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  1. That's another thing that is actually making me drag my feet. I am in a credit union and i have watched rates go up the last few months. After a lot of hard work fixing a lot of screwing up in my earlier years, my credit is very good. My current truck has been paid off several years, and even though it has a lot of miles, it still looks great and runs great. I'm just a little paranoid of getting far away from home on a trip and having it blow apart. Of course, with the quality of GM Lifters right now, a new one isn't a safe bet either. I would get pre-approved before i went to the dealer to do anything. But yeah, i am keeping an eye on the economy too. My job is secure, but i would never foolishly extend myself either.
  2. So, i could probably get my questions answered by going to the dealer, but then the salesman would not stop dry humping my leg until i order, so i'll risk it and ask here. i want a new RST with max tow package, and the 6.2, plus a few other options. Can't find exactly what i want within 500 miles, so i figure i'll bit the bullet and order. My local dealer, in my brief conversations, has mentioned they can usually get orders in 2-3 months, or less. When you order, do they require a deposit and time of order, or does that depend on the dealer? I am looking to get an RST, Glacier Blue, 6.2, 20" wheels, 4x4, grey leather seats, max tow, possibly a sunroof. Currently still driving a 2012 Silverado with 5.3, 212,000 miles. Thanks for stopping by, feel free to flame away for asking a silly question.
  3. I replace the hardware every time i do a brake job, i didn't notice much rust buildup on the caliber itself. It's possible i didn't use enough lube on the pins, but i try and apply a good amount. Maybe i'll pull it all apart next weekend and check. I'm trying to find a new RST so i keep hoping i won't have to keep diving back into it. Already had to buy a set of tires 5 months ago, still can't find a RST with 6.2 and max tow package. Oh well, tires and brakes are still cheaper than a new truck that has been paid off for 4 years.
  4. I have a 2012 Silverado crew cab with 210,000 miles. I purchased it used with 26,000 miles, so majority of the miles are all me. I upgraded the front pads and rotors a few years ago to Powerstop Z36 slotted and drilled rotors and heavy duty pads. I tow a travel trailer 6-8 times a year in hilly east Tennessee. I had the rear shoes replaced around 145,000 miles (they still had about 10% pad left, somehow) and had the entire system bled and new fluid replaced (awesome having a buddy as a master mechanic at the local Chevy dealer). Last week I noticed i was getting a vibration in the pedal so i swapped pads this weekend in between rain showers. Both inboard pads were worn completely out, the outboard pads had about 30% pad left. I have never replaced the brake lines. Is the inboard pad were an indication of the flexible line collapsing? Or, a bigger issue with the caliber itself? I had to replace the passenger side 2 years ago as it was dragging and kept wearing quicker than the other side.
  5. Those of you that have the 6.2 with max tow, how difficult was it to find a truck with that option? I want an RST with 6.2, max tow and can't find one within 500 miles of east Tennessee. I tow a 26ft TT, about 7,500 lbs loaded. Just two adults, one kid and a 25 lbs dog inside the cab, couple of chairs in the bed. I currently have a 2012 Crew Cab 5.3 with max tow, 208,000 miles and it's getting long in the tooth. I may have to go down and order one from my local dealer, but who knows how long that will take.
  6. Nice review. That's actually my favorite color. When i finally get my RST, you have the same options, down to the interior color. Can you post a picture of the interior when you get a chance? I've never seen on on the lot with the grey interior. Hell , i can hardly find ANY on the lot, period. I need the 6.2 with max tow package.... looking for a unicorn it feels like.
  7. That sounds amazing!!! Great choice in exhaust, truck and color!!!
  8. Anyone have any real world experience (hearing in person) a Corsa touring version vs the Borla touring? When i ever find my 2022 RST 6.2, i would like either of the two. I tow a 26 travel trailer 5-6 times a year and am just concerned mainly with interior noise. I know both systems are pretty well dialed in as far as very little drone. I had a Borla on my 4th gen F-Body, great sound.
  9. Anyone tow with the Corsa or Borla? I'm planning on buying an RST this year with the 6.2. Tow a 24' TT 5-6 times a year. Don't want it too rowdy when it revs, (keeps the family awake while i drive all day, makes them cranky, hahe) but i do enjoy being able to hear a slight rumble. I had Borla on my 4th gen F-body, it was great as a single guy, had a Borla XS on my F150, wasn't bad at all on the highway, but would not want it that loud now. I know, sound is subjective.
  10. Thanks! I have been looking for that.. i'm still a fan of that color. Not sure what the actual difference between the two without seeing them side by side...
  11. Anyone know when they are supposed to update the Chevrolet website, so if i want to option out a truck with what i want i can see it? I want an RST, Cajun Red but i haven't seen one yet online.... i'm still nursing my 2012 Silverado with over 200,000 miles, but would like to buy a new one soon-ish.
  12. Same here. RST in Cajun Red Tintcoat with the 6.2 and max tow package..
  13. Hey guys i have a 2012 Silverado LT. It has the front middle jump seat that has the fold down console with lid. The top has a small tear in it. Is there a good place to get a replacement top for it? How difficult is it to replace? Thanks!
  14. Sorry you had to deal with all of that on a brand new truck, but glad you finally have it back! It's a great looking truck! Hopefully you get many years of trouble free service
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