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  1. I’ll double check for you in the morning
  2. my plastic piece is bed-lined to match from the factory. Line-X should be able to coat it no problem, their spray on liners can go on almost anything.
  3. I have an LTZ and would like to know why this wouldn't work as well! I've been looking for something exactly like this that won't ruin the lines of my front end but add some badly needed lums.
  4. sorry to hear of your troubles, but thanks for sharing that lesson learned with us!
  5. De-badged / re-badged the tailgate, and deleted the FM antenna. Simple little things...
  6. BossTaco, I decided to go with the American Work Cover, I had one on my last truck for 10 years without any issue so I decided to go with the know good option, its a 6 to 8 week wait time but I'll post some pictures once its on!
  7. Chevyguy, do you have a picture of the bug deflector on the truck? I'm trying to decide if I should get that next. Thanks in advance!
  8. I have the AVS in channel in smoke on my CC LTZ, overall pleased, but not floored. Pros: - Smoke looks good on the truck - doesn't block view of either mirror (vent visors on my 2010 F150 did) - doesn't interfere with window sensors (pinch/auto up/down) - with the windows cracked and the covercraft sunshade in my black interior truck doesn't get too hot sitting in the sun and the AC quickly cools it down. Cons: - had to return several different shipments that arrived from Amazon scratched, took them three tries to get it right - AVS is printed on the plastic and can't be removed unlike other brands that have a little stick on badge that can be pealed off. Here they are on my truck...
  9. I've been thinking of doing this mod too, did you notice any appreciable drop in MPG around town?
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