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  1. @Dani2005 - I have to say I'm not one for white trucks.... But Holy S4!T! I agree with @eppieguy. This is one of the nicest T1 rigs I've seen yet. Great setup, beautiful truck. Good luck with the mods! I probably won't look to lift mine for quite a while.... Going to be looking hard at those coil overs when I do. They are sharp. Please report back on your experience with them.
  2. Horizontal... I thought the frames were the same though??? Should fit regardless no?
  3. https://www.americantrucks.com/rough-country-silverado1500-tow-hook-to-shackle-conversion-kit-rs147.html Picked up a set of black shackles on Amazon for $20 and they fit perfectly. Install was 15 minutes. Shackles are great when actually pulling stuff with your truck and a tow strap. As a tip... Use a piece of cardboard or something under the shackle braces when sliding them in place. This will prevent them digging into the plastic under them when getting lined up. Luckily I noticed this before anything went sideways. Also put some black zip ties on the shackle bolts to prevent them from creeping out or some 8 year old kid from taking them off in a parking lot.
  4. I wasn't sure of that either. I have read conflicting information on that.
  5. I have the red ones I just pulled off my TrailBoss. Installed shackles which I personally like way better.
  6. Thanks! That will look real sharp on the white. Fortunately the midnight edition came with all black badges. Saves me the trouble. Lol.
  7. I was not expecting to hear people say there is an increase in MPG. I'll have to experiment with that myself and see what my truck does. Thanks for the input everyone!
  8. I would like to just see a button / switch in the bed to turn those on specifically. 90% of trucks have tonneau covers. Personally the cargo light on the back window just blinds me as I am trying to look in the bed under the tonneau. Love the bed lights but, like you, just wish they put a little more thought into controlling them. As far as I know the Boost Auto - All Lights mod is the only safe route to go at this point. I just installed the Auto Fog light mod yesterday. Like that a lot.
  9. Removed the red tow hooks and installed Rough Country Tow Hook to Shackle Conversion and added some black 3/4" D-Ring Shackles from Amazon. Really like the look of how it turned out. Also installed Boost Auto Fog Light mod... Digging that as well. So nice to not have to constantly turn on the fogs.
  10. I'm with you... When I turn Sport mode on it's hard to say what is happening. The 6.2 gets up to speed so fast I need to let off the gas. I do notice a slight difference in exhaust sound when in Sport mode. A little more aggressive. Also, I will say I test drove 2 separate 5.3's and tried Sport mode in them. It was a noticeable difference in both trucks compared to Normal mode. IMO the 6.2 is such a beast it doesn't matter the mode, it just wants to GO GO GO!
  11. The way I receive all this considering the production window is from 6/1 - 9/15, is GM must have started sourcing parts from a different manufacturer or using different materials due to the pandemic. Who knows what decisions were made behind closed doors by the bean counter at GM. Fact is they had to start making motors again. Whether due to a part shortage or to save a few bucks to make up for lack of production, the later always being a factor, the reality is they started installing an inferior part without proper testing. Clearly some change has been made as of 9/15. As someone said earlier, all the bs you sign at the table holds them as accountable as they choose to be. There are many people sitting somewhere with calculators that make sure regardless of rate of failure and cost to fix, that profit will remain. Ever see Fight Club? lol Us as consumers either need to deal with it, go elsewhere and accept some other manufacturers corner cutting, or buy a bicycle and work on our cardio. But as I said earlier, valve springs have been a fundamental component of gasoline engines since the beginning. Something ALL car makers should be getting right 100% of the time. But suckers are born everyday.... I guess I am one of them too, as well as the 216,627 other member on this forum. lol Just keeping my fingers crossed my truck doesn't grenade on me while I am 5 miles deep in the woods. If so, I am sure I will be on the F**K GM train as well.
  12. It is very hard for me to wrap my head around how after building gasoline engines for more then 100 years and adding tons of unnecessary features that something as fundamental as valve springs aren't QC'd to a level that this wouldn't be a total embarrassment for a company like GM. Especially when they are installed in engines that are expected to perform at a superior level out of the gate such as a 6.2 equipped truck or a Corvette. We're not buying Kia's here folks.
  13. Multiple threads about this now. Seems like a ton of ppl, mainly with the 6.2, are having the same problem. Would love to know the cause and fix... doesn't seem like GM gives 2 S4ItS about it though.
  14. Any resolution to this from anyone??? I have the same squeal on my 2020 TB 6.2. Like all say, it goes away after about 30 seconds. But it sounds like an old Monte Carlo for the fist 30 seconds. lol. Now that I am seeing it's not just me, I feel slightly better but would still like a fix.
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