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  1. engine stop start

    Ummmm, Starman, the small bit you are missing is that there is already a factory installed switch on the center stack of the dashboard.
  2. Thanks Silverado.... picking up the truck next Wednesday, so no luck there. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the $1500 email, but so far no luck there either. Got a $7K off MSRP deal from Laura GMC, so I am pretty satisfied, but hard to not hope for more!
  3. Has anyone hear of any new rebates for GMC Sierras for December yet? So far all I have heard about is the Costco rebate from my dealer.
  4. Laura GMC Trade In

    LOL, I tried that with 2 dealers here in SW Florida. The closer of the 2 was still $2800 more than Laura. It will take about $1100 in fuel and hotels to get to Collinsville and I have the time. Easy choice.
  5. Laura GMC Trade In

    Thanks everyone.... All of my dealings with them so far (phone and Email) have seemed straight up and above board. I will report back after the deal is done!
  6. Hi all. I am getting ready to order an AT4. Laura GMC is offering the best price by far. I believe I am going to trade in my F150. I live about 1500 miles from Laura, and even with the travel costs added on, their pricing is still the best. They have offered a very fair trade price. Add that to the sales tax advantage of trading in vs. selling outright, and this is the right choice. So, the question is.... has anyone been offered a trade in deal from Laura? And once you arrived (assuming your vehicle was in the shape you described to them) did they honor that price? Or did they try to give you a different price? It is a long way to drive, but the deal they offered is worth it if they don't try to change anything.

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