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  1. GM Employee pricing

    Thanks for all of the help! Is there anyway to get a listing of all of the known rebates applicable to the current month?
  2. GM Employee pricing

    Is that on top of all of the other incentives or just $2,941 off?
  3. I've started pulling together numbers on an AT4 and I have an immediate family member that is a GM employee. I havent pulled GM family discount but it was posted a while back on this site. It appears the deal you can get with a dealer surpasses the family discount. Has anyone on the forum validated the difference between a typical 10k reduction you can get on the show room floor and GM employee pricing? I would prefer not to waste my family members time asking them to look up pricing if a showroom floor deal is going to be vastly better... Thanks in advance...
  4. I test drove all of the Chevys and wasnt impressed (no offense Chevy owners). My experience actually had me looking at other vehicles and other manufacturers because I was so dissapointed. I test drove an AT4 on a whim last week because I drove past a dealership. It was a completely different experience and I was instantly sold on the AT4. The 6.2 and 10 speed make this vehicle. The idea that the Trail boss and better equipment AT4 are just a few thousand dollars difference really is mind blowing. Chevy is either getting rich or GMC is taking a bath...
  5. What did you pay for your truck?

    I checked their website..They are only offering 9k off on an AT4. I have a strong feeling I can do that locally as the dealership a few miles away is advertising 8.5k off on an AT4. Do you know if there is still room to work or is that 9k the no haggle fee? Definitely not worth the price of plane ticket for $500 if that 9k is firm...
  6. Z71 vs Max towing package

    To me the Tundra feels like it has substantially more power than the 5.3....I dont think it shows up in the HP/TQ stats so not sure how it happens unless its gearing - Not saying you are wrong but thats just my feeling.
  7. Dyno run before CIA install and after results

    It reminds me that mods dont always make a vehicle better/faster. I've watched guys dump truck loads of money into suspension upgrades with new wheels and tires and then run significantly slower track and auto-cross times.
  8. What did you pay for your truck?

    Anyone have good luck with a GMC dealer in Georgia? Most of the dealerships that I've briefly chatted with dont want to play ball which is surprising because there are two or three truck dealerships within throwing distance of each.. We have TAVT which is a tax which makes it very difficult/expensive to go out of state to buy a vehicle. If you buy it out of state you still have to pay the TAVT. The TAVT is a road tax and a sales tax lumped into one. Its 7.5% of the purchase total so not a small fee...
  9. Turned out great...With -17 did you have to trim a lot? Do you also mind sharing the brand and model of the wheels?
  10. WOW...That looks great. Do you mind sharing the following: Leveled? Wheel- Size/offset Tires - Dimensions
  11. This is a great deal for someone. The throttle controls are worth every penny.... What is the brand?
  12. 20x9 with 305/50/20 combo looks good...

    They are the new 2019 Fuel Blitz (D675) 20 inch in Gloss black. They have two other color combos that look great as well. http://www.fueloffroad.com/blitz-d675-w-52264.htm I do not know exactly the offset but they arent offered in many offsets. They have the following offset: +1 +20 -18 They dont look like they are sitting deep enough to be a -18 so Im guessing a +1. I bet if you copy the picture and send it to Fuel and ask they will know. They probably worked with this dealership to scope the wheel since the wheel is new. If they dont know I bet the dealership would and if they are worth their salt they will help you out..If you find out please post it up.
  13. Hood Vents

    Looks good - Any chance we can get a downward view or a view from the cab!
  14. 3.0L diesel specs are here.....

    I think they are banking on the Trailboss to be their biggest profit generator. Its my favorite truck of the twins but at the end of the day its LT with a 5.3 and with average options its 55-57k. They arent messing with that type of profit margin for a while...
  15. IIHS front tests are out

    What confuses me about this is that GM spent millions on the absolute best crash software and the vehicles are extensively tested. In addition vehicles are retested anytime manufacturer mods are installed. In specific I watched a special on the ZR2 Bison in which AEV added skid plates and a few surface mods to the ZR2. Chevy spent millions of dollars running crash simulations to ensure the mods wouldnt impact crash survivability... How in the world does this truck have safety issues when GM is spending millions of dollars testing? Its as if they had their heads in the sand when designing their "bread and butter" truck..

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