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  1. Right. The only thing with that one there, is that it doesn't have any diamonds. I mean i know people online are selling them at a lower price but there aren't the same as NEW or Intact as well with diamonds from General Motors Company. Really the Ring has more value because you can't just buy at any jewelry store. This Award GM Gold Ring, you have to Really Earn it! I will compare apples to apples only. Same league. They offer me $750.00 already but nah it isn't enough....especially for what the Ring means to Chevrolet owner or employer. *Im willing to sell it at $900.00 For A Real GM Fans or GM Collector Here in this Forum! dieselfan1 appreciate your offer though. Thanks readers!
  2. I may negotiate the price a bit, if theres a real interested buyer... lmk If you prefer contacting via email: [email protected]
  3. I'm looking at $1,200.00 Thanks for looking!
  4. Here ya go! It does need cleaning though, for it to shine. It is brand new. Never worn. Does have two diamonds from GM. Size 9 Let me know if anyone interested. Thanks!
  5. Hey Guys, I have a "GM Chevrolet Mark Of Excellence Award Gold Ring 10K For Sale" The Ring is new and never been worn, it is in excellent condition. Great Collector Ring! Chevrolet Collectors out there. Let me know if anybody is interested Email me at: [email protected]
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