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  1. Dented Front Bumper

    You will have to get a new bumper , even if you bang it out the chrome will separate from the base metal , I have not seen someone PDR steel bumpers, those ebay bumpers will definitely pass a lease return , as long as its aligned properly ! I would try that route If I was in that boat , the truck probably ,depending on milage , is worth more than whats left on it keep it !
  2. Happy Monday!

    Blame the victim is the cop out for everything , you should not have to go the work and take all your stuff with you with out being robbed because your stuff is in sight of a theif , but truth is if they get caught they are given all your info ,because you accused them or video-ed them, but u are not allowed to get any of there info because now they are protected from you , Laws are 2 protect the thieves, my neighbors camera caught someone going into there car stole a few dollars and a small wallet with all her new born baby papers that she put there for her appointment the next day, when she called the police they were real apologetic but in reality they said you will never see your stuff again , she asked if She should call the news and show them the video the guy looked right at the camera, their advise was don't !, because they could come back and hurt you so just cut your loses , he video-ed the security camera footage with his cell phone made a report and left that was 2 + years ago never got her stuff or satisfaction of an arrest , camera did not help her at all !
  3. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Is the front grill cross section with the bow tie vinyl wrapped ?
  4. They can straighten a stock frame But not with aftermarket stuff installed, did the bds require to cut out the original cross member ? frame straightening is an art the right guy can fix it, but if it is too out of spec may be deemed totaled ,. Someone in here got rear ended with his tow hook in the hitch mount ,truck looked fine but when the body shop inspected it the frame was bent beyond repair ! good luck get a few shops to look at it
  5. Potential Buyer

    Yea i regret not getting the 6.2 425 HP only because they get 20 mpg stock just like the 5.3 355 hp, for a couple of hundred dollars in mods you can get another 25 HP out of each motor someone looked at the D.I.C. after i filled up and seen 530+ miles to empty he said your mpg thingy is way off .LOL I told him I drive to south carolina border before i think about gas ! and I am from the middle of long island NY, unbelievable for a full size Gasser , forget the diesel other than the crazy torque , there really is no reason to get a diesel the emission systems really screwed up the attraction to them
  6. I wished I used it enough so that I would feel good paying for it , it would be nice if it worked while the truck was shut off , Then no doubt I would pay it !
  7. "I pay the $20 a month for unlimited WiFi because for $20 a month I can stream all I want to everyone in the car as much as I want (I think after 22GB you are throttled) for an extra $20 a month on my Verizon plan, I'd only be getting 2GB more so it was definitely worth getting the Wi-Fi plan in my circumstance since I've already used 8GB each month the past two months. Plus, my daughter can use her tablet and I don't have to pay $10 a month extra to activate the cellular on it." My dealer says At&t has some kind of partnership with the WI-FI and if you already have a unlimited phone plan with them you get the WI-FI on your truck turned on for next to nothing ! I don't think you get any breaks with a verizon Plan
  8. its a shame its not for the lifetime of truck , all the electronics and software will be useless on this truck when mine runs out , who is going to pay a phone bill to use your truck
  9. FOB Start, timer shut off?

    If you cycle twice you get 20min but i have not tried it out, I think if you lock and hit remote start again while its idling the lights will blink twice , but prolonged idling is a motor killer
  10. Onstar basic lets you use your phone as a key Fob just download the my chevrolet App, works great! And you would not have to contact any one
  11. Am I Insane?

    Unless it was for for a really really great price , you are lucky it sold , I would not have even thought about a high mileage Truck, when i search for a vehicle its 50k or less ,185 K I don't care its at the end of its time ,Its one thing to own one and put the miles on it ,Its another buy someone else's miles, Our company auctions off a lot of GMC 1500 ,some fords late models "14 and newer and they usually are at 200k to 250k and they will probably last longer but you would have to keep driving them the same,! if you let them sit and tow once in a while ,I believe they would start breaking down, a couple of employees bought trucks cheap from the Boss and still are driving them but a couple the transmission went and others had to get expensive repairs , I mean that could happen to a brand new truck, but I think less miles the better your chances of breaking it into your driving habits and lasting , What was the asking price for the truck ? I would think under $10,000 I would consider LTZ with high miles ,
  12. Chevy shake

    I am Lucky so far smooth as silk was driving to south Carolina hitting 90 and 95 mph counld not feel a thing , And I am not a speeder it just was too smooth to notice ! I am sure there are a lot more like mine that are smooth Wish I got the 6.2 I wonder if any body watching this thread of many , if there vin started with a 3 (mexico) or 1 (usa) i Am sure it is probably even But just curious mexico makes the full crew cab , maybe a design flaw or wear that happens to some and not others, not saying Quality is not any worse at either plant
  13. the Yukon is Nice But the ones with 3 rd row seating ,the second row flips up to load the passengers in the back , it seems to me if you were in a accident it would be hard to get out of the rear seats I may be wrong, I had a loaner SLT yukon so not much experience with them ,if you need to you can haul a trailer and that would take care of your pick up bed needs , but they are a nice ride and look ,
  14. Best Car Wax and Technique.

    I hate the stigma attached to NU Finish Car polish , But let me tell you it lasts a year and any snow or ice on your truck just hit the brakes a little and everything slides off ,I don't recommend that , but it ,protects the paint from acid rain and bird crap , goes on fast in direct sunlight apply and wipe off and lasts a full 8 to 12 months ,this stuff is amazing it shines nice after wash , say what you like but, if you want to just wash and drive with out spending every weekend buffing the hell out of your truck to look good this was a god send but if you don't like the stigma Meguiar’s #21 Synthetic Sealant 2.0 Is great but only lasts 4 to 6 months , otherwise you will be waxing once a month Tip : any whitening of trim use a pencil eraser one of those big soft red ones, takes the white sealant right off
  15. Harsh Ride 2017 Sierra SLT

    How does it ride with weight in the back? Sounds like defective shocks regardless of manufacturer They should do what they are made for , not all shocks have the tell tale sign of oil leaking , Trucks Have come along way in ride quality, but Trucks and comfort should not be in the same sentence up until the year 2000s you expected to be uncomfortable , now with the crew cabs air tight cabins , now they actually can be used as the " family sedan " Good luck to the OP , But my 20s ride great with stock tires and I Notice with 200LB + loads in the back its really smooth, I haven't overloaded it yet but thats inevitable , its going to happen

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