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  1. It says 400 watts? Anyway there was a fuse for the inverter but since the front outlet worked I figured ok. It's in warranty just hate to take the time to deal with the dealer
  2. So I was doing some tailgating and was gonne watch tv using the bed outlet. But didn't work. I read the owners manual, ignition on, 120v button on, green light on. Nada. interior outlet did work. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but don't think so. Anyone have simular issues? Thx
  3. IDK, I do know that if mine is hooked up to the rv and I try to remote start if flags communication codes. Both times it had been sitting all day hooked up while I was at work. Definintely test the camper battery.
  4. I have not, maybe try disconnect the battery for 20 minutes and see if that resets something
  5. I didn't go in for free oil change, don't want some oil jockey banging up my doors and what not
  6. yep, happened to me. After that I try to make sure the thing is stopped before i let off the brake.
  7. Mine does this. It's a radar sensor, it's picking up your trailer as an object. Normal thing with the current setup
  8. the flowmaster american thunder kit the flapper is removed
  9. 19 rst z71 20" wheels smooth as glass. But like the gentleman said test drive that at hwy speeds. Oh 6k miles and one rotate still smooth
  10. Damn, I couldn't fit my electric ratchet, did not even think about the air ratchet. It's much smaller. Any way I used a ratchet wrench, it was slow moving.
  11. If no dash lights on then it's working. It's not fool proof...far from it.
  12. FYI taking the existing chrome bezels off is a huge pain in the arse. Took me half an and that was on a left at work.
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