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  1. Any more updates or anything come out specifically for the carbon bed yet
  2. Yes the downloaded Spotify app on head unit i did finally get it to come up when plugged in and on apple car play stupid that the heady it app is different setup than the apple car play Spotify setup i guess I will have to use apple car play
  3. Hello I can’t figure out how to get all my personal playlist songs listed out on screen so I do t have to go through each song to find what I want on the Spotify app is there something I am missing i click playlist and it automatically starts playing a song from my list but it doesn’t list all the songs on screen in list like my wife’s Volvo app thx
  4. Lmk how u make out i definitely need a cover for the winter thanks
  5. Ya really I know there are some audio guys that spend some time and get the best settings for each system
  6. What is everyone finding they’re best settings for Bose are? on my 17 I had to fade to the rear just a bit and had treble almost maxed out thanks
  7. Just curious if it is the same system as older generations or did they update speakers?
  8. Does the 90 day rule still apply to curing process before you apply a coat of wax to new paint have heard mixed reviews on the google searches I did thank you
  9. How happy are you with this so far? how is the drone at cruising when it drops down cylinders? Thx
  10. Got a hold of gm all they could tell me was it was in carriers possession
  11. Believe truck was made Fort Wayne indiana would it come by rail to ct?
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