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  1. You know, good point, I never really have it much thought, just saw that most others did so and figured ‘why not?’
  2. Had a few hours to kill so I added some LED bolt lights behind the grill for some pretty nice marker lights. lights off Lights on lesson learned: Purple w/grey strip wire is parking /marker light power in the headlight plug
  3. Hello all; I'm really interested in purchasing this kit for my 2020 Silverado https://camburg.com/shop/accessories/acc-lighting/baja-designs-chevy-1500-19-s8-led-grill-light-bar-kit/ However the description says that it is not compatible with the LTZ, but I can't figure out why, my grill looks exactly the same as the grill pictured. Has anyone installed this in their truck? or anything like it?
  4. I’ll double check for you in the morning
  5. my plastic piece is bed-lined to match from the factory. Line-X should be able to coat it no problem, their spray on liners can go on almost anything.
  6. I have an LTZ and would like to know why this wouldn't work as well! I've been looking for something exactly like this that won't ruin the lines of my front end but add some badly needed lums.
  7. sorry to hear of your troubles, but thanks for sharing that lesson learned with us!
  8. De-badged / re-badged the tailgate, and deleted the FM antenna. Simple little things...
  9. BossTaco, I decided to go with the American Work Cover, I had one on my last truck for 10 years without any issue so I decided to go with the know good option, its a 6 to 8 week wait time but I'll post some pictures once its on!
  10. Chevyguy, do you have a picture of the bug deflector on the truck? I'm trying to decide if I should get that next. Thanks in advance!
  11. I have the AVS in channel in smoke on my CC LTZ, overall pleased, but not floored. Pros: - Smoke looks good on the truck - doesn't block view of either mirror (vent visors on my 2010 F150 did) - doesn't interfere with window sensors (pinch/auto up/down) - with the windows cracked and the covercraft sunshade in my black interior truck doesn't get too hot sitting in the sun and the AC quickly cools it down. Cons: - had to return several different shipments that arrived from Amazon scratched, took them three tries to get it right - AVS is printed on the plastic and can't be removed unlike other brands that have a little stick on badge that can be pealed off. Here they are on my truck...
  12. I've been thinking of doing this mod too, did you notice any appreciable drop in MPG around town?
  13. Good looking truck! which bug deflector is that? I've been meaning to research and get one myself...
  14. Hey all! 2020 LTZ Crew Cab Standard bed. Ordered in April, just got her two weeks ago, July 24th. I love this truck! I ordered pretty much every option available for the LTZ and opted for the 3.0L for several reasons; - durability: diesel engines by design are known for the simplicity and longevity of the engine - range: I make alot of trips from coastal Virginia to the mountains of West Virginia and up to New England, can't beat the mpg and range of the 3.0L with the 10 spd. - economy: Diesel is currently $2.05 while premium 93 that the high performance turbo gas engines need for top performance is $2.25 by me, and even then I'm still getting better mileage - I'm a professional mariner and licensed to operate and repair massive diesel engines, with pistons and cylinders literally as big as the truck is long, might as well have one in my daily driver - I will occasionally use it to pull a boat, Jeep, or horse trailer, but probably tow less than once a month. My towing will be all long haul highway towing. I knew I wanted a diesel for my next engine, when Ram came out with their eco-diesel I was underwhelmed during several different test drives. Ford delayed releasing theirs, so I traded in my 2010 F150 for my LTZ.
  15. Hey Everyone! I’m trying to decide on which retractable tonneau cover to go with for my 2020 LTZ with the standard box. A few must haves: - Made in America - Metal construction - Solid Locking mechanisms - Roof rack attachment rails (need to haul bikes, snowboards, etc) So with those criteria I’ve narrowed it down to the Retrax Pro XR, Pace Edwards Full Metal JackRabbit, and Truck Covers USA American Work Cover JR. https://retrax.com/retraxpro-xr https://www.pace-edwards.com/FMJackrabbit-Explorer/2020/chevrolet/silverado-1500 https://www.truckcoversusa.com/american-work-cover-jr/ On my previous truck (2010 F150) I have the Truck Covers USA American Work Cover for 10 years and loved it, except the 20”+ of lost bed space, so that’s why I’m looking at the Work Cover Jr or possibly the other two. If you have any of these covers I’d be interested to hear your overall thoughts on durability, security, functionality, and bed space occupied by the canister, and the rails. In addition, are the front stake pockets covered at all by the canister or seals? Pictures would be a big bonus! Thanks for reading and thanks for your time!
  16. My first truck; '86 Chevy Custom Deluxe had the same antenna built into the windshield, also had the vent windows in front of the driver and passenger windows. Man I miss that truck, wish they would figure out how to incorporate those features on a modern machine...
  17. Not to revive an old thread, but does anyone have pictures or instructions on making this modification? Any info would help, just a little hesitant to rip into the upper console and headliner of my new truck... Thanks in advance!
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