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  1. Josh My problem is that I was a $25 supporting member before I became a $75 lifetime member. I don't want to renew the $25 membership, but I got a email saying it is auto renewing this month. Tom
  2. I can't find a way to cancel my supporting member renewal. I am a lifetime member and don't want to renew my supporting member role. The renewal email gives no info on how to do this. Tom
  3. Im curious if there is a way to update these units if your truck or phone won't connect to it? Tom
  4. Yotaac I see visions of flame throwers on those tips Tom
  5. I am not sure we have that many reliable tuners out there yet. I am not ready to do anything just yet. Read the thread below in the link on a member who did some mods, on page 2 he talks about the challenge of learning the tuning tables. I am hoping by this time next year there is more progress for tuning our T1 trucks. https://www.gm-trucks.com/forums/topic/234833-stage-3-cam-kit-install-more/#comments Tom
  6. I see that the 19-20 years GM models are no longer on their list of approved vehicles. Tom
  7. Also, how much room for the intercooler? Any pics of it when you installed it. Tom
  8. Any concerns about the transmission holding up? I have been thinking about doing this on my 19 6.2. Tom
  9. I had mine apply the brakes in rush hour traffic one time, it saved me :). If someone parks on the wrong side of the road in my neighborhood, when i get close to it the red square flashes and the seat vibrate. Surprised it doesn't brake. Tom
  10. How did they ride on you F150? I have a LTZ Z71 I would love to soften up the ride a little. Tom
  11. Is there a way to open the power ones manually if needed incase of a problem? I love my retrax pro and would really like a power one Tom
  12. When I got my tent done they gave me a optometrist that will write a script saying you need tint due to light sensitivity and migraines . Tom
  13. Something is going on.... I have ordered a lot from them and never a problem. Tom
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