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  1. Also have one on order, should be in this week. I will upload pics when its installed.
  2. Interested in knowing where you got your wrapping material from.
  3. Same boat you guys are in, 2020 AT4 Carbonpro. I need a cover badly, this not being thought out is disappointing. GM if your out there help us.
  4. I still have the stock 18" for the winter and the little off roading I will do. This truck is just a lifted de-chromed Denali really.
  5. Finally here. My 2020 AT4 Carbonpro Edition, isn't she beautiful.
  6. Ordered my 2020 AT4 Carbonpro Edition on July 12th and received a TPW of 9/9 and that changed three times. Dealer texted me on 9/2 and said my truck was produced and is waiting to be transported to them. On 9/6 my truck arrived at the dealer, they install 22"s wheels and mods included in the carbonpro package. I picked her up on 9/10.... I absolutely love this amazing truck. The only thing I was caught off guard by was no tonneau cover. The Carbon Fiber Bed is so freaking new there's not currently one available for it. Bummer, winter is coming.
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