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  1. Anyone with some insight on these tires?
  2. A shop in Phoenix, Az (BDM Customs, they have a good rep and are an official BDS dealer.) I have a zone adventure series lift on the truck right now that came with new UCAs and was told that I could use those Zone UCAs with either lift.
  3. I’m going to go with the BDS. Now the question is, do I have the dealership or a local shop install it? The local shop is a certified BDS shop and they are a bit cheaper than the dealership.
  4. Got quotes for both these lifts (6 inch). Kit/install for the Zone is $2300 and BDS is $2900. Is the BDS worth the added $600?
  5. I have a buddy who works at a garage and he told me he could get me the RC kit at cost and then I’d pay the labor of course. I had been looking at the BDS 6” lift but I could save a ton of money going with the RC and the deal I can get. Thoughts on what I should do? The extent of my off road driving will be in dirt and gravel roads in the mountains.
  6. 6” lift on my 2020 1500 and the Shark fin antenna is preventing me from parking in my garage. Has anyone found a shorter or flatter shark fin antenna? I need less than an inch to be able to clear the garage. My neighbor has one on his Ram, but I can’t find on for GM trucks.
  7. Recon now has smoked tail lights for 2020 Sierra 1500s. I have a 2020 Elevation-are my factory lights LED or halogen? Want to order the correct lights from Recon.
  8. Have a 2020 Sierra 1500-How much lift do I need to run 37 in tires without any cutting? Planning on a 20x9 wheel with 0 offset.
  9. Spoke to my dealership. They have 3 S&B CAIs in stock but he said once they run out, like you said, they are on back order. Decided to go with S&B over the GM intake.
  10. Good to know. I’m leaning toward the GM CAI just for simplicity of being able to have the dealership take care of everything.
  11. I just added the Borla S-type exhaust system to my 2020 Sierra. Will adding a CAI add even more power and sound or is it so little that it’s not worth it?
  12. I have the Zone Adventure Series 3.5 inch lift on my 2020 Sierra 1500. I’m happy with it. Don’t know what they have for your truck, but worth checking out.
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