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  1. Meaning won’t work at all with new tailgate or leaks
  2. These are the ones I currently have my eyes on they’re just a few hours away so I have to get down to see these in person
  3. I guess I was too specific I should have stated at4 or Denali pics in any color thx guys
  4. Hey I am up to see any color thx
  5. Really liking this truck in the white I just don’t know which rims look best thanks
  6. Hello I am upgrading to a 19 in near future and have the backflip on my 17 Denali crew short has anyone fit a old style cover on the new 19s? Thx
  7. Good to know that even if not perfect fit it may work i have an almost brand new f1 cover that I would love to swap over to my 19 when I upgrade
  8. Anyone try swapping they’re old style 17 backflip cover to theyre 19? Thanks
  9. So the 15 cover wouldn’t fit in the 19? just curious if I could swap my 17 cover over if I do get a 19
  10. There is no way the new 22” Alenza tire is a better all around option
  11. Wow are we talking about the same tires? The one 22” Bridgestone dueler at?i have yet to find a better 22” all season tire i live in New England and have never had a problem in any snow storm
  12. I have multiple friends that own same vehicle all had over 40k on the duelers That is the first bad comment I have ever heard about them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

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