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  1. truck

    I agree.... didn't you check options before purchasing? My LTZ came with Navigation, however after using google maps satellite view thru Apple Car Play I don't care for GM Nav option. Tom
  2. 110V Power outlet

    I tried running a printer off mine and it would not work. Tom
  3. FINAL UPDATE!! I think they fixed it, picked it up today and drove it for 200 miles without problems. Per the service report: Scan test P12A6 stored again. Retest circuit 5660 from ECM to FPCM. Found high resistance on circuit. Separated circuit at UBEC. Resistance located between UBEC and FPCM. Updated TAC case, recommended to replace entire circuit. Inspected and traced circuit for damage. Located pinhole and corrosion about 8 inches from FPCM near LR shock. Note: Terminal leads on back order. Performed wiring harness repair to circuit 5660. Reassembled components and harness. Cleared code and retest operation. What is a UBEC? I know what the FPCM is. Tom
  4. Not exactly the same but my 18 LTZ with 20K miles on it left me stranded a week ago. Similar, trans started down shifting, pushing on the gas did nothing. Turn off and restart and drive a mile and same thing. Eventually turned into a no start. Called Onstar and got a tow, replaced ECM and said it was fixed, did the same thing within a mile of leaving dealer. The say they found a hole in a wire and now it's fixed. I will be picking it up on Monday and not sure how much confidence I have. The dealer has been amazing, put me in a 19 RST Z71 and told me drive as much as I need. Dealer is 300 miles away from me and I have put 1600 miles on the loaner for work. Time will tell. Tom
  5. RST is ok but I like my 18 LTZ better. RST throttle response is much much better. Overall the truck seems like they cheapened it up a little. Still a good running truck. Tom
  6. So the dealer called and said they found the problem, "a hole in a wire"... Not sure what that means yet but I will pick it up Monday. Tom
  7. UPDATE So dealer tells me they need to keep my truck again. I have a great service advisor trying to make the best of a difficult situation. I ask her if they have something else besides the Blazer for a loaner, I've had lots of back surgeries and the Blazer is just to small. She puts me in a 19 RST, now I'm happy because its comfortable, tells me whatever I need to do to stay working use the truck like its my own and have at it. I don't have the initial service report but it said something to the effect of: Checked for voltage drop Verified fuel pressure and that's all I remember. I am betting on a bad ground somewhere. Tom
  8. UPDATE So I drive 300 miles to pick up my truck. Drive 1 mile and my check engine light comes on.. Get the same OnStar message above. Back at the dealer and it’s Saturday... Now I’m getting frustrated but remaining cool for now. This stinks if I have to drive without my truck today! Tom
  9. Update 3.... The dealer called today to give me a update. They started working on it yesterday and said the ECM had codes in it that made no sense. They told me they are working with GM tech support to figure out the problem. They called this afternoon and said the problem was the ECM, they had one in stock and truck would be ready today by 5pm. Im going to pick it up tomorrow morning and will report back tomorrow. I can't really be disappoint in the service, they gave me a nice vehicle and told me I could drive it anywhere I needed to for work. As long as I'm able to work I'm good. If the problem is truly fixed I will be happy with the way I was treated by a small town dealer. More later. Tom
  10. Two days ago I would have been agreeing with the OP. But yesterday my 18LTZ died on the road out of town 250 miles away from home. So here I sit waiting for a dealer to look at it. They said they would get it in at 7:30 this morning, now they say maybe this afternoon..... It would be different if it happened local, I would be home and happy to wait on the dealer. Tom
  11. Update 2... Dealer was suppose to look at it this morning which didn't happen. Now maybe this afternoon they say. Gotta keep my cool... The 2019 Blazer has terrible blind spots, it is nimble, seems to ride OK. Not a fan of the stop/start. Every time is shuts off you feel the engine shake. More assessment this afternoon.... Im going on a road trip in it to pass some time. Tom
  12. I don't think anything broken internally, engine was running a little rough when it quit. We towed it to the first dealer, very small town dealer. He said he didn't have anyone to do that kind of work. We then found a second dealer not to far away, they were great to work with. Told me they could look at it 7:30 am tomorrow morning. Gave me a new 2019 blazer as a loaner. Now I wait till tomorrow Tom
  13. I will say Chevy has been very responsive so far, they called me with a different tow truck company, should be here in 30 min. I will say this... I am so glad I have the onstar wifi. I have very little cell coverage, at least I can logon to the internet and do emails and surf the net while I'm waiting. Helps pass the time and is a good business expense. Tom
  14. Update 1 The my Cheverolet app gave the tow truck driver the wrong location, onstar is now dispatching a new driver. I swear it acts just like its out of gas but I know its not, I just filled up last evening. Tg
  15. Onstar contacted me with the above email. My check engine light is not flashing, it is lit solid when the engine does run. Tom

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