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  1. Lane departure warning

    Never felt the need for a heated steering wheel cause I keep a pair of gloves in the door pocket for cold days. Now at age 62 my feet sometimes stay cold even in my boots so a heated floorboard would make more sense.
  2. Your Experience With Auto 4WD

    Tires definitely make a difference. I bought a set of BF Goodrich tires that are made in the Michelin plant in Spartanburg SC for my last truck and got a quiet tire with the best ride and traction of any light truck tire I have owned. My current truck had 23K miles when I bought it and only 29K now and the tires are still in great shape so I've got to wait a while until they are ready to be replaced.
  3. Your Experience With Auto 4WD

    Thanks for the input. Reversing up the hill seems to be a major factor in the slippage in Auto 4WD. My initial understanding was that the Auto 4WD setting to be the same as AWD but there is a real difference between the GM 4WD, the Honda AWD and for that matter my wife's Subaru Forester. I prefer using the Auto 4WD because the truck steers better as I attempt to do the small corrections necessary to get the trailer hitch and ball aligned but I have been using the 4WD High setting with no slippage problems.
  4. To get access to my trailer storage shed, I have to back up a grassy incline in my field. Without AWD or 4WD it is almost impossible if the grass is the least bit wet. When I back up the hill in my 2016 Silverado it spins enough to burn the grass before it "catches" or engages in Auto 4WD. My Ridgeline had full time AWD and didn't spin enough to burn the grass and before that I had a Chevy with full-time 4x4 which had no problems as well. Does this sound like normal Auto 4WD in a GM truck? With the increased towing capacity, comfort, and good fuel mileage I love my Silverado much better than previous trucks but am just not sure what is normal performance. It is amazing to me that I average several mpg's better in my 8 cylinder Silverado than my 6 cylinder Ridgeline and my full-time 4x4 Chevy used so much gas i wondered if it had a hole in the tank.
  5. Transaxle Noise

    Sorry, for the slow reply, had to stop to welcome a new granddaughter into the world. Seems my 3 yr old grandson can get me to do about anything so I guess it will be hopeless when this little girl gets a little older. Thanks 10Sierra I do mean transfer case. The noise is more of a low pitched whine when the wheel is sharply turned in either direction. I did check the selector switch prior to moving it to AWD and it definitely was in 2WD. My display also showed it to be in 2WD. Having owned several 4WD and several AWD vehicles over the years it felt more like a vehicle in 4WD when making a sharp turn. I drove it today and tried to duplicate the noise without any success. Not much reason to take to a dealer if I can't duplicate the problem.
  6. This week I took my 2016 LT up a steep mountain road with lots of hairpin turns. I noticed that when going around the hairpin turns that there was some noise and front end "feel" like the four wheel drive was engaged. I moved the selector knob from 2wd to Auto and then back to 2wd and the noise and "feel" stopped. Has anyone else experienced this? I'm not sure how the transaxle works in this vehicle but it almost seems that the transaxle was engaged even while in 2wd.

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