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  1. I just looked at my 2018 LTZ bought in December.... same thing. Mine looks like it has a white coating of some type on it, sticks out like a sore thumb on a black truck. Tom
  2. Wow! Cant believe how bold people are. Tom
  3. Retrax one cover

    I did the retrax on my new 18. Its about as water resistent as it gets. I haven't sealed up my tail gate yet and I am impressed. Tom
  4. What brand of polisher?

    I can't say enough about my Rupes, had it for a couple of years now. Tom
  5. Ceramic Coating

    Keep us posted and put up some pics when he is done. I live in the twin cities area and thinking about having my black 18 LTZ done. Tom
  6. Factory GoodYear SRA

    I rotate mine every oil change. I can get 68-70,000 but there isn't much left at that point. Tom
  7. $7000 off msrp

    I always thought the end of year was the best prices for GM. I know I saved a lot of money on my 18LTZ. Tom
  8. V4 mode

    This forum seems to be sensitive to GM transmissions being clunky.... My wife has a 16 Toyota Camry that has a clunky transmission sometimes, I rent cars for work a lot, it seems like most of them do not have a consistent smooth shifting tranny. My 2018 LTZ is a little clunky at times but just like my 17 it never gives me any trouble. I think it's just the world we live in , I have yet to have a GM transmission failure and I go thru a lot of trucks. I think a lot of people just need something to pick on to make them feel good. The sky is falling Tom
  9. +1 on Interstate batteries. I have had great luck with them. There is a Interstate store near me and I can buy factory rejects pretty cheap. They all are great on performance normally there is a problem with the color of the top not being just right or something similar. They come with the same warranty. Tom
  10. Does anyone know if there is a way to have the heated steering wheel turn on with remote start? 2018 Silverado LTZ Tom
  11. I have the same problems with my 2018 LTZ, in these Minnesota winters the parking sensors are useless. My truck has to sit outside so they never have a chance to thaw out in my garage. Tom
  12. Man that is a beautiful truck. I love the exhaust. Tom
  13. I buy a new truck every year at end of year sales event. My truck is my office, I retired from the company I worked for as a field service tech after 30 years. I got bored and started my own service business doing the same thing, just a one man operation. I put 50K miles on a year and charge my customers .57 cents per mile, that comes out to $28,500 per year on mileage. I spend approx 6K/year on gas and $960/yr for insurance. I can easily trade every year and still make a profit on mileage. My wife car we trade about every 7 years or so. Tom
  14. Are you the only one riding in it? I am thinking in you have other people riding with you the sub back seat is much more comfortable than the Silverado. Tom
  15. I think it is a software/hardware problem. I had the same issue with my 17 Silverado. My new 18 LTZ doesn't have any connection problems. I use it every day as I travel a min of 4 hours a day in my truck Tom

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