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  1. The GM touch up pen works great. I got mine at the dealer. Tom
  2. My LTZ came with Nav and I find myself using it more and more lately. Answers to some of the questions Yes it has separate volume. Yes you can bring it up on your DIC or HUD if you have it. If you press the home button while using it screen will show a split screen with the radio on the left and Nav on the right.When you get close to an exit the radio on left will disappear and it will show a pic of the exit sign when its time to exit. Radio will then reappear on the left. Tom
  3. Yep! Somehow didn't get notified of your post. Tom
  4. I've owned both and currently have the Bakflip. I like the Retrax better but I need the bed space too bad. The Retrax kept my bed dryer that the bakflip and in the harsh winters where I live it always opened like butter. Tom
  5. I agree with your statement! My new 6.2 10 speed is absolute love at first drive. Great shifting trans. I was working in Fargo this week and raced a new Ram Hemi truck just having some fun. It really wasn't a race and he wanted to know what all I had done to the engine. He didn't believe me it was all stock. Us old men can still have fun with out trucks! Tom
  6. Maybe look into GM Developer. I am also a nerd and signed up and got an account. It is free, there is a lot of info on there site but I haven't had time to work on anything yet. https://login.developer.gm.com/gmapideveloper.onmicrosoft.com/oauth2/authorize?response_type=id_token&client_id=39a89d87-41ee-4ed6-9b98-55f52e0936ee&redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%2Fdeveloper.gm.com%2Fdocs&state=d083eba1-8c45-4c08-96a7-e383dcfa2ddd&p=B2C_1_DeveloperPortal_SignInPolicy&scope=openid&client-request-id=42f6fa39-6dec-4bc8-82ff-e8d61073ee3f&x-client-SKU=Js&x-client-Ver=1.0.16&nonce=8a9b24a2-d1eb-493c-83da-56210183048b Tom
  7. $ 125 and I will split shipping with whoever buys it. Tom
  8. I have one for my 2018 for sale. I kept it when I traded it in. Tom
  9. To me something changed with the Ads, the ads now pop up over my reply box when I want to reply to a post. Would be nice if we became a supporting member to have the ads removed. Tom
  10. I have a Autostop Eliminator for sale, BRAND NEW never installed. I ended up doing the range unit instead. $65 shipped anywhere in US. Tom
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