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  1. WOW DIRECT FIT ? OR WERE THERE BUMPS IN THE ROAD i THOUGHT THEY WOULD MAKE THAT A BIG PAIN IN THE ARSE So to discourage straight out swap , I gotta keep an eye out for wreck denalis now LOL
  2. Nice clean Lines Looks Great , Any pics of Denali interior And dash ?
  3. TFL Truck on you tube test grade braking and I believe GM had the worst scores , if you put it in tow mode its active ,But I may be wrong , I only had hill decent pop on at low speeds
  4. Nice Truck ! Clean..... It looks like your right on target for performance, what Motor ?
  5. Also if you remote start it to warm up, MPG are all over the place , In the winter my MPG at full tank are under 600mi in the summer if I fill up ,and have been doing alot of highway driving, D.I.C. shows 675 miles to empty , This is on my company GMC sierra with 4.3
  6. Laura GMC Have basically rock bottom prices , I had to travel upstate NY to get a decent deal , I also look for used thinking I would save Money And have a close to new Truck , 1 Dealer had 1/2 his lot loaded with lease returns , "I said I was interested in a used truck ", and pointed at the general area where they were parked , He said they were all $40,000 or higher ! I still remember his face when he turned around while holding the door for me ,I was already in my truck leaving Went up state Got a new LTZ for $44000 , There are deals if you look and wait, In the $30,000ish market but you have to be quick on the trigger https://www.laurabuickgmc.com/VehicleSearchResults?search=new&bodyType=TRUCK&model=Sierra 1500&drivetrain=4WD&displacement=6.2
  7. I was going to change it so there was no numbers in the password , but my email has numbers ! ugghh!!!
  8. It goes to the sign in screen that has on screen keyboard with letters , .com [email protected] and other symbols, but no numbers , I had it with my 14 sierra but it had the numbers, letters and Common symbols , But not the new software from my chevrolet app for the 17 silverado I should have took a screen shot ! maybe tomorrow I will ,
  9. I have 4G LTE Wireless plan for the truck 25 dollars a month unlimited data but if I cant sign in to my accounts its worthless
  10. Yes I have paid wireless unlimited data ! but the keyboard to sign in has no Numbers!
  11. Ok I use Pandora with my phone and I have unlimited WiFi ,works great , But I thought how great it would be to not have my phone because , it sucks when I forget my phone Home and have to listen to the commercial radio !!, I was just going through the my apps on my chevrolet , And I found a download for i Pandora , I thought with unlimited data I would just be able to listen to Pandora without my phone Yea! Wrong! when you get to the sign in for pandora , chevy app does not give you a on screen keyboard that displays numbers , after a half hour of that I gave up ! everyone that I Know has at least a number in there password or email How is that possible? Unfortunately all my emails have a number in them so I can't change it in Pandora Am I missing something Here ? Has anybody here downloaded pandora through My Chevy Apps on the truck screen, And successfully signed into pandora , with Numbers in there password or email, with out using your phone ?
  12. My work truck 2 wheel 4.3 on fill up says 650 miles to empty, my 5.3 4 wheel drive 450 miles to empty on full tank
  13. Vinyl wrap if your truck is white ,black, blue,! .Other colors are hit or miss ,
  14. I get it Too , LEDS seem to diffuse quickly , also They seemed brighter at first with high beams on but now I can barely notice them , the projection seems to be working correctly
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