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  1. You are 100% right and you have legal protection BUT manufacturers can and will still void non related failures and deny warranty. They know your options are to take them to court on a Magnusun Moss claim or to pound sand. They know you have to lawyers up and then fight an uphill battle against the engineers that designed the car and army of corp lawyers... I mention this because I was into tracking sports cars for a long while and I watched it happen to numerous people.
  2. I always get some level of feedback when doing line taps. The LLC adapter is 100% clean with a good ground. I was surprised with the quality of the LLC adapter. Its top notch and plug n play.....and Im not affiliated with them at all.
  3. I purchased the LLJ customs harness. Its great quality and I experienced good service...It took a couple of weeks to come in but well worth the wait. In addition consider fiberglassing your own enclosure....I fiberglassed my own enclosure using the frame for the organization tray in the AT4. I have one 8 powered by 500 watts and its more than enough...
  4. It doesnt void the warranty due to Magnusun Moss.....BUT the dealer/manufacturer can and will void your warranty claim anytime they please. You have the option of going to court and fighting their endless supply of lawyers and expert testimony from people that designed the vehicle...Thats why there are or at least were several companies (like BDS) that were assisting customers with representation/information for court cases. I cant count how many people I know who have had claims denied due to mods that were clearly in violation of Maghusson Moss act. The manufacturers know that i
  5. I realize no one is driving but has anyone heard an update on this issue?
  6. What blows me away is GM pretty much had the lock on the luxury truck market via Denali. Denali was THE luxury truck to have on the market. They knew how important luxury was to a lot of customers and had/have huge profit margins on these luxury trucks. They let RAM walk in and take a huge section of the market with the 1500 limited because of being short sighted with the interior. You would think that a company that was rolling in profits from selling "high end steak dinners" would realize the quality of the meat was pretty important....Nope. They underestimated the market and came in short a
  7. I've noticed a huge swing in MPG if I pre-start or idle... If I dont pre-start/idle I get 17-18 mpg. If I pre-start I get 13-14 mpg. I typically pre-start for 5-7 minutes. It seems too large of a variance but I've tested it numerous times. When I was idling at my daughters school everyday for 20-30 minutes I was near single digit MPG...
  8. I often wonder about the urgency that companies have with these types of issues. Is there one guy working on this that is knocking off at 4:00pm to beat rush hour traffic or do they have 10 people working on it around the clock?
  9. I have not had any of the brake updates completed at this point. It seems as if GM states the issue is fixed with the latest software update but forum members are still having issues... Can anyone advise if the latest software fix actually fixes the problem?
  10. It may be incorrect according to your experience but it isnt according to mine...I've personally never had a denied coverage but I've known plenty that have due to extensive involvement in the auto racing community. In each instance a M-M claim was involved it never made it to court because the lawyers advice was that it was cheaper/easier to pay to fix the car themselves than to try to fight them in a legal battle. In many states there arent even any provisions to recover attorneys fees for M-M and the average resolution time is a year to a year and a half....Even if you win, you probably end
  11. I kind of chuckle when people believe the Magnasun-Moss act gives them any real protection. Your only real repercussion is to take them to court and spend thousands fighting their layers of lawyers and endless dollars. At the end of the day its the professional opinion of those that designed and built the truck and your local opinion based mechanic (if you chose to fight them). They are going to win in 99% of the instances and you are out thousands... This^^ is exactly why companies like BDS offer (or at least used to offer) legal services to fight against the manufacturer in Magna
  12. I chatted with GM finance today and they said they had no early termination charges. They did say that the incentives went to the dealer and they've had several people call up stating the dealers had challenged them for refinancing. She didnt clarify what "challenged" meant. I'm guessing a civil lawsuit.....Anyone had a dealer come back to them?
  13. For a stock system definitely fade to rear a couple of settings...The Bose system is pathetic no matter what you do with it.
  14. It is a very expensive tailgate and when I bought my truck I thought it was a gimmick. The only reason I have it is that it came with the truck. I can truly say that its the best thing since slice bread, however. I use it almost every day and it makes life easier. GM has a gold mine on their hands with this tailgate. They are certifiable idiots if they dont have it on every single GM truck within the next few years... I've been fortunate enough to have a few very nice cars that have been head turners over the years but I've never had attention like I've had in this truck. Its not a
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