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  1. Yes. Mine had the factory installed kicker tailgate sound system and I had the dealer add the step lights. There is a separate cutout for the lights.
  2. Added black emblems and the tonneau cover to my 2019 AT4 CarbonPro.
  3. Thanks for the input. I wouldn’t have thought the navigation loading time was a big deal at all if it had happened from the very beginning. However, I literally had zero nav screen/map loading times, instant on, the first month I drove the vehicle. Then, suddenly, I had the ‘SD card not installed’ errors then nav/map loading screens ever since. The audio issue is also weird. It’s not that the volume was turned down. When it happens, there is literally no way to get any sound at all other than to change from AM to FM or Sat or visa versa. The truck is at the GMC dealership now and they told me
  4. After 1 month of owning my new 2019 AT4 without any issues, I had the Nav SD card not installed error. The next day, the nav system went through s long loading process. Since then, with every vehicle startup, I now have a 10-25 second process of the nav system loading before it can be used. Previously, it was always nearly instantaneous. Also, the radio will be randomly self-muted. I brought it to the dealer last week and they did an infotainment system software update claiming to have fixed the problem. Nope, it’s still taking 10-20 seconds to load navigation and the radio was muted this morn
  5. The tailgate kicker system was factory on mine, but I had to add the tailgate step lights. I had negotiated the tonneau cover in the purchase price. Since they couldn’t install a tonneau, I had them install the cold air intake, they gave me a bed bag, and a refund check for the rest. For my purpose, the waterproof cargo bag is just fine, and LOVE the cold air intake!
  6. The dealer was baffled, had no idea. They said they would call GMC corporate to see if there were any known solutions. I decided to hold off on the tonneau cover and use that money to install the cold air intake instead. I go back next week for the install. If I find anything else out about the tonneau covers and the CarbonPro bed, I’ll post it.
  7. I have never owned a black vehicle until my new 2019 AT4. I love it!! Fortunately, I have a car wash 2 blocks from my work that has a monthly membership. I can run it through the wash every day if I want.
  8. Ha! I wouldn’t have believed it myself. I went to my local dealer last week to buy the AT4 I had test driven the week prior. They had it pulled up all ready for me. Then, they said, “Before you sign the paperwork, would you like to see the new CarbonPro version? It just came in yesterday. There were only 150 CarbonPro AT4’s made for 2019.” For once, I was actually in the right place at the right time.
  9. Any CarbonPro owners out there who figured out a tonneau cover solution? Apparently, the CarbonPro bed doesn’t have the rail necessary to mount any sort of cover. My local dealer had a call out to GM accessories corporate and am waiting to hear back.
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