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  1. RST front turn signal bulbs?

    I am on two months with my front LEDs with absolutely no issues. Apparently your mileage may differ...
  2. RST front turn signal bulbs?

    No issues whatsoever. Just far better looking turn signals ;)
  3. Scam Alert!!! I bought a BAK Industries revolver x4 the second week of March and I received a rebate flier. After filling out the form and mailing it in, 8 weeks later I get an email saying that the purchase didn't fall within the rebate period... The flier I have seen it's good through March 31st... No start date on it.... I have seen other social media posts that warn of these rebates being hard to collect, so buyer beware... Sad since this is my second cover from this company and I like their product. They also seem to stand behind their products, apparently just not their rebates...
  4. A couple of weeks ago I saw an ad or post from Battle Born Off-Road about a behind the grill light bar for the 2019 Silverado. I was quite interested because I have read about problems putting a light bar behind the grill on these new models because of the active shutters in front of the radiator on these trucks. I had a behind the grill light bar on my 2016 Sierra and the extra light really helps on some of the dark areas I roam... I was quite disappointed to find that I may not be able to have the same thing on my 2019 Silverado RST. So Battle Born Off-Road posted an add for a set-up made by Baja Designs. It incorporated their S8 20 inch light bar, a wiring harness and mounting brackets. I inquired about the kit and if it would actually work. These guys called the manufacturer and confirmed it, so I pulled the trigger. The S8 light bar is awesome and it has a pretty slick amber accent light built in. This 20 inch bar really pumps out the light and has focused lenses on the bar. Installation was quite easy and after I got the grill off it took about an hour. The only week part of the kit is the directions in terms of removing the grill on the Silverado... If you are looking for a behind the grill light bar for the Silverado, this kit should top your list. sorry for the picture quality, but it's all I have at the moment.
  5. Does anyone on here know how to remove the front grill on a 2019 Silverado RST? I have a 20 inch lightbar from Baja Designs that is supposed to fit between the grill and the active shutters. The instructions that come with the product are weak at best and they left out the large part of the grill removal. I have tried the top four bolts and pulling the grill, but it seems to be anchored on the sides and I really don't want to break anything... Thanks! Andy
  6. RST front turn signal bulbs?

    No issues... Much easier to see at night, but no other issues. Is there something to be looking for?
  7. RST front turn signal bulbs?

    The back on the RST is already LED... Not sure about the other models. The reverse lights are not though.... I replaced them as well with these: https://www.vleds.com/921-36-w-5500k.html
  8. RST front turn signal bulbs?

    The turn signals on the front of a '19 RST only light when used as a turn signal, they are not lit otherwise and these are BRIGHT vs. the incandescent bulbs that come from the factory. My video I have is too large for this website, but I did post it in the similar facebook group. Andy
  9. RST front turn signal bulbs?

    That's the same thing 7443. Just keep in mind that all 7443 bulbs are not the same. Some that don't draw as much current may create the hyper-flash error condition. The ones that I posted the link to work well. Simply order those and you will be fine.
  10. It's about a month old... I can't list the mods because it would give the wife evidence... Silverado RST
  11. RST front turn signal bulbs?

    Sure, here's the front end with the LED's in the turn signals.
  12. RST front turn signal bulbs?

    It could not be easier. Look for the small round plug with the fin on it (IT HAS NO WIRES ATTACHED TO IT). Twist and pull it out, replace the bulb and reinsert and twist. Both sides are very easy access and you don't need any tools.
  13. Chevy Silverado 2019 Baja Designs New Products

    Do you have the mounting instructions for the 20" behind the grill '19 Silverado RST? Does this kit work with the active shutters?
  14. LT Trail Boss Turn Signal to LED

    These are the ones I used and they look great. So much better than stock. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0794ZBNBH?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_pd_title
  15. RST front turn signal bulbs?

    I ordered a pair of amber LED's for the front turn signals and they came today. They are much brighter than the bulbs, better color and no hyper flash or codes... Why GM didn't go this route with the RST is beyond me... A major upgrade... Here is the link to the ones I got : https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B0794ZBNBH?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_pd_title

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