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  1. How much taller is the ZR2 than the standard trucks? I know it has bigger tires. Is the suspension any taller?
  2. Did Stevie Wonder do that upholstery job? Yikes! Lots of waves and ripples in that application. Those look like the seats from the AT4 and Denali.
  3. No truck campers in that thread but a few of us with this combo have chimed in there. I've really grown to love my truck.
  4. How hard is it to get to the wiring on your trailer? I wired in a diode on my black 12v power feed line where it comes into the RV so that power can only flow from the truck TO the RV but not in reverse. After doing that, I read 0v on the 12v pin of the trailer when it's sitting disconnected from the truck. It shouldn't take more than 20 mins if you have decent access to the wiring.
  5. The 6.6L gas and 10 speed is nice. Will be a great truck for your use case! I love my 2024 for everything except pulling my travel trailer, which has the aerodynamics of an aircraft carrier. For that, it's OK, not great, but does the job well. For towing a boat, dump trailer occasionally, it's excellent. Smooth, linear power that gets stronger the more miles it gets on it. When I first picked it up, it felt like a pooch. I was coming from a 5.3L with 8 speed which isn't known as a burner. But after 6000 miles, this feels every bit as snappy. I'm happy with my truck. Just wish it wasn't so big.
  6. Anyone else have where you don't press the button hard enough and the tailgate won't release, but the fuel pump primes for some reason?
  7. Same here. New module arrives at dealer Monday and should get it installed next week sometime.
  8. I don't mind the factory exhaust note one bit, but I do hate where they put the outlet on these trucks. Even with a stainless heat shield on my Rock Tamers, they still smell like melting rubber after each use. That never happened on my 2016 with the exhaust exiting more towards the side.
  9. This is about what I am seeing in my 2024 LTZ with 7000 miles. I got 19 MPG driving at 60 MPH with a tailwind once so far, but most everything else jives with what you've posted. Comparing to my 2016 Denali half ton 4wd with 5.3L, I get about 2 MPG worse in everyday driving, but about 1 MPG better towing in pretty much all conditions.
  10. Known issue. GM has a fix. Ask your service advisor to check GM bulletin 23-NA-149
  11. Is that the same module above the spare tire that controls the trailer lights as well?
  12. That's definitely my issue too. I never plugged anything in upside down, but have the issue where I'm getting voltage on the running light pin on the truck even with the relay and fuse for that circuit removed. I go in for this NEXT week so hoping the dealer can turn this around quickly without having to keep my truck.
  13. Unless they've changed it, Torque should be one time fee. I paid for the full version 5 years ago and haven't paid anything since. I know what you mean about the phone though. You'd need a separate phone, at which point, you may as well just use something dedicated.
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