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  1. So any updates on this? Did you do a exhaust and go back to the dyno? Tom
  2. Theres a thread on this recently. Its a costly update. No radar involved. Below is the reply I got from WAM its doable but its a huge job, different camera, adding a few modules, steering wheel change, cluster programming, bcm programming etc. Doable but pretty expensive Tom
  3. So I finally got hearing aids today and it seems like quite an adjustment for my brain to adjust to. I came out of the office and couldn't figure out what a sound was... it was leaves blowing down the street. It seems a little overwhelming at first. Tom
  4. Have you tried Jeff Belzers in Lakeville. I have bought 3 silverado's and they discount pretty good. I was thinking about a HC instead of my LTZ and they had a heavy discount on the HC Just a thought. Tom
  5. Amazon has an app that will allow them to deliver to your truck. They unlock your door and leave package inside. Not sure I am ready for that just yet.... Tom
  6. We need a ginny pig... Anyone volunteering? Tom
  7. For me hands down Retrax Pro Tom
  8. Sure, send me your email address
  9. Need to figure out apples new pic format. Having trouble converting them to jpeg.
  10. Can the new 6.2 engines run on E-85? Im not sure mine can, Tom
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