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  1. I couldn’t find a rim I liked better and most aftermarket ones messed with the offset and had them sticking out more which I did not want. It’s hard enough to keep clean without wheels sticking way out.
  2. In my rural area there are only a few guys doing powder coating and the guy I went with was the only one that would even reply and give me a quote. I’m sure in a bigger area with lots of competition the price would of been different.
  3. Couldn’t find an aftermarket wheel that I wanted and GM black wheels are $500 each so a local guy powder coated them in what’s basically a matte black. Cost $110 a wheel so the total was $440. I’m really happy with the results. Total time to do the job is 3 days if you schedule an appointment. I just did a drop off and wait and it took 3 weeks but the guy was out a week with COVID.
  4. Got these painted while waiting on my wheels to come back from powder coating. They were still wet when I I took the pics. Looks way better once they dried. Think they will look good with my black wheels.
  5. Sounds like you got a great plan, my only tip is that you mentioned Ceramic, do this after you add everything that you can think of that uses 3m automotive tape cause it won’t stick after you do ceramic.
  6. Tinted windows is another nice option that helps keep your interior cool plus I think it helps the look of our trucks
  7. AVS Aeroskin is my favorite bug shield, lays completely flat against the hood.
  8. EGR in channel vent visors, $80 average and easy to install
  9. I have searched everywhere so I hope someone here knows. I’m taking my wheels to be powder coated and really need to know this cause if I have to buy black center caps then I’m going to have to have to guys match the color of whatever center cap I have to buy vs just dropping them off and having them done in satin black. Thanks much!
  10. I considering taking my new Chevy wheels to a local guy and having them done in black. They are aluminum and I want them black, I’d just look for new rims but I can’t find ones that I like that don’t have way more offset than I’m interested in. Anyways, will these hold up pretty good? I don’t drive it much especially in bad weather. It stays in the garage.
  11. I went with the 2020 RST Z71 and love my truck, it’s smooth as I could ever expect from a truck and came with 18” wheels. I looked at some TB’s but they cost around $10,000 more and I just couldn’t do that
  12. I did ceramic myself, my only advice is do all the aftermarket stuff that uses 3m tape before you do the ceramic. Think thinks like a bug shield, mud flaps and the stick on tailgate letters. After you do ceramic this stuff won’t stick to it and removing enough ceramic to get 3M to stick is a major job.
  13. My 2020 RST Z71 came with 18” wheels and 265-65-18 tires, if I go up to 20” wheels do I stay with the same size tire with no issues? I’m not wanting to lift or level. The only reason I’m even thinking about it is there is a set of RST style wheels that caught my eye but they come in 20”. If I’m going to cause unwanted issues I will keep on looking. Thanks guys!
  14. They would buy me a new truck or I’d sue the heck out of someone. An accident is one thing but someone just passing out and hitting me like that is getting me a new truck. If this just happened I’d go to the Dr. as you took a hard hit. My work buddy was hit hard on interstate and though he was fine till the next day. He’s not fine, 3 weeks later he’s seeing specialist after specialist for his injuries. Good luck and sorry this happened.
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