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  1. When I went to pick up the truck I walked past it because I THOUGHT I bought a green truck but it got cloudy and it was blue,
  2. Its Amazing how the paint colors change with the lighting , green blue and black
  3. It should not hit at all , upper control arms Did not come with the Lift kit ?
  4. Looks like that was a Bitch to get that strut in place , I had a 2" spacer on a ford that was tough to finesse in there Can't imagine that 4" was easy !, on the ground does it look any better?
  5. Put the tire on drop it off the jack and take picture from back and front , something is off , let it down with the tire turned to left full lock , I think its not that bad and get a pic of diff drop tough to see it But you are maxed , Definitely lose the 1" spacer
  6. 2018 5.3L engine knock

    Wow sorry to hear that , I hate when that Happens ! , has to be a poor install I can't imagine two motors go bad in a couple miles , Any fluid leaks ? Most of the time these trucks are problem free ! UNBELIEVABLE !
  7. Yes that is max you can hope for without problems you may get 32.5 if you have the aluminum UCA , Its weird, the black with chrome running boards and the silver new truck with black step bars switch those and the black '15 was a keeper
  8. Sketches

    Here is a link to rough Blue prints ,pdf files I started doing a 3D model off of it ,just not as detailed as I would like https://www.gmupfitter.com/pdflists/view/39 But you will get some line drawings , not sure thats what your looking for
  9. ,Thats sucks on a brand new truck but like everyone says go to a gm dealer and get it fixed , But its a nice truck and don't really hear this often but it does happen enough where they would not question it , they have to give you a loaner you can beat on, er I mean drive Are emission for California the same in Idaho ? always thought cali trucks were more expensive because of the emission laws
  10. Most Of the time, maybe its just me, when I use any kind of warranty I have no luck Its a big back and forth of "no thats not covered" and me "yes it is " But, I figure now on extended warranties a big no ! because it usually is the cost of 1 major failure anyways, But if all warranties weren't a big hassle to get them to pay up, I probably would always get one My 2 daughters I bought a warranty for them on there first new car since I would end up paying anyways LOL! I guess I will Keep my fingers crossed in the mean time
  11. It seems the trucks without the running boards look a lot higher with a level , they all look good though !
  12. 2018 5.3L engine knock

    Definitely trade it ! its done if you are getting a re manufactured motor thats BS if thats common practice . original motor that never made it to its first 15000 miles , to me thats a new motor . I am not saying anything is bad with a re manufactured motor but it would tick me off everytime I started it , the rebuilt motor probably had more than miles than yours , Man hope it works out !
  13. Vibration 88M

    Sounds like a tire rotation threw something off , I did a tire rotation on a 2012 Silverado and it shook so bad the change in my cup holder was bouncing around ! I put the tires back and it was ok ,it was out of warranty so i bought used rims and mounted new tires and all was ok ! if it would have been new ,I would be pissed too , So far no problems with '17 LTZ only 4000 mi and '14 sierra work truck just turned 100,500 mi , all supervisors where I work have within 3yr old SLT z71s (at least 25 of them ) a couple f250 s and 3 or 4 f150s , I never heard the chevy shake from any of the GMC Trucks , definitly at least 4 bad ac condensers, and a radiator go on some, one of the owners did a hand me down of his f-250 2 yrs ago , and bought a danali hd duramax ,says it is more comfortable to drive , I think he would switch the fleet out if the GM weren't dependable trucks !.... , we don't have enough ford f series trucks to compare ,but no problems with the ones we have Either But I cringe anytime I take something to the dealer it usually comes out with other problems , " Keep your free oil changes " Man I am a member of lots of forums I have been asking questions since telnet days ,in the '80s I always search for answers first because,,, god forbid if you ask a question that was somehow related to someone else post , But most the time I swear I would get ten post telling me to use search , man I don't get it why you would waste time to read and take time to type such a useless post that does not help anyone , I really hate posting what I think are original questions that I think Haven't been asked because of this , Should be a sticky That states "all questions been asked use search "Post only if you what answers that have nothing to do with your problems,
  14. Yea 5w30 would be the most I would go but so far 0w20 makes sense, if only for the afm , I will use what is recommended for my climate
  15. Wow 15w-40 ! Thats Rebel , But The engine cooling system kinda keeps the engine under 230 Degrees whether its 110 degrees out or -110 degrees after full warm up , I mean I'm tempted to run 10w30 in summer but I did not see anything in any manual about 15w40 for a gasser , I will look at that when my warranty is over ,though never heard anyone checking viscosity on a warranty for an engine failure But I guess oil is oil ,its getting oil and thats all that matters !

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