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  1. The vehicle was originally delivered to a dealer in Victoria, TX in Nov 2020. Then it was transferred to a dealer near Dallas. Then it was transferred to my dealer in San Antonio, TX. When I got the vehicle in Jan 2021, it had 215 miles on it. So, one of the first two dealers added this device. I will call them later today to find out what they know.
  2. I talked to the MyCar company and they checked the serial number against their records and said it was not theirs. They told me that the part in the photo is used by a lot of companies and the best thing to do is contact the original dealer to see if they added it.
  3. Not till I figure out what it does. I disconnected it and On Star still worked. I need to make sure it is not part of a safety mechanism. THis truck has so many bells and whistles on it, I have not discovered them all. I wouldn't be surprised if this thing makes coffee.
  4. I agree, but was wondering if any other device used IMEI numbers also.
  5. I paid cash for the truck, so I'm not sure why they would install such a device. I will take it to the dealer so they can see it directly.
  6. It could be this. I think it is some sort of communications module because it has an IMEI number printed on it.
  7. yes, but I disconnected it and the steps still worked.
  8. Yes, Brand new.

  9. I will take some pics tomorrow and post
  10. I'll take some pictures and post tomorrow. I don't think it is an ODBII reader.
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