now that the plants are at a higher production level? I am on the east coast... Obviously that matters a bit as well. I am seeing a few people asking the same question recently so I know I'm not the only one wondering what's going on in the current COVID-19 environment. Thanks!
  8. Just received a text from my dealership. Truck is built and I have a VIN! Only problem is it looks like it's coming from Mexico, not Indiana. I have read on here people waiting for weeks / months for trucks to come in from the Mexican plant. In the text it says expected date of 8/14 but I'm not going to hold my breath. Fingers crossed!
  9. The order was placed third week of June... totally didn’t expect to hear I would be at production code 3400 yet. My guy at the dealership said I’m not the only one he heard this happen to in the last week. Guessing it has something to do with adding workers to the plants. I’ll be checking in on it next week to see if it’s actually true. Could mean good things for everyone waiting.
  10. For S&Gs I emailed my dealer last night to see if he had any update on my order. Turns out he said the truck is at production code 3400, which is supposed to mean its ready for production. I just checked with chevy.com and the chat girl told me the TPW is now next week 7/27! The paperwork from the order originally said TPW 8/29... Has anyone else experienced this??? Is it maybe due to more workers on the line? I know it's still subject to change but I wasn't expecting to hear it was bumped up a month! Hopefully this is true!
  11. Also found these articles too... Just released in the last few days. Seems that all GMs attention is towards the Silverado / Sierra lines right now. Good for us here I guess. https://gmauthority.com/blog/2020/07/general-motors-sending-laid-off-workers-to-truck-plants/ https://www.torquenews.com/3768/gm-bringing-more-workers-build-2021-chevy-silverados
  12. I've been watching for updates pretty closely because the TPD on my build is still over a month away. The only resources I have found out there are the links below. Doesn't tell me much other then things seem delayed pretty badly. These pages are getting somewhat outdated at this point too IMO. Hoping they will be updated again soon with more relevant information, especially with new COVID restrictions rolling through many states. https://www.donlen.com/buildstart-trucks-gm.html https://www.donlen.com/production-trucks-gm.html Anyone else have any updated information they can share????
  13. I tried to get something inbound but everything within 100+ miles was either already sold or was coming with ZERO options. I ended up going with a black on black TB LT with the 6.2 with just about every option you can get on the TB. Every dealer I spoke to basically said "Yeah, good luck... Let us know where they are if you find one." lol. There was not much else of an option out there for me, so unfortunately it looks like I'm waiting. Hoping it all works out. Good luck with your new truck and the process. The anticipation is absolutely killing me. I feel like I'm a kid waiting for Santa, but Christmas Eve is 3 months long. lol
  14. Just went through the same thing.... I've bought 5 new trucks in my lifetime at this point and this has been the strangest buying process I've ever been through by far. Buying a truck sight unseen is just not something I'm used to, though the dealership acts like it's no big deal. My truck isn't even supposed to be built until the first week of September. Hopefully there aren't any additional pandemics, world wars or asteroids between now and then other wise I wont have a vehicle as I am extending my lease while waiting for my truck. Any additional delay means I will not have a truck to drive. I never leave myself in this type of position, but there's not much of a choice when there is literally zero inventory anywhere, especially on the east coast.
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