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  1. I was going to change it so there was no numbers in the password , but my email has numbers ! ugghh!!!
  2. It goes to the sign in screen that has on screen keyboard with letters , .com [email protected] and other symbols, but no numbers , I had it with my 14 sierra but it had the numbers, letters and Common symbols , But not the new software from my chevrolet app for the 17 silverado I should have took a screen shot ! maybe tomorrow I will ,
  3. I have 4G LTE Wireless plan for the truck 25 dollars a month unlimited data but if I cant sign in to my accounts its worthless
  4. Yes I have paid wireless unlimited data ! but the keyboard to sign in has no Numbers!
  5. Ok I use Pandora with my phone and I have unlimited WiFi ,works great , But I thought how great it would be to not have my phone because , it sucks when I forget my phone Home and have to listen to the commercial radio !!, I was just going through the my apps on my chevrolet , And I found a download for i Pandora , I thought with unlimited data I would just be able to listen to Pandora without my phone Yea! Wrong! when you get to the sign in for pandora , chevy app does not give you a on screen keyboard that displays numbers , after a half hour of that I gave up ! everyone that I Know has at least a number in there password or email How is that possible? Unfortunately all my emails have a number in them so I can't change it in Pandora Am I missing something Here ? Has anybody here downloaded pandora through My Chevy Apps on the truck screen, And successfully signed into pandora , with Numbers in there password or email, with out using your phone ?
  6. My work truck 2 wheel 4.3 on fill up says 650 miles to empty, my 5.3 4 wheel drive 450 miles to empty on full tank
  7. Vinyl wrap if your truck is white ,black, blue,! .Other colors are hit or miss ,
  8. HATE My High-Beams

    I get it Too , LEDS seem to diffuse quickly , also They seemed brighter at first with high beams on but now I can barely notice them , the projection seems to be working correctly
  9. Spare Tire

    Yea You are right there ! If your not driving on it very far ,couple of miles , you would be ok. not sure if a 33 will fit up in the spare tire spot though !
  10. Spare Tire

    If your spare is a lot taller or smaller , you can damage the rear diff . if you drove too long on it , I would change the spare to the front (,if you did get a flat on the road )and make sure the rear had matching tire heights , so your good to go with leaving it as is , also take it out of 4 wheel drive but if its dry rotted might as well buy the 5th tire also you should practice dropping the spare because when you happen to need your spare its usually rusted or frozen in place and the side of the highway is not a place you want to be if its your first time taking it down ,
  11. I actually found this useful ! who reads a manual and retains everything there ? if you are not looking for something specific !
  12. When you fill up does your DIC say 1300 miles to empty ? ,That would be pretty cool to get a picture of that on next fill up!
  13. When I went to pick up the truck I walked past it because I THOUGHT I bought a green truck but it got cloudy and it was blue,
  14. Its Amazing how the paint colors change with the lighting , green blue and black
  15. It should not hit at all , upper control arms Did not come with the Lift kit ?

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