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  1. I noticed this too while in call turn it up but it is very quiet vs our other cars.
  2. Nice! I just picked my wife up a 2020 premier awd as well! So far she lives it only down side GM took away the texting app that my 18’ Silverado has.
  3. Absolutely you would see water stains I was referring to the sunroof itself even if it didn’t seal properly water should be directed thru the drains.
  4. My cc 6.5” bed is the same dimensions as a 2500 cc. The mounting is probably not there. I own an odd truck that was barred to find then the reg CCSB. It a nht(max trailering) crew cab 6.5’ bed. Only thing I don’t like is it’s Cajun red tint coat. But I could not find a silver one.
  5. I believe you are right don’t know where I got 36 from. After the warranty is up I have heavily thought about swapping a tank in from a gas 2500. And not towing the truck does great on fuel. But towing our 27’ TT which is 5860lbs empty I barely get 190-200 miles. And I do not drive over 65mph towing period.
  6. Update they are ordering a new steering rack and module(?electric motor?). The hope to see it Tuesday but with holidays and stuff I won’t get my hopes up of seeing my truck back until after Christmas. On a side note. The 2020 equinox they gave me to drive is noticeably louder inside from road noise. The radio didn’t work for the first hour in the morning. No backup cam, radio zero function.
  7. You would think since ‘99 they would have looked into different studs. But maybe since they usually hold up until after warranty they just don’t care.
  8. Reg cab long bed can have the 36 Gal I believe in the 1500. Which pisses me off personally. I have a CC 6.5’ bed nht and only a 26 Gal tank. If you build a max towing package it should have the big tank. The 2500 gas engine trucks get the big tank. Same dimension body. Lucky to get 200 miles while towing blows.
  9. I have had this happen as well always when not towing. Dealer said they couldn’t find anything.
  10. The studs have been breaking off since the introduction of the ls motor. 4.8,5.3,6.0,6.2, doesn’t matter. I don’t have a good reason why but I have seen many of them come thru the shop. I think it is inevitable with these motors just a matter of time.
  11. I think it is either in the comfort and convenience settings or the remote start setting in the radio. Make sure the turn on heated seats with remote start is checked. As for the heat tap the auto button and it should try to get to that temp.
  12. Been a problem area for Better than 20 years for automakers. Why no one has come up with a better connection who knows.
  13. They pulled them to make more money! They are now optional. More rocks, salt and debris to wear the paint away in the wheel well will make it rust faster and sell more trucks. Get them protected. I took my truck apart the first week I had it. Fender liners, door pads, fenders and used a waxed based rust proofing everywhere inside the rockers, fenders, hood, doors, bed, bumpers and rubber rust proofing behind the fender liners to prevent any rubbing for debris. I probably went overboard. But I plan to keep it awhile.
  14. You probably would not have. Most modern vehicles with factory sun roofs have drain tubes that run from the corners of the sunroof down to the pillars. If one drain is leaking it is possible to have water getting in in different areas.
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