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  1. Im not sure either.... maybe service engine soon?? Tom
  2. My 19 doesn't auto lock every once and a while, sometimes it seems like if I leave the door open for a extended period of time it won't lock. Not very often. Tom
  3. I have 92,000 miles on my 19 6.2. Zero problems to date. Tom
  4. 92 gas is 3.39 a gallon where i live, BB(before biden) it was 2.69. I can buy 92 at costco for 2.74 a gallon, that is quite a savings.... Tom
  5. So a timely post... I just called my dealer because I am close to 90,000 miles on my 19 6.2 truck. I asked them about transmission fluid and filter change. They said they have a 100K service package they recommend for $1249.00. It includes the following: Trans Front and rear differential Transfer case Radiator Brake fluid Engine Oil It seems like a lot of money, they said it takes them most of the day to complete. Tg
  6. I have a pair of progressive polarized Oakleys and no problem. Tom
  7. Fuelie

    Joke Thread

    Why can't you trust a ATOM? They make up everything ? Tom
  8. HA! I had just finished the job when I posted and you replied in a few minutes! Thats pretty fast. I have this gut feeling I might have broke the connector off on the old unit.... embarrassing ? Im too tired to go check it tonight.
  9. I installed mine this evening (2019) and had a couple of hiccups. 1. There is a orange round connector on my old one that won't fit on any terminals of the new one, maybe need a adaptor. 2. My cameras don't work at all, maybe its the one cable I cannot connect ? 3. Having trouble getting my Sirius radio to register, maybe a problem with Sirius online activation/xfer service. Will call them tomorrow. Install was not too bad, getting all the connectors off is a real pain, it takes patience and took the longest of the install. Wireless car play works GREAT! Everything else works good. Just need my cameras back. I will dig into that tomorrow. My install time took about 2.5 hrs, most of that time was patience with the connectors. Tom
  10. How did your install go and where did you mount your antenna? Tom
  11. Mine arrives sometime tomorrow. I have the antenna they recommended and hope to install it tomorrow night. Depends on how late I have to work. Tom
  12. Just kidding, just got my shipment notice. I think great job during covid season. Tom
  13. Have you received your yet? I know it takes some time, just trying to figure out what real lead time is. Tom
  14. I will hands down buy this the day it comes out for the 19's. Tg
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