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  1. Update... At the stealership to have the issue addressed. Apparently there is a software update which was released on 7-5-21 to address this flashing MIL light with no misfire. GM was allegedly aware of it and needed to tweak the PCM software.
  2. Yes I am referring to the check engine light. The build date of my truck is Mar 2021. I have not had the issue in over a week. Fuel wise I normally use BP or Shell 87 octane. She is due for her first oil change so for ****** and giggles I'm going to take the filter apart and see what I see. Sooner that later I am going to get a Pulsar so I can halt the DFM and see if that's a contributor. Those who have taken theirs back to the stealership, let me know how the repairs work out.
  3. 2021 Silverado TB 5.3L. Bought with 13 miles on it. When I hit around the 500 mile mark, I noticed that every now and again within a minute or two of starting and driving out of the neighborhood, I would get a flashing SES light. Sometimes it stays on for 20 or 30 seconds and clears. Other times I will shut the motor down and restart and all is fine. It does this maybe once a week. Never felt the motor misfiring when the light was flashing, and the Onstar does not report any issues with it. Right now it is just irritating, but as anyone else experienced this an
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