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  1. I travel for work. I will say when I travel in remote Wi, Mich and Minnesota I spend quite a bit of time out of cell range which means no maps using CarPlay I will say the factory Nav always works. I like having it as a backup. Tom
  2. This is from a GM article to help understand. Further, advanced programming means the transmission is constantly learning how to best manage gearshifts against driving conditions and driver habits. Tom
  3. So are you saying that apple CarPlay works in your truck wirelessly? Meaning that google or apple maps show up on your display without a wire? We need a pic Tom
  4. Has anyone tried this one? https://carplay2air.com/?gclid=Cj0KCQjw9ZzzBRCKARIsANwXaeLHest-uXiH8EtYs_gEGqQCwGUz4cB69cXqExnGM4JKlEFJYkpj2YoaAkYIEALw_wcB Tom
  5. He forgot to take his meds......
  6. Do you happen to have any pics of it installed? Tom
  7. Some guys (myself included) really enjoy fabricating things instead of buying. It brings peace of mind. Tom
  8. You can go to the info page and get the current software version. I am not aware of any new updates to correct the volume problem Tom
  9. Yes the amp splitter works great. I use the range start/stop disable and both the steps and range device work great. Amp splitter is beautiful quality compared to others. Tom
  10. Retrax Pro and Amp running boards. Very happy with mine. Tom
  11. I would have no problem installing them myself but would have to wait for someone to confirm they will fit a 2019. Probably my biggest concern would be what they look like after a Minnesota winter. Tom
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