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  1. thx guys. Yeah turning them down manually would be a pain in the rump. will try not to tow at night I guess
  2. Is there any adjustment for the headlamps when towing or loaded down? I blinding everyone when towing at night. Thought a truck this pricey would auot adjustment or something.
  3. I'm certain a faulty brake pedal sensor would flag all kinds abs taletails
  4. 7000lbs is well with in the towing limit. Well, if you have a v8. Probably unrelated to the tow. I towed my camper (8500lbs) up the NC mountains last weekend and it had its tongue hanging out but we made it and engine and trans temps were in operating temperatures.
  5. Sounds like GM is working on a resolution to the issue. Replacing new parts with the same new parts isn't going to fix the noise and only cost lots of dollars. They are working on it and it's just an annoying noise, no safety concern, no drivability concern. Have some patiance. Could be design issue, maybe a manufacturing issue. The fact that they released a PIC means they are working in it. It will be resolved
  6. I've never had a vehicle bought back. I have been a dealership tech for years and dealt with unhappy customers alot. And tbo we want the cars bought back...so the unhappy people go away. Lol That said manufacturers fight tooth and nail against it. Most the time the dealers trade them into a new vehicle...at a loss no doubt.
  7. I bought the flaired gm set, front and rear but have yet to install them. Will let you guys know.
  8. I believe what you described is a normal characteristic of these trucks. Until the trans fluid gets up to temp they act weird.
  9. Supercharger?

    Me too, my lease was ending I had do something. I'm gonna start saving for super charge, by the time I have enough they should be available...
  10. Thx got it. I dont yhe listed rpo axle codes so I guess I am good.
  11. Where can we find the rpo codes? Used to be in the glove box?
  12. What's the combined gross vehicle weight of the Denali? I have the 5.3 and its 15000lbs, rough math I would be over 2000lbs. Tongue weight would definitely be over on the Denali. 2-3 times a year might be ok but would be a handful. You would need a weight distribution hitch.
  13. Dfm is pretty seemless ln the 19's, no complaints from me, is just drive it
  14. I think it was earlier years (99-2005ish) but recall from my chevy days seeing cylinder heads crack and leak coolant into the oil, had to remove the valve cover and we would see coolant on the heads. Could be that issue.

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