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  1. I will hands down buy this the day it comes out for the 19's. Tg
  2. My 19 LTZ with 6.2 10 speed is getting close to 80,000 miles. I don't see any service schedule for the 10 speeds. Im thinking its getting close to a fluid change and not sure I really trust my dealer to service it. I doubt its anything I want to do at home.... Tom
  3. Im telling you I drive in harsh winters and cold temps, I was working in a area last year with actual temps -49F below zero. Brakes didn't work great, steering didn't work great, heater on full blast just to keep inside of truck bearable but no problems with the AMP steps. Tom
  4. I have the AMP extremes and love them. I bought them because I travel in northern areas with difficult winter conditions. Never had a problem with them. Worth the extra imo Tom
  5. When you tried the simulators did you have it in tow/haul mode? Tom
  6. It ran great for 2 days and then started throwing up tons of errors while I was driving down the interstate, service brake system etc. Also the truck would not turn off, I let it set for 30 minutes and then it finally turned off. I unhooked the Pulsar and it started right up, I returned it and they were great to deal with! When it worked I liked it a lot Tom
  7. For the guys that bought this are you still happy with it? Is it what you expected? Im thinking about it.... Tom
  8. Totally agree with DFM off and throttle response, however I had to send mine back due to problems. I will wait a few months and see if things smooth out and maybe order again. Tom
  9. Count me in also.... Mine is a 19 LTZ with every option but max tow. 6.2 10 speed. I have 72,000 trouble free miles, the ONLY time I have had a problem is when I hooked up the new Pulsar LT. I have had two back surgeries and one neck surgery, and my driver seat is very comfortable. I will probably wait till the 2022 comes out for my next one. Tom
  10. I emailed them yesterday and got a email and call from them today. They gave me a different number to call them on, the guy was outstanding to talk to and work with. They said Holley will be sending me a RMA on Monday, I appreciated they didn't try to talk me into swapping for another. I am spooked and can't afford to have problems with my truck. Maybe later when things settle down some Tom
  11. Well I have been trying to call Range all day and no one answers the phone Im dialing 1866404-6141, anyone have a better number? Tom
  12. Try this https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/forum/169-2014-2019-silverado-sierra/
  13. So I didn't have a chance to call Range today, I will do so tomorrow. I remote started my engine today and noticed it had a check engine light. At this point I pulled the unit completely out and have been problem free all day. If my truck goes down I don't make money, I'm a small business owner. Have no interest in any modifications for a while. Tom
  14. My connector went together like butter. Tom
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