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  1. 6.2L Engine Tick

    Sounds a lot better ,so I remember fords having a noisy pump in the tank , and also normal ,but it still did not affect performance , so GMC is saying its the same the case with High Pressure pumps ? can you tell why it was making noise ? I Dread going to dealership for anything mechanical , I do not think anytime I brought a truck in that it didn't come out with broken stuff and careless workmanship ,I don't even care if you broke something Just fix it right , but most of the time you do not find it until either a tear down by yourself , if you would show them their screw up or stripped bolt in your case They would say that is normal or deny it totally . Nice job
  2. Mobile mirroring

    Thats weird ,unless its some canada privacy thing That the USA put on it ! IT should work Is it turned on in managed devices menu ? Does anything work if you remove android auto from the phone and plug it in, the truck should automatically download it to the phone after you plug it in the usb
  3. Crew or Double Cab?

    Yes crew cab has better posture back, the double cab back part is like plywood straight Get the crew!!!
  4. Can I tow this?

    Nice set up , I guess it will never squat with that !
  5. Can I tow this?

    Wow I just seen this model camper being towed , I thought it was being towed with a 1500 but after I caught up it was a 2500 hd , But I was amazed how well it balanced because the axles are way to the back, most of the trailer length is between the bumper and first trailer axle ! I figured it was a heavy tongue weight but the truck was riding level with no squat , I guess most the weight is behind the tires toward the rear , but there is not much rear after the wheels , Nice travel trailer !
  6. There definitely is nothing special about the deal ,! only if you really like the truck is it worth it , these trucks are all over the place with 10,000 mi or less lease returns , but I struggled with the same thing new or used , but with used there is no incentives and that is what made me go new , if I am going to start the haggling thing ( I am getting sweats just thinking about it ) I wasn't going to do it over a used truck ! With incentives i got 20% off MSRP from what I see that is the norm ,I felt I got a great deal, everytime I drive it, its just a really nice ride , I was always a hard core believer in the used market I would say" buy new and $5000 dollars would be lost As soon as I signed" , the biggest depreciation kicks in as soon as you drive away but A friend just got a 2015 forest green Beautiful truck ,paint color is unbelievable . level kit , nice rims ,light bar , in Feb. '18 , He waited and looked for months because his budget was $27,000 out the door , he got it from a private owner 250 mi from where he lived . It has just under 30,000 mi on it , My deal didn't seem as great ! Deals are there if you wait but that price should be after taxes with undercoat fix for the rust at the minimum , they want alot for used ,But they are great riding and looking truck Good Luck !
  7. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Nice Looking Truck ! Good Luck with it I am sure you will not regret it, especially 6.2 power to MPG
  8. I wonder why these are not popular Lmfao https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PGeUSjRMlQ4
  9. That is A cool setup may have to look into that !
  10. the key fob app still works here ! Did you update the software the app changed last weekend but if you take the update it works again , my basic expires 2022
  11. I agree if it is balanced well and under max weight 5th wheel is safe ! ,Whats heavier a pound of rocks or a pound of feathers ? your neck will hurt weather i hit from behind with a bumper hitch or a fifth wheel properly loaded trailer ,No? I would not mess up my bed with a fifth wheel, but the choice of being 5' to 6' shorter ,i don't get the argument against it
  12. Maybe Its been said in here , haven't kept up with the thread But, a touch of the key to start, will keep the truck cranking until started ,I am still getting used to it I am old school and keep holding the key until motor starts LOL
  13. Dented Front Bumper

    You will have to get a new bumper , even if you bang it out the chrome will separate from the base metal , I have not seen someone PDR steel bumpers, those ebay bumpers will definitely pass a lease return , as long as its aligned properly ! I would try that route If I was in that boat , the truck probably ,depending on milage , is worth more than whats left on it keep it !
  14. Happy Monday!

    Blame the victim is the cop out for everything , you should not have to go the work and take all your stuff with you with out being robbed because your stuff is in sight of a theif , but truth is if they get caught they are given all your info ,because you accused them or video-ed them, but u are not allowed to get any of there info because now they are protected from you , Laws are 2 protect the thieves, my neighbors camera caught someone going into there car stole a few dollars and a small wallet with all her new born baby papers that she put there for her appointment the next day, when she called the police they were real apologetic but in reality they said you will never see your stuff again , she asked if She should call the news and show them the video the guy looked right at the camera, their advise was don't !, because they could come back and hurt you so just cut your loses , he video-ed the security camera footage with his cell phone made a report and left that was 2 + years ago never got her stuff or satisfaction of an arrest , camera did not help her at all !
  15. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    Is the front grill cross section with the bow tie vinyl wrapped ?

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