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  1. Hi everyone, I am new to the forum and the GM community (I was a Ford guy...). Anyway, I LOVE my 2014 Sierra 1500 SLT and wanted to get some incite on a GPS topic. Has anyone used the IO6 radio upgrade from Infotainment.com (link below)? I want to use the InteliLink system with navigation without the monthly (outrageous) cost of $34.99 per month to use it with OnStar. I guess some would call this a hack with a one time fee to get the GPS without having to pay monthly. This "hack" will essentially pay for itself in a little over 2 years... The upgrade is from a 3rd party for the cost of $999.00 vs the OnStar cost of $419.88 per year. Has anyone used this hack/upgrade? I do not want to pay the high cost of OnStar when this is a viable option. Any thoughts on if it will void the rest of my warranty? Please let me know your thoughts! If you have upgraded, does it work the same as the factory system? Here is a link to the system for my truck: https://www.infotainment.com/products/2014-2015-gmc-sierra-1500-2500-3500-intellilink-io6-gps-navigation-radio-upgrade?variant=6993649601 Thank you in advance!
  2. Recently I noticed my navigation not working in my 2016 Sierra Denali. The GPS has a red X over it. I have done some research and most people are saying the green onstar light on the rearview mirror turned red when they had an issue. Mine is still lit green but no GPS signal. Can anyone point me in the right direction for a fix?
  3. Hi, I'am looking for any and all information for upgrading the current factory non-navigation head unit to a factory navigation unit in a 2013 Suburban. The plugs don't match up so I would need to make my own plug & play harness or purchase one. I already have the navigation head unit and have a Snap On scanner to program it once installed. Infotainment via Ebay sells the complete set with head unit and all with a plug & play harness to accomplish this but they are unwilling to sell just the harness. https://www.ebay.com/itm/FACTORY-STOCK-OEM-CHEVROLET-GPS-NAVIGATION-RADIO-UPGRADE-CD-HDD-DVD-PLAYER-BOSE/131306773280 https://www.infotainment.com/products/gm-premium-factory-gps-navigation-radio-upgrade?variant=324252773 If I have to make one I will but I would need the wiring diagram from a non-navigation Bose system and a diagram from a navigation unit with Bose as well. Has anyone got experience with this and if so, can you help me out? I'am not looking for aftermarket install. Thank you very much.
  4. Hi guys, Recently got GMC Yukon Denali 2017 and was thinking of updating Navigation (mostly to get latest Speed limits). I started to google it and mostly got suspicious websites that are offering some kind of DVD disk for $150. Do I have to by this disk in order to update my navigations? Thanks!
  5. We have had our new AT4 for 3 days now. The truck is brilliant! The tailgate was really well designed, the HUD is much more intuitive and useful than anticipated, BUT....... When using the Nav function, on the map screen, I can't see the information displayed. The map display is very washed out, seeming like the brightness is turned all the way up, but the contrast is turned all the way down. There is no black on the display at all. Just greyscale letters and numbers. Very light pastel coloring for the map items. I had tried to switch to Google Maps and Waze with Android auto, hoping those maps would work better. But no, they just use the native display colors when displayed on the infotainment center. This display just doesn't work well for me. Is it possible there is something wrong with my head unit, or do I need to learn to live with this? Is everyone else's map screen crisp and bright, or washed out and hard to read like mine?
  6. Selling this as a set or separately let me know what u need, send me a PM will sell together for right price plus shipping price is next to item if you prefer to buy separately •hmi2.5 with navi-225$ Sold •Bose Radio Module-75$ •8in screen with digital controls-125$ •Red Denali Cluster-275$ Sold
  7. I'd like to see if anyone else can reproduce this bug, or if it's just my truck. With truck sitting (cold boot), start truck and select a destination, could be 2 blocks away. When you've reached your destination, turn truck off, get out, perform Chinese fire drill, get back into truck. Start truck, select a new destination, this could be your original point. Wait a few seconds and computer crashes and the radio volume elevates. How do we report this bugs to GM so, maybe they'll give a **** and try fixing them?
  8. After 1 month of owning my new 2019 AT4 without any issues, I had the Nav SD card not installed error. The next day, the nav system went through s long loading process. Since then, with every vehicle startup, I now have a 10-25 second process of the nav system loading before it can be used. Previously, it was always nearly instantaneous. Also, the radio will be randomly self-muted. I brought it to the dealer last week and they did an infotainment system software update claiming to have fixed the problem. Nope, it’s still taking 10-20 seconds to load navigation and the radio was muted this morning. Anyone with 2019 Sierra AT4’s or Denali’s noticing a change in navigation loading, specifically now seeing loading screens where there haven’t been before? Is this just normal Nav function and somehow, for some reason, I just didn’t have it happen or didn’t notice it the first month? Could GMC pushed an OTA update that now cause the Nav to take longer to load?
  9. Has anyone else updated to the 2018 North America maps yet for the Navigation system for a 16-17 Tahoe/Suburban/Yukon? I was running 84131957 and the gm website said that if I had this version, there is a new update for 2018, part number 84360074. I got the part number 84360074 on a USB stick, and I followed the instructions, started the update, and after about 50 minutes, it said "Update complete", but after it rebooted, it still showed the same version, 84131957, for my maps in the settings menu. Shouldn't it have changed it to 84360074? The instructions say to do a search for Buffalo Wild Wings in Chicago, and if a particular address shows up in the POI, then the update was successful, which it did. Anyone understand the updates and how the version numbers are supposed to work? Was this just some kind of incremental update for just POI's only and not the maps? The box cover says exactly "2018 Navigation System Map Update", so one would expect new maps are part of the package? Interestingly enough, the 2015 MY models have a different part number, so maybe that update included new maps as well? Just guessing here that maybe the maps themselves aren't updated for each map update?
  10. Hello, this will probably be a very strange post, but I really don't know where else to go for help. My older brother has gone missing in Northern California. This is not a joke in any way. Here is a link to the law enforcement posting on Facebook. His 2015 GMC Sierra was found on the side of the road a few dozen miles from his home. His truck has an Intellilink interface in it (I believe that's what it is, the big fancy touch screen that comes stock). He never paid for GPS services, but I am wondering if there is any way to pull off a history of where the truck has been driven. The cops won't do it because there is no evidence of a crime being committed so they don't have the legal backing to do such a thing (if that makes sense). Regardless, my brother has been missing for 5 days now and my family is really trying to find out what happened to my brother. We have his truck in our possession. Would anyone be able to help me pull off the navigation history? This might be a huge help in letting us see what happened the hours before he disappeared. Thank you for any help. I apologize if I'm violating forum rules of any kind.
  11. I don't think my friend (2017 Silverado) or me (2018 Silverado) both with factory navigation are hearing things but maybe we are! We are both experiencing the same problem. Most of the navigation instructions on the map and its voice instruction agree with each other. When the map reads turn left, the voice says " turn left." When the map reads turn right, the voice says "turn right." But about 20 percent of the time, rather than saying "turn left" it would say "turn reft," or rather than saying "turn right" it would say "turn light," clearly not "left" or "right," causing me to refer to the map. Anyone else experience this? Hopefully now that I mentioned it other people don't start hearing it too! I just got a letter from GM concerning the latest update, before I spend the $99 I'd love know if they fixed this.
  12. 2015 Sierra All Terrain: A couple months ago, my nav started going haywire. Shows me driving through anything and everything, my screen on my dash in the lower left corner shows CAL. When I took my truck in for a different recall issue, I had them address this issue. They told me that it was my shark fin antenna, that there has been moisture that has gotten underneath it. I would need to replace the antenna and it would fix my calibration issue. But they want to charge $430 for parts and labor..no thanks. Has anyone else experienced this? Have you replaced it on your own? Is it difficult? What's the steps? Thanks in advance.
  13. Has anyone tried this? My truck came with the blue tooth/Apple play capabilities, just would prefer the bigger screen found in the LT and up. Anything hard to swap about? Also looking to swap the black plastic trim around the display for the finished silver plastic trim
  14. I just bought my first newish truck, being the 2014 Silverado 2wd z71 lt. It’s got the crew cab with 5.3l under the hood. I’m currently stationed at ft Stewart ga. Im just looking for some help or some advice on some upgrades I’d like to do to this truck and which products might be the best. - I’d like to change the headlights and fog lights from stock. - Put a leveling kit and some new (bigger) a/t tires on it and not sure what size being 2wd. - Change to an aftermarket air intake. - Do something about the shitty stock speakers (without Bose). Wether it be new door speakers and sub(s). Or be just subs and have a separate amp just for door speakers. Do I need a processor to hook up to stock 8” head unit. - How do I add any app or navigation to this stock 8” head unit - Exhaust? - How to get more performance from the truck. Anything would help, Thanks
  15. Just wondering if anyone here is familiar with the 2 upgrade options that I have to get navigation in my ‘16 Sierra SLE. It has the IO5 radio and was built during a period where apple CarPlay and android auto wasn’t available (credit indicated on window sticker confirming this). One of the options is the GM accessories gps upgrade cable to convert to an IO6 radio which is about $1300 installed, the other option through the dealer is having York Electronics come in to upgrade the whole unit to an IO6 for about $1800 installed. Neither of these options would give me apple CarPlay, which is a bit frustrating, but the Nav is mostly what I’m after anyway. Does anyone know if one option is better than the other? I’d like to save a few hundred bucks but wouldn’t mind paying if I could gain more or better functionality by going the York Electronics route and spending the extra money up front.
  16. I just went on AliExpress.com. This site is from China. I have even bought a carburator for my motorcycle when the dealer here wanted 375 bucks i had a new one sent by them, shipped free for 75 bucks ! I have been looking in their site for GPS HMI modules for my 18 Silverado. I find under "GPS Modules" a lot of GPS stuff that you just connect to a USB port and it receives the GPS signal but the detailed info is a bit confusing. Maybe one of you guys with electronics background or a GURU in navigation can look these items up and figure out if the GPS signal received would show on the 8 inch screen somehow. It seems to be for a PC. Please check if you are interested and if it should work we ALL will be saving 1000 dollars or more for Nav. as these items are from 9 bucks to 50 bucks. Keep me posted please, thanks and God Bless
  17. Is there any way to change the default state in the navigation system? Every time I start to enter an address, I have to change West Virginia to Virginia. Thanks in advance for your help.
  18. I have a 2014 Sierra with Nav. Trying to find out if it can accept GPS coordinates to set a destination. Tried searching for this topic first but came up blank. Thanks
  19. We are Digital Dash Solutions, a well known company for our custom GM truck clusters and repairs but most don’t realize we also do custom programming & unlocking for GM truck navigation's, radios & clusters. We also stock many new, factory fresh 2015/2016 IO4, IO5 & IO6 HMI module kits that we custom program so they plug & play. To see what we have available with the latest pricing and sales, please follow the link below or give us a call. You can call or email with any questions. We answer emails daily 9-5 EST Monday – Friday. http://stores.ebay.com/SPEEDOMETER-SALES-AND-SERVICE/HMI-Kits-/_i.html?_fsub=18517033018&_sid=23796228&_trksid=p4634.c0.m322
  20. I bought a 2010 silverado ltz and it came with a mylink radio with NAV, BT, everything works (truck was sold with pretty much every option so not sure why someone put this in) I did some research and it looks like this is common in buick enclaves/terrains, acadia etc. So everything works except the voice control in the radio and obviously when I make a call or try to talk no one can here me. (onstar mic works with onstar not radio I tested this by talking to onstar). What I want to know is, what pins would be for the microphone? I cant find a wiring diagram or a picture with a factory power plug that shows which is microphone. I just want to hook up an external generic mic. Im attaching some pictures so hopefully someone will see it and know. Links to images below (until I figure out how to add pictures within the post) https://ibb.co/capisQ https://ibb.co/jqvCmk https://ibb.co/mQA1e5 https://ibb.co/hVqdRk
  21. Hey guys Just picked up a 2017 1500 all terrain. Went from a f-150 to this and I love it. One problem I'm having is that the navigation is showing "off road" even if I'm on a main road. It's driving me crazy becuase it won't do turn by turn nav becuase it's not showing me on the main roads. It also is not showing the speed limit on the HUD. Any info on this?
  22. Hey guys, I know its the truck forum but its built on the same frame and most of the same parts. I have an 09 Tahoe hybrid with the nav and I tried a new nav disk the other day because the dealer I bought my tahoe from decided not to give me the nav disk with it. It started out loading ok got a quarter of the way through the process and failed and gave me an error "Caution cannot load system software disk type incorrect please insert correct system disk" Problem is I cannot get anything to respond to open the face and insert the disk again. Any idea on opening the face. There has to be a sequence of buttons to push and make it open. Ive tried holding the eject button to no avail. I attached a pic of the screen and buttons so you see what im working with. Thanks for the help.
  23. I recently updated the Navigation system in my 2014 High Country, to the newest 2016/17 disc, and it is now WORSE than the original, in terms of providing clear, on-time driving instructions. Curious if anyone else is experiencing this also? Thanks - Rick
  24. As I'm sure many of you folks are aware, they're adding a "projection" option to the 2016 Silverados and Sierras within Mylink/Intellilink. Do any of you know if it would be possible to add these features to a 2014-15 Silverado via a software flash, HMI swap (as some people already do to upgrade to nav), or other means? Any info or insight would be appreciated. I don't care much for factory navigation, but having Google Maps on my truck's display would be awesome.
  25. For sale a module to upgrade your gm truck 2014+ with navigation and weather app. I bought it for my 2014 GMC Sierra without the navigation and GM bought my truck back and I remove the module before the buy back. I bought it brand new from a member in this forum and you will need to send it to him to change it to work with your VIN number. The installation is really easy. $550 plus shipping.
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