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  1. Call the BBB they will call your dealer and start the buy back or trade.
  2. Hope the 8 speed takes care of the vibration when it's in V4 mode. My dealer traded me my 2014 vibration with 1500 miles on it for a new 2015 and its vibrating too now. Not as bad as 14 but still. And that was after contacting BBB and jumping through a lot of hoops. I just hope you guys that buy the new 8 speeds, that they don't have the vibration.
  3. So far the only thing that has helped is contacting the BBB. And its still going to be a long ride.......
  4. I filed with BBB becouse GM and my GMC dealer keep giving me the run around. We will see what happens from here. Next move will be lemon law lawyer. 1 month old and 1300 miles now. GM and Dealer do not care what you say,they say it will take time to figure this out and hope you go away. But guess what, Nope!!!!
  5. Oh ya my truck is 1 1/2 months old and has 1300 miles on it. I brought it in 3 times and they wont do any thing or give me any paper work showing i brought it in.
  6. Hi every one, My truck vibrates when its between V4 & V8 mode. If you are cruising at 45 mph and your truck is in V4 mode and you press the gas just a very little,not enough to go in V8 mode and thats when my truck vibrates the most! It can be at any speed as long as you let off the gas till cruse give just a little gas while in V4 mode. To feel it the most you must be on a flat road with no wind or hills. A nice smooth road is the best way to feel it the first time, then you will feel it all the time. I hope you try this and your truck does not vibrate because I'm having a hard time with GM doing any thing to fix the problem. GM is just giving me the run around saying they will call me later when they know something but thats just so time will run out and they wont have to do anything! I'm very upset and sick to my stomach!
  7. Love the White Diamond and the coco dune interior, hope I get my vibration fixed so I can keep mine. We will see???
  8. Did anyone need a front end alinement , and how is the ride now with the lift?
  9. Hope I can get my 50k vibrator fixed , or replaced ,buy back, trade for ??? Very sick feeling in my stomach.
  10. Working on getting my vibrator fixed or should I say replaced , or bought back by GM I don't care . I just want what I payed for. 1200 miles on it and only 1 1/2 month old ....
  11. New to this site to and my new 2014 GMC sierra 4x4 SLT crew cab has the same vibration. Brought it in two times so far and i am getting the run around to.I have 1200 miles on it and have had it for 1 1/2 months. Not happy at all.
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