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  1. No matter what it is still in it's infancy and im not willing to be their ginny pig for the amount of money I have to spend. I'll wait a while and see how things go. Tom
  2. Here is the article on Hennessey https://www.gm-trucks.com/hennessey-performance-cant-tune-the-2021-chevy-tahoe-and-the-reason-why-will-infuriate-you/ Tom
  3. I thought I saw a article when Hennessey had trouble tuning the new stuff. I'll see if I can find it. Tom
  4. I'll be waiting. I will have too many miles on my 19 LTZ to trade it in (already do). Tg
  5. Did you try a Whipple? If son what problems did you have? Tom
  6. I don't think so, the amps are setup to communicate thru the CAN interface to know when the doors are open and closed. I am not sure how others are doing it. Tom
  7. I have them on my 19 LTZ and LOVE them. The OBD becomes a non factor if you buy the splitter that amp sells. My original OBD tucks nicely behind the floor panel on the drivers side. I travel in pretty severe winter conditions and bought the ones with two motors on each side. Never a problem all winter. My truck now has 61,000 miles on it and I cant imagine life with out them Tom
  8. On interstate I constantly get 19-21 mpg. I have 56,000 miles on my 19 LTZ 6.2 Lifetime of 18.6 mpg Tom
  9. It sits in my desk drawer.... they did one update and it hasn't connected to my truck since. Pretty disappointed, you have to mail it back to China to get a refund. Tom
  10. Josh My problem is that I was a $25 supporting member before I became a $75 lifetime member. I don't want to renew the $25 membership, but I got a email saying it is auto renewing this month. Tom
  11. I can't find a way to cancel my supporting member renewal. I am a lifetime member and don't want to renew my supporting member role. The renewal email gives no info on how to do this. Tom
  12. Im curious if there is a way to update these units if your truck or phone won't connect to it? Tom
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