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  1. Pretty sure my patience would have run completely out by now.... Fighting the general is a slow painful process. Tom
  2. I found mine and reset it, back to normal for now. Tom
  3. Where is the SD Card located at? My 19 LTZ just gave the the same error but I don't see a SD card slot. Tom
  4. So I saw a post somewhere on this site where someone installed their AMP override switch down by the drivers seat buttons and it looked nice. I have spent two weeks trying to find that post again and cannot, searched every way I can think of. Has anyone else seen it possibly and could share a link? Thanks Tom
  5. I am not sure anyone has been willing to step up to the plate and be the ginny pig for the conversion. I wouldn't want to do it while its under warranty. Tom
  6. Im the odd ball I guess.... I actually don't mind DFM on my 6.2. Tom
  7. AMP Xtreem steps for my 19 LTZ. Seems like too much bickering on this board the last few months, how about a cease fire until after the Holidays?? Merry Christmas Tom
  8. Am I the only one that had problems drilling the pinch weld for the LED wiring to go thru? I have good drill bits and it took forever and dulled two bits completely. Tom
  9. I didn't rush by any means and it took me about 4.5 hours. Very easy install, I was impressed with quality of parts and how complete the kit is. Only suspect items were the wire ties, they were pretty cheap. VERY HAPPY with the steps. Tom
  10. I just finished installing mine about 5 min ago, had the question Tom
  11. Who put a bug up your A$$? Internet sensation....... Tom
  12. I have never been able to make it work with a LTZ grill. There is one on eBay that will work on a LTZ grill that looks very close to the original, its been so cold up here I haven't put it on yet. Tom
  13. I think the cool thing is we are fortunate to have many good oils to choose from. Tom
  14. I have a 19 LTZ and haven't seen any updates yet. I hope I don't get it, everything is working great right now. I pretty much live in my truck and it drives me crazy it something gets screwed up. I can't afford downtime on my truck, if it is out of commission I don't make money. Tom
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