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  1. Heading somewhere early tomorrow where I will not have service for the last 2 hours of the ride. I know how to get where I’m going but when leave for part two of the trip I’m headed into the unknown across a lot of no service area. I have a Trailboss with no native nav. I usually use Waze or one of the other map apps. What should I look to do when I start out with no service? I sent myself the turn by turn but I’m not sure how much that will help either. I’m sure I’ll make it out alive. But it never hurts to ask. Lol Thanks all!
  2. I have 5000 miles on my 2020 TB and I have not really experienced the rough ride that many people talk about. I am coming from 4 different Tacoma's (Bilstein Shocks on all) over the last 10 years and many lifted Fords and Chevys before that. I travel a short ride to work everyday but drive to my mountain cabin 200 miles away at least once a month. When I am there I usually set out to find rough roads and mud, so I would say I have had it in just about everything PA has to offer in the way of terrain. I have actually had passengers compliment the ride over their Fords and Rams. Go Figure. lol Planning on writing up a full 5000 mile review after I get my first service done... I'll be sure to note this in that as well.
  3. Finally got my S&B CAI last week! Installed today. Install took less then an hour and approximately 2 beers while watching the instructional video of the hot tattooed chick from S&B. Lol Kept the battery unhooked for a few hours based on a bunch of posts here. Short test drive with the wife... noticeable sound difference and maybe a slight throttle response. Will see how it feels over the next few days. Also wash and wax to get ready for the salt. Sounds like winter is about to start here on the east coast this week.
  4. FYI... I just updated the thread I started on the S&B CAIs. They are delayed a minimum of 3 months at this point. Ordered mine at the end of September and just received an update that I should receive it the last week of December. I hear all good things about them though... hope it worth the wait.
  5. I was thinking the same thing! If I get it in time I may have to wrap it for myself and open it in front of the wife just to see the look on her face. lol
  6. After seeing this, I just went and hugged my Midnight Edition and whispered sweet nothings. Best of luck with the claim. Very glad you're okay... a few more feet to the left, there's a good chance you wouldn't be posting about it. ?
  7. Just received an update from RealTruck.com. Looks like I'm not receiving my intake until late December. Around 90 days after ordering it! Not blaming them for anything outside their control... more an FYI for those who want one. Looks like this will be a spring 2021 project at this point.
  8. Issue I have is the contacts sync so I can search and call people. Though if one of them call me their name does not pair with the contact in the system. They have to be a favorite first. My overall impression of the infotainment system is... that it just plain sucks. It’s clunky, freezes, does whatever it wants to and will respond after a few seconds. The steering wheel controls have a mind of their own. And something new... I’m currently waiting to pick up my lunch and after turning off my truck, when I got out the radio is still on now. Hope that doesn’t turn into an issue.
  9. I like the idea of a radar detector.... I am still waiting on seeing how I can install a reliable CB radio setup without drilling holes in the body for the antenna. Would love one for long trips and the convoy trips with buddies.
  10. No issues here. Truck is only a month old. Everything is still fresh underneath.
  11. @Dani2005 - I have to say I'm not one for white trucks.... But Holy S4!T! I agree with @eppieguy. This is one of the nicest T1 rigs I've seen yet. Great setup, beautiful truck. Good luck with the mods! I probably won't look to lift mine for quite a while.... Going to be looking hard at those coil overs when I do. They are sharp. Please report back on your experience with them.
  12. Horizontal... I thought the frames were the same though??? Should fit regardless no?
  13. https://www.americantrucks.com/rough-country-silverado1500-tow-hook-to-shackle-conversion-kit-rs147.html Picked up a set of black shackles on Amazon for $20 and they fit perfectly. Install was 15 minutes. Shackles are great when actually pulling stuff with your truck and a tow strap. As a tip... Use a piece of cardboard or something under the shackle braces when sliding them in place. This will prevent them digging into the plastic under them when getting lined up. Luckily I noticed this before anything went sideways. Also put some black zip ties on the shackle bolts to prevent them from creeping out or some 8 year old kid from taking them off in a parking lot.
  14. I wasn't sure of that either. I have read conflicting information on that.
  15. I have the red ones I just pulled off my TrailBoss. Installed shackles which I personally like way better.
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