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  1. Im not sure either.... maybe service engine soon?? Tom
  2. My 19 doesn't auto lock every once and a while, sometimes it seems like if I leave the door open for a extended period of time it won't lock. Not very often. Tom
  3. I have 92,000 miles on my 19 6.2. Zero problems to date. Tom
  4. 92 gas is 3.39 a gallon where i live, BB(before biden) it was 2.69. I can buy 92 at costco for 2.74 a gallon, that is quite a savings.... Tom
  5. So a timely post... I just called my dealer because I am close to 90,000 miles on my 19 6.2 truck. I asked them about transmission fluid and filter change. They said they have a 100K service package they recommend for $1249.00. It includes the following: Trans Front and rear differential Transfer case Radiator Brake fluid Engine Oil It seems like a lot of money, they said it takes them most of the day to complete. Tg
  6. I have a pair of progressive polarized Oakleys and no problem. Tom
  7. Fuelie

    Joke Thread

    Why can't you trust a ATOM? They make up everything ? Tom
  8. HA! I had just finished the job when I posted and you replied in a few minutes! Thats pretty fast. I have this gut feeling I might have broke the connector off on the old unit.... embarrassing ? Im too tired to go check it tonight.
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