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  1. Love my 19, the 16 I traded in was nicer, LTZ trim so had more features but the only thing I truly miss is those super bright HID's.
  2. I noticed on my 16 at 30k the seats were showing some wear. I blamed on the "cooled" seats haveing thin material to let the air thru.
  3. Damn, first I have heard of needed a special pad, lifted my truck at work with the narrow pad. Will take a look later to see if it was damaged.
  4. I just ordered the flowmaster american thunder cat back. Should be in this weekend, if i get it installed will post up
  5. Haven't messed much with but it appears to show all your music apps. Iheart, padora google play.
  6. They're not gonna make it easy, they don't want to buy your truck back. They lose money and the BBB complaint looks bad for them. I believe a new truck for dropping the BBB case is a fair deal, if you still have the BBB case open they have nothing to lose to take it to court. And they have good lawyers.
  7. I work at a dealership, not Chevy, we won't install any aftermarket parts. We don't want to liable if they fail or cause other parts to fail which would not be warranty. So no surprise to me.
  8. Yes on the control knob, it's a must have. Yeah I kinda figure it was at threshold of 200w amp. May upgrade down the road. thx
  9. That JL setup looks nice. Alas, I have the dealer Kicker. I have noticed that the sub drops out on songs with alot of bass if I turn the volumn around half way. On the bose btw. Anyone else have that happen? What would be the resolution, better woofer or bigger amp or both?
  10. I'm no expert but if the load is heavy enough it may be pushing the rear springs to overload spring, which would make ride rough. Towing my camper its not to bad but is rougher
  11. Most Chevy dealers have a road force balancer, I The one I worked at did. I would recommend taking it to the dealer and get the service manager involved so you'll get a good tech. A true road force balance involves dismounting the tire a couple times per wheel and indexing it. They have to mark the wheel and tire, mine had those marks along with the road force number written on the tire. That's how knew they had been done, weather the dealer did during PDI or done at assembly IDK. I highly doubt the tire jockeys at Discount or any other big box tire chain will do it right, the ones around me have a bunch kids working there pumping tire out as fast as possible. Good luck buddy.
  12. Mine had clearly been road forced balanced from the factory, marks on the tires and wheels. It is smooth at hwy speeds. If that helps.
  13. It's not EPA mandated but the truck does get a higher EPA rating for having it and also why it be permanently disabled. Other than aftermarket items.
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