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  1. OP, I think I’d take time to do the GM survey, they push so hard for a perfect score but I’d ding em on yours if I was you.
  2. Looks great but just no way I could do that to my new truck, I plow a lot at work and our old Dodge is just eat up from one end to the other. Brake lines bust all the time, one issue after the other. Salt is just bad.
  3. Got my thin red line flag added today, was a pain but I’m happy with it.
  4. I have a white RST Z71 and one day I want the black OEM wheels for it. Only thing stopping me is $2000.
  5. This is how I protect my undercarriage. I just won’t drive it if it’s calling for rain. I drive my Civic to work due to it getting much better gas mileage. I guess I’m to picky but these things are expensive.
  6. My 52k sticker priced RST Z71 ended up being 41k out the door but I did get the First Responder discount of around $750. Very happy with my deal.
  7. My 3 week old RST Z71 listed for 52K, out the door was 41k but that did include the GM first responder discount of around $750 I think. Deals are out there. Good luck.
  8. My White RST Z71 has the black tow hooks but I want them red like yours. I’d like to have more black in the Z71 bade also but I’m afraid to try anything with it myself. Your truck looks great as it is.
  9. If your considering doing a ceramic coating either by a pro or a DIY job wait till your done adding stuff that takes 3M tape like an Aeroskin bug shield or even Chevy OEM mud flaps. It will flat out not stick then it’s a big ol pain to get the ceramic removed enough to get tape to stick.
  10. On my 17 Z71 there was one screen that showed when it dropped to 4 cyl. My 2020 Z71 supposedly drops down to two cylinders or 17 various configurations but is there anywhere that actually shows what it’s doing?
  11. I’m going to go back with another Undercover UltraFlex. It’s worked great on my last to Chevy’s
  12. I can’t say enough good things about my Undercover Flex Ultra. Love the look and ease of getting to as much of my bed as I may need.
  13. Glad your sticking around, always enjoy your post. Great looking car!
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