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  1. Thanks for all of your input! Definitely a harder choice to make now. Have the 6.2L RST always been 10 speed or is that new for this year? I think It will probably come down to what I get a better deal on when I am at the dealership. I can also get the all black RST, which is like getting the front black bumper?
  2. I am torn between which truck I should get and would like your opinion, I am thinking of purchasing the 4x4 RST crew cab with Z71 package to get 4lo, adding 17inch rims and AT tires along with upgrading suspension w/ 2-3inch lift, which i suspect to cost me 4 to 5k. I believe that this is the better route because I can make the truck the way I want it to look with a better suspension for about the same price as the trail boss. CONS i would probably lose all warranty on the truck and I am worried that lifting it my cause more wear and tear on certain components. I could buy the GM 2 inch lift, but I mine as well had bought the trail boss. I also would be getting the 8 speed in the RST instead of the 10 speed in the trail boss. OR Just buy the trail boss? I plan on using the truck as occasionally going to the snow/ light off roading, and daily driver (8 to 10k miles per year) Thoughts?
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