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  1. About a year ago I bought a new Truxedo Titanium roll up ton no cover. A couple of weeks ago I noticed it would not shut unless I pulled the locking cord underneath the cover then a few days later I rolled it up and it fell apart. Well I called customer service, they told me they have made many improvements to the model since I purchased mine, as mine is a first year model. I noticed this one has a different cable guide and when I unrolled it and noticed the cover was much more smooth over the aluminum than the first one was. Also, the tape strips holding down the cover are gone and they have better gluing of the cover to the aluminum. Truxedo got a replacement to me quickly in about a week and they. were very easy to work with. I bought it because it has security, can take the weight of a lot of snow and I liked the look. It is good to work with a company that stands behind their products. I can see the improvements over the first one so I am confident this should last.
  2. I have the same issue, I broke my ankle back in the day and the foot has a slight right turn to it, so I always have put my foot where you are describing, and have noticed the same thing you are talking about.
  3. Hopefully. Good luck that sucks. If it still stinks take it back and demand some goodies. It's worth a try.
  4. Today I smelled nothing Tee dub, you smelled oil coming thru the fan in The cab?
  5. I got a deal on it or I would not have paid that much either.
  6. Yep I hear ya Donstar. All the trucks I have bought were used except two. This one and a mid 90s f150. The f150 had a truck cap so I never dumped anything in there like rocks or anything because it had a dog cage in their full time for my hunting buddy and it's a pain in the ass to shovel stuff out when your bent over. Well my last truck I would haul anything anytime because it had a bed liner. So I guess I am just I see obsessed over not scratching the bed. If I hold off long enough I will try the trap, plenty of guys do that.
  7. Well I came across this thread because my truck has 5000 miles on it and was in for a rear differential assembly issue two days ago. I got it back and the next day I smells something like oil or burnt rubber in the fan coming out the vents. Mi thought it was a minivan in front of me so I blew it off. Today three times more once while sitting in a parking lot. Tomorrow I will turn it in recirculate and run the fan off the cabin air, then the next day try the air conditioning. Then report back
  8. I was going to go with the tonnopro hard-fold but ended up going with the TruXedo Titanium roll up. It rolls all the way up, exposing the whole bed, and can hold some weight. It's been thru one winter and summer, no leaks and is holding up pretty well. Can't complain. Pricey though. pic is a manufactures picture. the only picture I have with it on my truck.
  9. What if I need to move a load of river Rock, or a load of stone for some landscape project.
  10. The reason I want to do it myself is because I have a white truck and don't want someone to mess up the paint outside the box. I have read horror stories like Earl Shieb did the work.
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