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  1. Aftermarket Shocks for AT4

    Any chance you guys are on Duratracs? I have a AT4 on 18s with the street tires and it rides better than my previous car which was a BMW...There is no "floatiness" or "boatiness" in the ride quality. I've read several threads about the Duratracs causing vague steering and "floatiness" My impression from the other posters was the Duratrac sidewalls are very soft.
  2. I had numerous test drives in the 5.3 and the 6.2. The 6.2 with the 10 speed is a game changer in terms of drive quality...There is something "buttery" about the 6.2/10. It drives like a luxury vehicle... It will be very interesting to see what the 5.3 drives like with the 10 speed. To be completely honest Im not sure if its the 6.2 or the 10 speed that makes so much difference. I would definitely wait for the 5.3/10 speed or just go with the 6.2/10 speed.
  3. Black Out Mods

    Plasti-dip is always my answer for badging. Its cheap, fast and if you dont like it you just peel it off.
  4. I've never understood people that will join a forum, ask a question and have well meaning people try to help, only to respond with with a vitriolic or arrogant response. I'm genuinely grateful for ANYONE trying to help me out even if its apparent they didnt read or fully understand my original post. *The best feature on any forum is the "ignore user" and I've already put it to work today. I'm glad I wont ever see post from this user again.
  5. I'm starting my install today and had a quick question for those that have already installed their system. Do the door sill plates just pop straight up and are they attached by clips? Im assuming you can just get under them with a trim tool or screw driver and gently pry them up...Any feedback would be appreciated.
  6. Can you please take a pic of the 2 amps under your front seat? When I looked under the front seat as an option for amps, I thought the amps would block the air con vents...
  7. You can make major improvements to the sound quality by fading the speakers farther to the back, boosting the bass, lowering the treble and turning up the volume... It appears the sound system heavily favors the front to the point the sound is thin and tone is lost...You recoup some of this by fading to the rear and adjusting bass/treble. Im still installing a sub within a few weeks but the adjustments make the current system bearable.
  8. Air con dripping on exhaust?

    Do you also have an exhaust sound that sounds like an exhaust leak at the manifold? Im trying to figure out which sounds are normal as the truck is just a couple of weeks old.
  9. I have a 6.2 AT4 and when I stop it sounds like the air con is dripping on the exhaust? Did they locate the air con drain right above the exhaust in this vehicle or is something broken? There is no oil/coolant in the driveway so I dont think its a vital fluid draining out..
  10. sub install

    Have you considered a plug and play adapter by LLJ....If you can avoid splicing, I would.. https://lljcustoms.com/store?olsPage=products
  11. I have an at4 with 18s and the street tires. It drives like a Cadillac and better than my recent BMW. It has to be the tires or an air pressure issue.
  12. Center console cover

    Its not a big dog but there are already claw indents in the leather on the doors and in the center console...
  13. My dogs paws seemed to be strangely attracted to the soft leather on the center console. Has anyone found a center console cover that fits? I've found plenty for the 2018 model but nothing for the 2019s.

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