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  1. 2019 AT4, tomorrow

    My wife drives a 2018 Tahoe RST. The interior in that truck is half a decade past the 2019 twins. Its ridiculously nice and it lets me know GM can build an amazing interior if, when and where they want to. The only thing I can think of is that they built the interior of the new trucks for the percentage of the population that actually uses them as work trucks. I think it was a huge mistake because many of us use the truck as a vehicle first and a truck on the weekends. I dont want a truck interior for the 5% of the time Im carrying ATVs, moving furniture or buying plywood for a project..I want an SUV interior for the 95% of the time I'm going to work or taking my kid to horse riding lessons.
  2. How are 2019 silverado sales?

    I've seen zero twins up until yesterday. I saw an RST and an AT4 within twelve hours.....I live in the heart of truck/chevy country and not seeing these trucks on the road in larger numbers is not a good sign. People around here will live in card board box so they can have the latest truck and the newest fastest bass boat....The idea that these trucks arent moving in this solid economy is very telling. The dealer up the road is now well supplied with Trail Bosses but they are just sitting there because they want sticker while the Ram dealership across the street is offering 20% as a starting place..
  3. Has anyone installed the new 4 inch lift by BDS?
  4. 6" ProComp lift

    Two more questions (if you dont mind) - 1)How much did the 35s kill the power in the 6.2 with 10 speed without re-gearing? 2) The tires look like Nitto Ridges. Are they the full 35x12.50s or the slightly smaller 295/70/18 ?
  5. 6" ProComp lift

    Looks great! You confirmed my decision to go with a LTZ and a 6 inch lift over a trail boss. If you could post the offset, it would be greatly appreciated!
  6. 6" ProComp lift

    Do you mind sharing Wheel/Tire information?
  7. I really like you Gideon/light gray interior. I've steered clear of it due to my perception that it would get dirt and stay dirty. Have you been able to avoid stains?
  8. Rear window leak

    Have you considered going to a different dealer? I had a Honda that had an airbag sensor that kept having issues. I went to the same dealership four times and they couldnt repair it and didnt want to cover it under warranty. I went to a different dealership and it was fixed in a few hours and under warranty. If I have issues at a dealership or service manager, I just leave ...I realize that might not be possible in your circumstances, however.
  9. Definitely a tough pill to swallow but thats going to look great. Please post pics when you get it.
  10. If you dont mind me asking, what did the black out parts run you in total?
  11. What did you pay for your truck?

    Yep - Thats a great negotiation/deal. Congrats! I think that is the highest percentage off that I've seen.
  12. What did you pay for your truck?

    ^^^Now we are talking. Did the location have a larger set of inventory? The places around here arent really budging because there are less than 5-7 Trail boss in a 100 mile range. They are sitting on the lots without moving but they dealerships are keeping them as "show pieces" to get customers in the door to look at other cars.
  13. You come across rough in your delivery. If you would stick to the content which is "concern about a frame that might bend on a lift because a shop doesnt have special accessories" you might not get a vitriolic response. Your content is logical and does raise concern. With that said I share concern that a lift can bend and or damage a frame. We've all seen and heard the "horror" stories of trucks snapping in half on lifts due to rust or general failure. Im concerned when brand new trucks without rust are bending. I need to see some good pictures to make a final opinion. I understand the "save a gram" philosophy to improve gas mileage but this has risks. ALL of these manufacturers are playing this game just hoping the product stays together. I can guarantee you they know the shortfalls and have done the math to screw the customer over and wash their hands - That includes Ford with their passion for aluminum. This is not a brand issue...

    ^^Great looking truck. I dislike chrome a LOT. There is something about the color combo and the chrome that fit this truck. This is by far the best looking stock (non trail boss) truck I've seen... Are those stock tires?
  15. What did you pay for your truck?

    Im going to go out on a limb and feel confident those prices can be beaten by a non-employee deal. Only 4.5k reduction on a LT Trailboss for employee prices (sub 10%) - Seems like its a very shallow discount.

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